Verona - Vicenza - Venezia
Adriatic Meeting, Verona Adriatic Meeting, Vicenza Two weeks ago I went to North Italy for a weekend with a nice mixture of orienteering and more relaxing activities. Friday and Saturday the Adriatic Meeting was arranged with Sprint races in Verona and Vicenza, and on Sunday the famous street race was held in Venezia. But we had also time to sightseeing, shopping and enjoying good food and wine.

Friday evening a Night Sprint was held in Verona. It was cool to run with headlamp in the historical part of the city. I did a good race without any mistakes, and won 22 seconds in front of Mikhail Mamleev. Results from Verona (Men Elite on page 4)

Pictures from Venezia. Saturday the second race of the Adriatic Meeting was arranged with a Sprint in Vicenza. I did again a good performance, but lost some time on my running speed in the park at the last part of the race, and was beaten by Mamleev with 14 seconds. Overall I still won in front of Mamleev and Jan Troeng. Results from Vicenza (Men Elite on page 4) and overall (page 4)

MOV, Venezia Sunday the Venice Orienteering Meeting was held for the 30th time, this year with 3600 participant. I was running the race for my first last year (map 2008), and it is an amazing race I will recommend all orienteers to run at least once in their life.

Pictures from Venezia. The course was really challenging this year, and on almost all legs you needed to plan your route well the whole way to the next control before you left the previous control. I did a few mistakes, and lost in total around one and a half minute. My biggest time loos were to the 9th control where I came too much to the left of the optimal line, and lost around 45 seconds. The really long leg on the end of the course went well, and I had the best split time with 44 seconds. When I finished after more than one hour with intensive orienteering I was on a 2nd place, 18 second behind Mikhail Mamleev. Results (Men Elite on page 29) and splits (page 183)
Posted on 26 Nov 2009 by Øystein
Bjørnarløpet in Stjørdal
 Bjørnarløpet, loop 1  Bjørnarløpet, loop 2 Today I participated in the Long distance race Bjørnarløpet. The race is to honour Bjørnar Valstad and Bjørnar Lynum, and is arranged in Stjørdal where they were born. The longest course is 15 km and has a mass-start. My competition season was finished some weeks ago, and my shape is not the best at the moment, but I thought it could be good to get a long and hard orienteering training in relevant terrain for next years WOC before the snow is coming.

The 8 best runners, except Mathias Bjugan. Photo: Fritjof Sandstad I and Mathias Bjugan after the first loop. Photo: Jakob Haugen I the middle part of the first loop Jo Forseth Indgaard and Fabian Hertner managed to get a gap, and I was running the rest of the race mainly together with four other runners. I finished first in the group, on a 3rd place, 4 minutes behind Hertner. Results

Rekorddeltakelse i gampeløp, Stjørdalens Blad
Posted on 01 Nov 2009 by Øystein
Victory in Blodslitet
Blodslitet, loop 1 Blodslitet, loop 2 Saturday one week ago I was running the traditional Ultralong distance race Blodslitet in Fredriksted. The three first forked loops went well, except a 40 second mistake to the 7th control on the first loop. Out on the last unforked loop I started as 3rd runner, some seconds behind Håvard Lucasen, and with several strong runners less than half a minute behind me. I started quite offensive, but to the 4th control we were caught up by Emil Lauri, Marius Bjugan, Sami Hämälistö, Emil Wingstedt and Ruslan Glebov.

On the way to the 8th control Wingstedt was speeding up, the group was reduced from 7 to 4 runners, and I was just able to keep contact with the lead for some kilometres. To the 14th control the others did a small mistake, and I was together with the group again. To the second last control Wingstedt and I was running shoulder to shoulder, with Lucasen and Lauri a few meters behind. Out of the second last control I managed to get a few seconds gap which I could keep the rest of the race. But I almost thought the victory was secured too early, and Wingstedt was just a few meters behind when I finished. Results and splits

Blodslitet, loop 3 Pictures from Blodslitet. Pictures from Blodslitet. The race was really hard for me this year, but it was a perfect way to end a long season. After victory in Blodslitet the two last years I now have a good chance next year to secure the overall victory in the Ragnar Weums Ærespris 2008-2010.

