Vårslepp in Bjugn with two races in one day
Sprint, Bjugn Chasing start, Bjugn Saturday the local orienteering season started for real when both a Sprint and Chasing start were held on new maps in Bjugn, situated on the other side of Trondheimsfjorden compared to Trondheim.

In the Sprint Lars Skjeset and Carl Waaler Kaas shared the victory. Chris Forne was 3rd, 50 seconds behind, while I was 4th, 55 seconds second behind. I did an OK technical race, except to the 5th control, where I passed the control flag with a few meters without seeing it, and lost as much as 45 seconds. On his way to the 5th control Lars was running on the right side of the lake and passed the finish, and it was probably 10 seconds faster then my route choice. Results and splits

A few hours later we had a Chasing start. Carl missed the 4th control and was caught up by me and Chris, while Lars was alone in fornt. On the closest I was 29 seconds behind Lars, but I never saw him, and finished on 2nd place, 1.04 behind. Chris finished only a second behind me (but he has got a wrong time in the result list). My only big mistake was a 30 seconds loss because I didn’t see the 10th control when I came to the right re-entrant the first time. Results and splits (with times from the first start in the Chasing start)
Posted on 26 Apr 2009 by Øystein
Trondheim Sprintcup-2
 Trondheim Sprintcup-2, Saksvik Today the second race of this years Trondheim Sprintcup was arranged from Saksvik in Malvik, just east of Trondheim. (The first race was arranged last week when I was on my way from Hungary to Sweden and 10mila.)

I did a clean race with good route choices, and won in front of my club-mates Chris Forne and Mathias Bjugan. Several runners lost some time to the 11th control because the cliff was too high compared to the contours on the map. Mathias, Chris and I had more or less the same speed on the rest of the course.

Guro Flatekvel won the Women’s class in front of Elise Egseth. Results and splits
Posted on 23 Apr 2009 by Øystein
10mila in Skåne
10mila, Perstorp Last weekend Wing participates in the big club-relay 10mila, that for the first time was held in Skåne in the south of Sweden. The Women’s team opened strong, and Elise Egseth changed over in the lead after the first leg. On the following leg they lost some time, but I guess they will come back stronger on Venla in June, when all runners on the team have been able to do some more orienteering-training in snow free forest.

For the Men’s team Mathias Bjugan opened well, but had the longest forking on the end of his first leg, and sent me out 6 minutes behind the lead. I was offensive and did a good leg, with safe and fast orienteering and my shape was also good. I was able to catch a few minutes on the lead, pass a lot of teams, and had the fastest time on the 2nd leg. It is always a nice feeling to run well in night orienteering, and the terrain this year also made it a pleasure.

Because several Wing-runners were sick or injured we had chosen to use the strongest runners in beginning of the relay. In the end of the relay we therefore lost quite a lot of time, and finished on a 100th place. Anyway several runners did good performances, and young runners like Jostein Kvakland and Sindre Johannesen impressed me. I hope we will come back strong on Jukola, with our best runners in shape and only 7 runners on each team.
Kristiansand OK did an impressive stable performance on all legs, and won as they did last year. Results
Posted on 23 Apr 2009 by Øystein
Elitserien Sprint in Helsingborg
 Elitserien, Sprint, Helsingborg<br /> Today the second race in the Swedish Elitserien was arranged with a Sprint in Helsingborg. Because it was the day before 10mila several strong runners from a lot of different nations were taking part in the competition. I have been quite tired after the last weeks hard Training Camp, and came directly from Hungary to Sweden yesterday, so I was a bit unsure about my shape.

My performance was good technical, but the running speed was not as good as I had hoped. The result was a 9th place, 32 seconds behind last years World Champion Andrei Khramov from Russia. During my race I was unsure about some route choices, but from the splits it seems that most of them were OK, and I lost some time on all legs to the best runners. Results and splits

Tomorrow night I am going to run the 2nd leg for Wing’s team in 10mila. We don’t have the strongest team, because half the original team is sick or injured, but we hope to stay in the front of the field as long as possible.
Posted on 17 Apr 2009 by Øystein
Postas Cup in Hungary
 Postas Cup, Middle Final, Miskolc  Postas Cup, Middle Qual, Miskolc The last week I have been on a Training Camp in Hungary with the Norwegian National Team as preparation to WOC 2009. During the Easter weekend we competed in the competition Postas Cup.

