Norwegian Champs in Night orienteering
Map NM Night Yesterday the Norwegian Championship in Night orienteering was held with mass start south of Halden. Several runners were running with GPS so you could follow them live in the forest, and it is also possible to watch a replay of the race. Olav Lundanes did a great race, and won with 4 minutes margin to a bigger group.

My race was unfortunately a disaster. To the first control I had the longest forking, but almost passed the other first control on my way, and was already one and a half minute behind the lead when I punched my first control. During my race I did several smaller and bigger mistakes and also lost a contact lens. Running alone far behind the lead it was difficult to keep the speed, but the orienteering went better at the last part of the course. This was actually was my first time running in Nordic terrain since last autumn, so I hope to improve much the coming weeks. I finished as 33rd runner, 13 minutes behind Olav. Results

In the weekend Norwegian Spring are organized with Relay today and Long distance tomorrow. I will not run the Relay, but are looking forward to do a better performance in the Long distance. Both races can be followed live.
Posted on 17 Apr 2010 by Øystein
JK in Devon in England
Map from JK Sprint Me from JK Relay In the Easter I was in Devon in the south west of England for my first time, competing in the Jan Kjellström International Festival of Orienteering. As normal JK was organized with races in all the four distances Sprint, Middle, Long and Relay, and the best British and some international runners were competing in the elite classes. The terrains were very different for each of the three individual races, and made it a challenging and exciting Easter weekend.

The Sprint was a nice race around the Bicton College. Before the 5th control I misunderstood the map and lost 25 seconds, and to the 8th control I did not see all the openings in the fences and lost another 20 second by running around. The rest of the race went fine, and I finished on a 5th place. Graham Gristwood won on front of Matt Speake.

Map from JK Middle Map from JK Long The Middle distance was held in a quite flat forest which mainly required orienteering on vegetation, line features and use of compass. My race was OK, but I lost 20 seconds to both of the first two controls, and also some seconds a few other places. It was raining most of the day, which made it really slippery and difficult to run in the forest because of a lot of mud. My result was an 8th place, and again GG was fastest.

The top 3 overall; Oli Johnson, Matt Speake and Øystein kvaal Østerbø The Long distance was held in a big sand dune area, and was the race I had been looking most forward to. The detailed map was difficult to read in 1:15000, and I lost 10 – 30 second in the control circle several places. Still I found it really fun to run in the sand dunes, and my only big mistake was to the 3rd control where I lost a bit more then one minute. I finished on a 4th place, one minute behind Carl Waaler Kaas.

Overall I was 3rd, one minute behind Matt Speake and Oli Johnson. Results from Sprint, Middle, Long and Overall
Posted on 15 Apr 2010 by Øystein
Maps, pictures and videos from Portugal
Maps from Portugal Pictures from Portugal After the North Alentejano Orienteering Meeting Wing continued the Portugal training camp in the Marinha Grande area. The terrains close to the coast are really nice, and the contours and the compass are important to use in the orienteering. The club COC are providing as much as 30 permanent courses there, which makes it to one of the best areas for orienteering in the winter time.

With the first days in Alentejano and the last days around Marina Grande I think Wings training camp in Portugal was very good, and you can now find most of the training maps and a lot of pictures.

Wing OK has also made 3 short videos from the training camp and races in Portugal, and you can see the last two here:

Posted on 07 Mar 2010 by Øystein
NAOM in Portugal
Map from NAOM Long Map from NAOM Sprint Since Wednesday I have been on training camp in Portugal together with my club Wing OK. Last weekend we were running the competition North Alentejano Orienteering Meeting in Crato, 200 km north east of Lisboa.

Saturday it was held a Long distance World Ranking Event in the morning. I did a good race, except a one minute mistake to the 15th control, and came on a 4th place, 4 minutes behind Olav Lundanes.