Blodslitet, loop 4 Blodslitet was this year also the last race in the Norwegian Craftcup. Because the Norwegian Orienteering Federation had planed a training camp in Bulgaria for young talented senior runners at the same time as Blodslitet some of the best Norwegian runners was not able to participate, and I could pass Olav Lundanes and archive the 2nd place in the Overall standing, behind Anders Nordberg who won the Craftcup comfortably this season.
Posted on 26 Oct 2009 by Øystein
Great week in beautiful Ramsau
Pictures from Ramsau. Pictures from Ramsau. After the WC-final in Switzerland I travelled directly to Ramsau in Austria, where I spent last week together with some Norwegian ski-orienteers on training camp. The plan was to have an easy week after a long and hard competition season, and the weather and training conditions where really great, so I was in activity 1 – 7 hours every day.

The Dachstein glacier 2700 meters above sea level in Ramsau is famous for the cross country skiing facilities, and there were several National teams on training camp there, especial since some of the other glaciers in the Alps were closed because of lack of snow. Almost every day I was enjoying some hours with skiing there, and the last days it also came some new snow.

Pictures from Ramsau. Pictures from Ramsau. But Ramsau is also a great place for via ferrata, and together with Sindre Haverstad I was climbing 5 different “Klettersteigen”. Some of them were quite challenging, and the last day we did the Sky Walk with difficulty E straight up the wall to the top of the lift station.

After a nice week in Ramsau, with 15 – 20 degrees down in the valley where we lived, it was a change to come home to Trondheim and rainy cold weather. But the coming weeks Norway’s biggest culture festival UKA will be held here and on Tuesday I enjoyed a great concert with the famous rapper Jay-Z together with 7000 other students. Tomorrow Franz Ferdinand are going to play in the big tent.
Posted on 08 Oct 2009 by Øystein
World Cup Final in Zürich
WC-8, Middle, Irchel WC-final, Sprint, Zurich Last weekend the World Cup Final was included in the PostFinance Sprint in Zürich in Switzerland.

Saturday a Middle distance was arranged just north of Zürich. I did a quite good race, without any big mistakes. But my shape is not the best at the moment, and it was really tight in front of me, so the result was not better then a 24th place, 3 minutes behind Daniel Hubmann.

Sunday’s Sprint race was held in the middle of Zürich City. I lost some time in the beginning, and was 20 seconds after already on the 3rd control. The rest of the race went well, and I could finish on a 9th place. Daniel Hubmann won again, and also the WC overall. Results and splits from Zürich and the Overall World Cup standing
Posted on 28 Sep 2009 by Øystein
Tour de Trondheim
Tour de Trondheim, Sprint, Gløshaugen This weekend NTNUI are arranging the three days event Tour de Trondheim. The first race was tonight held as a sprint with mass start on Gløshaugen, the campus of the University of Trondheim (NTNU) where I have been studying to Master of Technology. My race went well, and I was in the lead after the fist butterfly and finished first in front of the strong junior Jo Forseth Indgaard. Results and splits

Tour de Trondheim will continue with long distance tomorrow and chasing start on Sunday. Both races are arranged just north of the embargoed area for WOC 2010, and I would have liked to run them to get training in WOC relevant terrain. But because I am selected to run the World Cup Final in Zürich next weekend, and it has been many races the last weeks, I have decided run only the sprint this weekend.