Saturday’s Middle distance was arranged with both Qualification and Final. On the Qual I lost 20 seconds a few places, and could also have pushed a little bit harder physical. My result was a 10th place in heat-2, 2 minutes behind Davis Schneider from Switzerland. Results and splits

The Final was a bit more challenging, and went quite well except two legs. To the 3rd control I saw a wrong depression to the left of me, thought the control should be there, and lost 40 seconds because I was not checking the compass. To the 11th control I lost around 30 seconds because I climbed the hill in the green area instead of running around to the left. My result was again a 10th place, 4 minutes behind Matthias Merz, who won with almost 2 minutes. Mari Fasting won the Women’s class. Results and splits

 Postas Cup, Relay, Miskolc On Sunday I needed an easier day, and was just running parts of the Long distance course in slow speed. Olav Lundanes won the race. Elise Egseth came 2nd in Women’s class, 1 minute behind Minna Kauppi. Results and splits

The last competition was Monday’s Relay, and I was running the 1st leg for the Norwegian 1st team. On the first control I and Audun Weltzien had the shortest forking, and we came alone in the lead, and had a gap to the following teams for the first half of the course. When I passed the spectator control I was still in the lead, but than climbed to high to the following control and was passes by the Hungarian team and Anders Skarholt for the Norwegian 2nd team with a few seconds. Olav Lundanes had the 2nd leg for my team, and got the longest forking. He did a great job and sent Anders Nordberg out as 5th runner, only 1 minute behind the Norwegian 2nd Team that was leading. Nordberg did also a good leg, and finished as 2nd team, 35 seconds behind the winning team form Switzerland. In the Women’s class Norway won double. Results and splits
Posted on 16 Apr 2009 by Øystein
Sprint in Eger
 Postas Cup, Sprint, Eger Today we were running the first competition during the WOC 2009 Training Camp in Hungary, with a sprint race in Eger. In the totally flat area I did a good race, except a big mistake to the 16th control. I thought it was possible to pass between the house and river straight on, and understood too late that it was a forbidden fence there and I had to run far around to one of the sides. To Adam Kovacs who ran to the left on the leg I lost 28 seconds. (Several runners further down on the result list are even faster, but I guess they climbed the forbidden fence.)

My result was a 2nd place, 7 seconds behind Kovacs, who won Sprint Cup some weeks ago. Elise Egseth won the women’s class. Unfortunately the Swiss and Finish team was not competing today because the terrain was not relevant for the WOC Sprint. Results and splits
Posted on 10 Apr 2009 by Øystein
WOC 2009 Training Camp in Hungary in the Easter
NC Sprint 2009, Haugesund Thursday morning I am going on a one week long WOC 2009 Training Camp in Hungary with the Norwegian National Team. Together with other strong nations like Switzerland and Finland we are going to take part in the competitions Postas Cup the Easter weekend. My plan is to run fast on Fridays Sprint, Saturdays Middle distance (with both qual and final the same day) and Mondays Relay. Sunday’s Long distance I will just run in easy speed as training because the program will be too tough with 5 races in 4 days.

Maps from trainings and competitions last autumn and JWOC 2001 in the Miskolc area in Hungary.
Posted on 08 Apr 2009 by Øystein
NM Night and NC Sprint in Haugesund
NM Night 2009, Haugesund Last Friday the Norwegian Championship in Night orienteering was arranged in Haugesund. To the 2nd control I was one of few runners taking the route choice around to the right, but it seemed to be too long and with too much climb and I lost one minute compared to the one taking the path to the left.

On the forked loops I was running mainly alone in the beginning, and it went quite well, except a 2 minute mistake on the control marked as 6th on the map. (I had it as 11th, on my 2nd loop.)