In the evening it was organized a Night Sprint in the old city of Crato. In the beginning of the race I fell in some stairs, and after that my headlamp was only partly working, so I had problems with reading the map. Anyway my race went OK, except some mistakes in the end of the race, and I came 8th, 18 seconds behind Olle Kalered.

Map from NAOM Middle Me from NAOM Middle Sunday NOAM was finished with a Middle distance in a terrain with a nice mix of stony areas and nice ground. I was satisfied with my performance, except a 30 seconds mistake to the 4th control and a smaller mistake to the 27th control. My result was a 5th place, one minute behind Jerker Lysell.

Even if I was not better than 4th place in any of the races I was winning the NAOM overall, thanks to three stable races. In the Women’s class Eva Jurenikova won overall, in front of my club mates Elise Egseth and Sara Lüscher. Results from Long, Sprint, Middle and Overall

Wing OK have made a cool video from the first days of our training in Portugal.

Posted on 21 Feb 2010 by Øystein
Great week on sunny Gran Canaria
Map sample Tamadaba Map sample Maspalomas The last week I have been on Gran Canaria. The weather was really nice, with sun and more then 25 degrees every day, and I enjoyed both good training and relaxing.

My friend Allan Bogle has worked as a teacher on Gran Canaria for two and a half years. Last autumn he started ActiveCanaria, that are organizing accommodation and training for runners. ActiveCanaria are also providing trainings for orienteering, and at the moment they have trainings on 3 different maps. Tamadaba is a pine forest 1400 meters above sea level. In Maspalomas on the south coast there are both a middle distance on a 1:10000 map and a new sprint map in 1:5000.

Pictures from Gran Canaria. Map sample sprint map Faro2 My main goal for the trip was to get nice weather and good conditions for running, and during the stay I was doing several good trainings; 8 x 1000 m intervals on track, 2 longer runs on more than 2 hours, orieneering in Maspalomas and Tamadaba, sprint orienteering intervals, and several shorter runs. I was also enjoying several hours in the sun on the beach and good food and drinks in the evenings.

Pictures from Gran Canaria. Together with Per Arne Troset from Wing I stayed in Maspalomas the first days, before we went to Las Palmas where Allan lives. After some days Emil Lauri and his brother Linus came to Gran Canaria and joined us. The week on Gran Canaria was very successful for me, and I think it is the best place in Europe for training at this time of the year, because almost all the time it's above 20 degrees and nice weather there. The flight tickets are also cheap in January. Chech out ActiveCanarias webpage and contact Allan for more info about what they can help you with.
Posted on 22 Jan 2010 by Øystein
Relay gold in ski-o NM
Map from ski-o NM Long. Pictures from ski-o NM in Trysil. O-treff in Trysil continued today with the Norwegian Championship in Ski-orienteering Relay. Wing won both classes last year, and hoped to defend the title in the men’s class, while the women’s team was weaker this year. Our Swiss national team runner Christian Hohl, who was in the winning team last year, was also sick now. So we found out that best would be to use Christian’s wife, and yesterdays winner in the women’s class, Marte Reenaas on the second leg in the men’s first team.

My first leg went well, and I changed over as 2nd runner, 44 seconds behind Hans Jørgen Kvåle from Hadeland, and a few seconds in front of Rasmus Korvald Skaare for last years silver medallist Lillomarka. Marte followed up with a great leg, and sent out Lars Moholdt on the last leg only 30 seconds behind Lillomarka’s Eivind Tonna. Lars continued his strong performances from the last week’s races, and could finish first. Results and splits
Posted on 10 Jan 2010 by Øystein
Ski-o NM Long distance in Trysil
Map from ski-o NM Long. Pictures from ski-o NM in Trysil. The Norwegian Championship in Ski-orienteering Long distance was today held in connection with O-treff in Trysil. It has been really cold in Norway the last week, with temperatures bellow –20 degrees, but today it was only around –7 degrees in Trysil, and perfect conditions for ski-orienteering.