Orienterer seg til topps
Posted on 18 Sep 2009 by Øystein
Norwegian Championship in Relay
NM Relay, Ålen NTNUI, Halden and Wing Today the Norwegian Championship was brought to an end with the Relay in Ålen. Ola Berger did a good first leg for my team, and changed over as 12th runner. He was 4 minutes behind Halden’s Emil Wingstedt, but only 38 seconds behind the 2nd team. Mathias Bjugan did also a good race, and sent me out as 6th team. We were now almost 6 minutes behind Halden, but less than 3 minutes from a medal.

The first loop was quite challenging, and when I passed the arena I was on a 5th place, some meters behind Bjørn Eriksen (Halden’s 3rd team) and seconds in front of Håvard Lucasen (Ås-UMB). On the long leg to the 13th control I managed to get a gap to the others, but I missed the control and was caught up by Eriksen, Lucasen and Damien Renard (Kristiansand). The rest of the leg I ran well, and when I had the short forking on the 19th control I got contact with Andres Tiltnes (Tyrving), while the other team was left behind. We finished as the 3rd team, behind Halden and NTNUI. Wing’s 2nd team also performed well, and finished on an 11th place. Results, splits and replay of the GPS tracking
Posted on 13 Sep 2009 by Øystein
Norwegian Championship in Middle distance
NM Middle Final, Ålen NM Middle Qual, Haltdalen The Middle distance in the Norwegian Championship was arranged with Qualification yesterday and Final today in Ålen, 120 km south of Trondheim.

In the Qualification I did a safe race and won my heat without pushing too hard. Results and splits

In the Final I missed both the 1st and the 3rd control, and out of the 8th control Andres Skarholt caught me up. Anders won the race comfortable, even with some smaller mistakes in the challenging area at the end of the course, while I came on 7th place. Results, splits and replay of the GPS tracking

In tomorrows Relay Ola Berger, Mathais Bjugan and I will run on Wing’s 1st team. The second team is also strong, with Lars Moholdt, Tore B. Berdal and Chris Forne.
Posted on 12 Sep 2009 by Øystein
Norwegian Championship in Long distance
NM Long, Haltdalen Me, Olav Lundanes and Håvard Lucasen Today the Norwegian Championship started with the Long distance in Haltdalen, 100 km south of Trondheim. My result was a 2nd place, and I got my first Long distance medal as senior, even if I was as much as 6 minutes behind Olav Lundanes, who did an impressive race.

My race started bad, because I missed both the first two control, and lost in total one and a half minute. So already on the long leg to the 3rd control Olav caught me up. He was much fresher then me, and got quickly a gap of 20 – 30 seconds. So I could just see him now and then when we passed some open marches, and on the long leg to the 10th control I saw him for the last time. The rest of the race I tried to keep up the motivation, even if I was really tired. I did no big mistakes, but lost 20 -30 seconds several places. Results, splits and replay of the GPS tracking

Article from the local newspaper: Et hav bak vinneren

From all senior finals the organizer are providing live GPS tracking of the best runners, so you can follow both Saturdays Middle Final and Sundays Relay.
Posted on 10 Sep 2009 by Øystein
District Championship and WOC Training in Trondheim
KM Long, Selbu KM Relay, Forra Last weekend the District Championship for Sør-Trøndelag was arranged. Since several National Teams at the moment are on training camps in Trondheim to prepare for WOC 2010 the start field was really strong.

Saturday the Long distance was held in Selbu. David Andersson won in front of Thierry Gueorgiou, and after them a lot of Norwegian runners followed. I did a quite good race, and came on the 6th place, 2 minutes behind David. Since I was the best local runner I became the District Champion. Results and splits

Sunday the Relay was arranged in Forra, east of Stjørdal. I was not running for the Norwegian National Team, but for my club Wing OK. Chris Forne and Mathias Bjugan was running the first two legs, and sent me out on last leg 2 minutes behind the lead. I lost some time to the two fist controls, but ran well after that and finished as the 5th team. Wing was also the best club team and became the District Champions. Results (Some runner has got too good or too bad leg times.)

Article from the local newspaper: Jo ga gass
Posted on 06 Sep 2009 by Øystein

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