Maps from Ski-o WOC in Japan
Ski-o WOC Long, Japan, loop 1 Ski-o WOC Middle, Japan Last week the Ski-orienteering World Championship was arranged in Rusutsu, a big ski-resort on Hokkaido, the north island of Japan. Late Monday I came home after a 27 hour long travel, and after coming back in normal life I now think it’s time to write some words from the last two competitions and present the maps.

On the Saturday’s Middle distance it was good conditions for making shortcuts. I had a good start on my race, and after two thirds of the course I held the 8th place. But to the 12th control I did a one minute mistake, and ended on a 14th place, 3 minutes behind Olli-Markus Taivainen. Taivainen is still junior, and won gold medal in all 4 races during JWOC in January. In Japan he won gold, silver and bronze in the individual races, but was not selected for the Finnish relay team. Results

Ski-o WOC Realy, Japan Ski-o WOC Sprint, Japan The Relay was the competition I had been looking most forward to, and I was selected to ski the first leg for the Norwegian team. The race started well, but when I came down the hill to the 3rd control my skies almost stopped gliding in the snow. A strange feeling I have never experienced in this way before. The same happened to most of the other teams, but some had better skies than me (at least longer time during the leg) and I had no chance to keep their speed. The reason for the special snow conditions can have been snow pollution from China.

But the orienteering went very well, and I managed to stay in contact with the leading teams through smart short cuts where I was almost running on my skies through the forest. Before the steep uphill in the end of the course I got the lead, and managed to change over first, with Russia, Sweden and Finland close behind. Eivind Tonna and Lars Moholdt did also great performances on the last two legs. But Finland, Russia and Sweden were stronger than us this time, and we got the 4th place. Results

You can now find maps from all races. So far they are without route choices, but I will draw my routes and update within a few days. My web-gallery will also soon be updated with pictures from the last days in Japan.
Posted on 11 Mar 2009 by Øystein
Ski-o WOC – From fever before the Sprint to good performance on the Long distance
Pictures from Ski-o WOC 2009, Japan Pictures from Ski-o WOC 2009, Japan The Ski-orienteering World Championship, which is held in Japan this week, started with Sprint yesterday. I was not competing in the Sprint because of fever, but today I was better, and came 11th in the Long Distance.

The last preparations for the Championship have gone fine, but after the Model Event on Tuesday I felt tired and wanted to sleep. I rested a short while before I went to the Opening Ceremony and then dinner. I was still feeling tired, and when I took my temperature it was 38,5. I stayed in bed the rest of the day, but around midnight the temperature had raised to 39. I am not sure why I got fever, because I was not really bad in my stomach and was not thriving up.

Pictures from Ski-o WOC 2009, Japan Pictures from Ski-o WOC 2009, Japan The next morning I had still a bit higher temperature (37,5) than normal (37), and I understood that it would not be any smart to start in the Sprint. I stayed at the hotel the whole day and tried to rest as much as possible. During the day I felt better, and when I wake up today my temperature was normal again. I was quite unsure on how my body would react on a hard Long distance, but I thought I should give it a try and at least start the race.

The format for the Long distance was a Mass start with 3 forked loops. The course was hard physical (steep uphill’s), challenging ski-technical (steep downhill’s) and had both difficult route choices and areas with a lot of scooter tracks. My race started well, and I was able to stay in contact with the leaders in the beginning. After the forking had spited up the field I was quite alone on the second loop, and probably not able to keep the speed high enough.

Pictures from Ski-o WOC 2009, Japan Pictures from Ski-o WOC 2009, Japan On the last loop I was caught up by Erik Rost, who was stronger than me in the uphills. At the third last control I meet my team mate Lars Moholdt, who had been in front of me but taken a bad route choice. He finished as best Norwegian on 10th place, while I was 11th. After my circumstances my performance was positive, and I am now looking forward to a rest day before Saturday’s Middle distance. Andrey Lamov won the race, as he also did on yesterdays Sprint. Results

I have now updated my web-gallery with more pictures, mainly from the Long distance. We will not get the competition maps before after Sundays Relay, but this old map covers most of today’s competition area. The maps from the two Model Events I have taken picture of give also an impression about how the terrain looks like.
Posted on 05 Mar 2009 by Øystein
Pre camp for Ski-o WOC in Japan
Pictures from Ski-o WOC 2009, Japan Pictures from Ski-o WOC 2009, Japan Next week the Ski-orienteering World Championship will be held in Rusutsu, a big ski-resort on Hokkaido, the north island of Japan, about 70 km south of Sapporo.

Since Japan is 8 hours before Central Europe in time we will be here on a pre camp for almost one week to get used to the new time and let the body recover after the long travel. We left Norway last Tuesday morning and arrived in Sapporo Wednesday afternoon after 24 hour on travel where we had taken flights via Oslo, Frankfurt and Nagoya.