I have not done much specific training for ski-orienteering this winter, but have been training well and done much skiing during the Christmas, so I hoped to be able to fight for a medal with a good performance. My race went well, with no big mistakes, and I felt strong even in the end of the long and hard course. Lars Moholdt did a great race, and won clearly, while I came on a 3rd place, because several of the other favourites did not perform their best. Marte Reenaas won the Women’s class, so Wing won the “Kings Cup” in both classes. Results and splits
Posted on 09 Jan 2010 by Øystein
White Christmas in Trondheim
Skiing to the top of Storheia in Bymarka New Years eve in Trondheim I want to thank all of you who are visiting my homepage, and wish you a Happy New Year!

The snow came late in the middle of Norway this winter, and my first skiing session home in Trondheim, except a short one when it was snow a few days in the beginning of October, was two weeks ago. Since I am not focusing on ski-orienteering this winter I have planed to run more this winter, and it has been excellent condition for this until the end of December. I have also done more orienteering training then normal last autumn, as a part of my preparation the WOC 2010 on home ground.

During Christmas I have been skiing most days, and the first day of the New Year I had my longest training session for a long time, with more than four hours of skiing in Bymarka. The conditions in Bymarka was not the best in the beginning of the Christmas, and I have therefore skied from Selbuskogen and Meråker several times. But now they have also made tracks in Strindamarka, just a few kilometre from where I live.
Posted on 03 Jan 2010 by Øystein
Ski-o on Venabu
Ski-o NC-1 Sprint 1, Venabu Ski-o NC-1 Sprint 2, Venabu Last weekend I went to Venabu for the first races of the seasons in the Norwegian Cup in ski-orienteering. This was actually my first skiing sessions for more than 2 months, since it has not been any snow in Trondheim so far this winter, except a few days in the beginning of October. So my skiing shape is not the best at the moment, but I still looked forward to some fun competitions and good training.

Saturday two Sprint races were arranged. The first sprint went well, but in the second I did some smaller mistakes. My club mate Lars Moholdt won both races, and are now on 2nd place on the World Ranking. My result was a 6th and 8th place, and I was 7th overall.

Ski-o NC-2 Mass-start, Venabu Wing’s new ski-o suits Sunday a Mass start race was held. Unfortunately the forking system was not the best, and all best runners kept together in a big group. I did a mistake to the 9th control and was past by a lot of juniors. To the 15th control I had the chance to advance in the field by taking the route choice to the left, but I followed the others in sick sack straight on. My result was a 7th place, 33 seconds behind Hans Jørgen Kvåle.

On you can read more from the Sprint and Mass-start on Venabu, and follow the Norwegian Ski-o Team.
Posted on 18 Dec 2009 by Øystein
Wing on Oppdal
Kåsen, Oppdal Pictures from Oppdal. Last weekend I was on the ski-resort Oppdal together with more than 50 members from my club Wing OK. Because it has been very little snow in the area so far this winter we were not able to do any cross country skiing, but instead we used the possibilities to run in the mountains and on a great orienteering map Wing made to the Norwegian Junior Relay Championship in 2004.

Pictures from Oppdal. Pictures from Oppdal. Satuday we had a long run, included a part with intensive orienteering in the middle of the session. In the evening we had discussions about what we in Wing shall do to realise our dream and become the best orienteering club in the World. Sunday we were hiking up to the peak Blåøret 1605 m.a.s.l., and during the trip we met a lot of reindeers at close hold.

Yesterday I should have travelled to Oslo and Halden for a training camp with the Norwegian National Team. But after I came home from Oppdal I got sick, and have not been able to train so far this week. I am therefore staying home this weekend and hope to be well soon.

 Orienteering Achievement of 2009 World of O and Ultimate Orienteering have at the moment a poll where you can decide the Orienteering Achievement of 2009. You can vote on both the best men and women, but hurry up, because the voting is closing tonight.
Posted on 04 Dec 2009 by Øystein

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