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Welcome to Øystein's digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events and trainings I have attended.

NM Night (2021-09-24)
Penktadienis 24 rugsėjis 2021
Aurevann, Lillomarka, Oslo, Norway
Good technical performance, even if my running speed was not too fast, and at the 9th control I was in 9th position when all runne...
Jukola (2021-08-22)
Sekmadienis 22 rugpjūtis 2021
Vennivaara, Rovaniemi, Finland
Relay, etapas 6 of 7|Rezultatai
Dawn to daylight. Kept the position as 18th team. OK technical performance, but lost time running alone most of the leg, not being...
WMOC Long Final (2021-08-13)
Penktadienis 13 rugpjūtis 2021
Csakvar, Hungary
Text written for the next edition of the British orienteering magazine Compass Sport: My goal before the season was to run the ...
WMOC Middle Final (2021-08-11)
Trečiadienis 11 rugpjūtis 2021
Pakozd, Hungary
Challenging and difficult to find the best passages through the green. Lost 1 min in the green to the 4th control, and some hesita...
WMOC Forest Qual (2021-08-10)
Antradienis 10 rugpjūtis 2021
Gant, Hungary
Challenging in the areas with dense vegetation. 1 min mistake to the 4th control (running the wrong path before I relized), and so...