Pictures from Ski-o WOC 2009, Japan Pictures from Ski-o WOC 2009, Japan Rusutsu Resort Hotel is a really big building, with separated parts of the hotel in each end of the building, several restaurants, shops, cinema, swimming pool and a lot of other services. The first days we used more than 10 minutes to run around the building. Just outside the door are the alpine skiing hills, where the other guests are spending their days.

The first days we did easy training and some testing of skies. There are a lot of snow here and the conditions for cross country skiing is good. We have also done some short trainings with map.

Pictures from Ski-o WOC 2009, Japan Map from Hokkaido Championship Today we participated in a ski-o event called Hokkaido Championship. The course was very easy, but was fine as a last hard session before the WOC starts with Sprint on Wednesday.

You can now find 73 pictures from the first days in Japan, and the web-gallery will be updated during WOC.
Posted on 01 Mar 2009 by Øystein
Double Relay-victory for Wing in the Norwegian Championship
Ski-o NC-final Middle, Lygna Last weekend the Final in the Norwegian Ski-o Cup and the Norwegian Championship in Relay was held on Lygna, north of Oslo.

In Saturday’s Middle distance I did a good performance, and won the race close before the other Norwegian’s who are going to compete in WOC in Japan in the beginning of March. My biggest mistake was to the 7th control, where I should have skied more straight on in the beginning of the leg. Results and splits

In the total standing in the Norwegian Ski-o Cup both me, Lars Moholdt and Eivind Tonna finished with the same score, and because I was best in the final race I also won the Cup overall. A big surprise for me, but I got an advantage when I won two races when the other’s of the best Norwegians were on the Ski-o Tour in the middle of January.

Ski-o NC-final Middle, Lygna Wing’s winning teams in the NM Relay Sunday the Norwegian Championship in Relay was held, and Wing did really well and won both classes. Elise Egseth, Lene Bergersen and Marte Reenaas skied on the Women’s team, while I, Christian Hohl and Lars Moholdt skied on the Men’s first team. Results

On and NOF you can read more about the races on Lygna.
Posted on 17 Feb 2009 by Øystein
Selected to Ski-o WOC in Japan after the Norwegian Championship
Ski-o NM Middle, Eiker Me in the start of the Long distance Last weekend the Norwegian Championship in Ski-orienteering was organized by Eiker OL on Ormåsen in Hokksund, west of Oslo.

The Norwegian National Team in Orienteering had a Training Camp in Halden the same weekend, and my original plan was to be in Halden Thursday to Friday, before I went to the ski-o. But because I got sick in the start of the week I had to skip the trip to Halden, and was also unsure if it was smart to go to the ski-o. But after I had done an easy training Friday I decided to book a flight to Oslo early Saturday morning.

Saturday’s Middle distance had difficult route choices on most legs, and was one of the most challenging races so far this season. A lot of snow in the terrain made the work hard for the organizer, but they had done a great job and the conditions were rally great. The tracks were quite soft, but it only made it even more challenging. On my route choice to both the 8th and 9th control I lost around one minute. More straight to the line was best on both. Lars Moholdt won with 2 minutes margin, and I finished 6th, 3 minutes behind. Results and splits

Ski-o NM Long, Eiker, loop 1 Ski-o NM Long, Eiker, loop 2 Saturday’s Long distance started bad for me, and I did some small mistakes and bad route choices. To the 5th control I should have made a short cut straight on, and lost 1 minute to Eivind Tonna. On the 9th control, after 30 minutes, I was already more than 5 minutes behind Tonna, who won the race. But than my race stated to go better, and when we finished after almost 90 minutes, I was “only” 4 minutes behind. Results and splits

After the Norwegian Championship the Norwegian Team to the Ski-orienteering World Championship was selected. The World Champs will be held in Japan the first week of March and has been my big goal this winter. It was a hard fight to qualify for the team, and I am really satisfied that I will be among the runners who will go to Japan.

On you can read more about the Norwegian Championship and see the winner’s route choices. Ivar Gilså has also taken a lot of pictures from Sunday. The coming weekend the Final in the Norwegian Cup and the Norwegian Championship in Relay will be held on Lygna. Wing won silver in both classes in last year’s relay, and is also among the favourites this year.
Posted on 11 Feb 2009 by Øystein
Maps from Nordic Championship in Orsa
Ski-o NOC Sprint 2009 Ski-o NOC Long 2009, loop 1 Last week the Open Nordic Ski-orienteering Championship was held in Orsa, north of Mora in Sweden, in connection with JWOC and EYOC.