When the forking was finished on the 17th control I met several other runners who had another loop as the last. The last part to the 19th control I went alone more to the left then the others, and did a small mistake. But anyway I met the others when I punched the control, and also managed to catch up some other good runners who had been in front of me but did a bigger mistake on the 19th control.

After that we were a big bunch of runners holding high speed on the long leg. I was in the lead of the group from the 20th to the 24th control, but to the 25th control I was not reading the control description, did a 15 second mistake, and had to use the following legs to catch up the runners who had passed me.

Before the last control I had advanced to a 3rd place in the group, and in the run inn I also managed to pass Anders Tiltnes, but it was still 1 meter up to Håvar Lucasen when we crossed the finish line. Anders Nordberg had been alone in the lead after the loops, and won the race. But I had managed to reduce his gap from 2.30 after the loops to 0.28 when we finished, and was satisfied with my performance, except for the 2 minute mistake.

Mathias Bjugan won the silver medal in M 19-20 and Elise Egseth the bronze medal in W 21, so it was a good start of the season for the Wing-runners. Results

NC Sprint 2009, Haugesund Saturday a sprint race in the Norwegian Craft Cup where held from the same place. I was really tired after the night race, and there was no punch in my running, but I still focused on doing a good technical race.

To the 2nd control I used some time trying to figure out if it was possible to pass through the private area, but saw to late it was impossible and ended up running around to the right. It would have been faster and easier to just taken the route choice on the road to the left. To the 3rd control I had problems to decide what the best route choice was, and was running quite close to the line. But it was 10 seconds faster to run around to the left, and I was already 20 seconds behind Olav Lundanes on the 3rd control.

The rest of the race went OK, and I finished on 3rd place, still 20 seconds behind Lundanes, who shared the victory with Anders Nordberg. Results

Elise Egseth and Mathias Bjugan were also running well on the sprint, now with 2nd place for Elise and 3rd place for Mathias. They are both leading their class in the Norwegian Craft Cup after the two first races. I am 3rd overall, after Nordberg and Lundanes.
Posted on 07 Apr 2009 by Øystein
Maps from Fontainebleau and ready for NM Night
Maps from trainings 2009 Maps from trainings 2009 One and a half weeks ago I was on my first Training Camp for a long while, when the Norwegian Team were in Fontainebleau, south of Paris.

We were only in France for 5 days, but all the trainings had high quality and needed full concentration. 4 of the trainings were held with high intensity, 3 with control picking in detailed areas and 1 with night orienteering.

I think the terrains and courses were nice and challenging, and a training camp like this with a lot of technical training was a good start of the season.

The coming weekend the first big event of the orienteering season is held in Haugesund, on the southwest coast of Norway. Friday the Norwegian Championship in Night orienteering is arranged and Saturday a sprint race in the Norwegian Craft Cup.

I think night orienteering is both good technical training and a real challenge. My results in the Norwegian Night Champs have been variable the last years. Three years ago I won the race when it was held with individual start in Trondheim, two years ago I was not participating, and last year I did some big mistakes and also dislocated my shoulder at the end of the race. This year the race is held with mass start, and I am looking forward to a hard fight in the forest Friday night.
Posted on 02 Apr 2009 by Øystein
Pictures from Japan and Training Camp in France
Pictures from Ski-o WOC 2009, Japan Pictures from Ski-o WOC 2009, Japan The week since I came home from Japan has gone fast, but now I have finally managed to updated my web-gallery with pictures from the last days in Japan. The organizer has also taken a lot of pictures which you can find on orienteering.com. My maps are unfortunately not updated with routes choices yet, because I spend most of the time trying to finish my master work I hopefully will mange to deliver before Easter.

The coming days I will anyway do something other than school work, because from Friday to Tuesday I am going to France on a Training Camp with the National Team. Since I have focused on ski-orienteering this winter it will be my first Training Camp for orienteering since October (except four days in Halden in January). We are going to stay in Fontainebleau south-east of Paris, and I am really looking forward to start the orienteering season in such nice terrains.
Posted on 19 Mar 2009 by Øystein

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