On the individual races I did stable performances, and finished 17th on the Sprint, 11th on the Long and 9th on the Middle. In the Relay I, Eirik Watterdal and Lars Moholdt finished 5th. My team mate Marte Reenaas had a great week, and won two individual gold medals. Results

You can now find my maps with route choices from all races. On you can read more about the performance of the Norwegian Team in each of the races.
Posted on 02 Feb 2009 by Øystein
Open Nordic Ski-o Championship in Orsa
Ski-o NOC and JWOC 2009, Orsa This week the Open Nordic Ski-orienteering Championship will be held in Orsa north of Mora in Sweden. The races are held in connection with JWOC and EYOC, and starts with Sprint on Tuesday, before it continues with Long distance on Wednesday, Middle distance on Friday and Relay on Saturday. On you can hopefully follow the Norwegian Team in both JWOC and NOC.

Ski-o NOC Sprint 2007 Two weeks ago the Ski-o Tour was held in Middle Europe with 6 competitions in 8 days. I skipped the Ski-o Tour because I thought the program was really hard only one week before NOC and I preferred to be home in Trondheim and train well and work with my Master-work I have to deliver in the end of March. I have therefore only been doing 5 ski-o races in Norway so far this season, and am not sure where I stand compared to the others. In NOC in Finland two years ago I won a surprising silver-medal on the Sprint, but I can’t expect a so good result tomorrow.
Posted on 26 Jan 2009 by Øystein
O-treff on Natrudstilen
Ski-o NC-3, Natrudstilen Ski-o NC-3, Natrudstilen Last weekend Norway’s biggest Ski-orienteering competition O-treff was held from Natrudstilen on Sjusjøen with almost 300 participants. Included in the competition was the National Championship for the ages 14 – 16 years and selection races for the juniors to JWOC.

In the senior classes the competition was not the best, because all the other National Team runners are at the moment on the Ski-o Tour, which is held in Middle Europe with 6 competitions in 8 days. The first two races were arranged in Austria this weekend, and my clubmate Lars Moholt has got a good start with a 5th and 8th place. The Tour will continue with races in Italy and Switzerland the coming week, and you can follow the Norwegian Team on .

Saturday’s competition on O-treff was a shortened Long distance. I did a big mistake to the first control, and lost 45 seconds. The rest of the race went better, even if I lost some seconds several places and the skiing speed was not the best. Anyway I won the race. Results and splits

Ski-o NC-4, Natrudstilen Me in the start of the Long distance Saturday it was held a Sprint race. I was quite satisfied when I finished, but when I looked at the splits I understood that I did some bad route choices. To the 2nd control I lost 15 seconds and to the 6th more then 20 seconds. Again I won the senior class, but I was beaten by Rasmus Korvald Skaare who won the junior class. Results and splits

Pictures from Saturday and Sunday taken by Ivar Gilså.
Posted on 11 Jan 2009 by Øystein
Christmas in Trondheim and Training Camp in Halden
Maps from trainings 2008 Since the snow came in the middle of November it has been stable skiing condition in Trondheim, and I have been skiing 5 – 6 times most of the weeks. Around New Years Eve I reached the limit of 1000 km of skiing so far this winter (including the training camp on glacier in Switzerland in October).

But I have also managed to get 1 – 3 sessions with orienteering-training each week. In the end of November and beginning of December it was mainly on smaller maps close to the sea and in the city. But around Christmas time is was quite warm, so the snow in the lover parts of the forest melted, and made is possible also to do orienteering-training in the forest.

Maps from some of the trainings around Trondheim during Christmas you can see on the page with maps from trainings 2008.

Maps from trainings 2009 Maps from trainings 2009 Last weekend and the beginning of this week I have been on a four day long training camp with the National team in Halden. It was a good training camp with several challenging trainings, including two night-trainings, Tour de Halden on a manipulated map, sprint prologue and one man relay with chasing start.

The training camp was finished with an almost four hour long training session the last day. We were driven out in the forest, and where running back home doing orienteering training on four different maps and running in total 30 km.

Maps from most of the trainings in Halden you can see on the new page with maps from trainings 2009.
Posted on 08 Jan 2009 by Øystein
Pictures from WOC 2008
Pictures from WOC 2008 Map WOC Relay, Olomouc The World Orienteering Championships last summer was arranged in Olomouc in Czech Republic. My results was not a success, and I have already for a long time been looking forward to next year and WOC 2009 in Hungary. But I have still some good memories from Olomouc, and I will now present my last pictures from 2008 with a web gallery from WOC 2008.

Pictures from WOC 2008 Map WOC Sprint Final, Olomouc On the Sprint I was in the lead on the 4th control, but then I lost my SI-card when I was running through some thick vegetation, and lost almost one minute before I found it. I think it would have been really difficult to beat Andrey Khramov and Daniel Hubmann, but a medal should have been reachable even with some smaller mistakes. On the relay I ran the last leg on the Norwegian team. None of us in the team did a bad leg, but not a very good either, and we got a disappointing 7th place.

At last I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year!
Posted on 30 Dec 2008 by Øystein

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