The start of a new training-season with Wing in Trondheim
Wing OK The same week as I came home from PWT in China my club Wing started the common trainings towards the new season, after a few weeks off in the end of October and beginning of November. We have at least two organized trainings a week, but often more. This weekend we will have a sort of training-camp home in Trondheim. We live at home, but train all sessions during the weekend together, and also have a meeting were we will continue the plan for the new season.
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Posted on 01 Dec 2005 by Øystein
World's Elites O-Calendar 2006
Orienteering Today I would like to draw your attention to an orienteering calendar made by the photographer of Orienteering Today Lucie Navarová. The calendar features 13 photos by Lucie of the world's elite orienteers. Each month you get an excellent photo of one of the elite runners, the runner's profile, short comment on the photo by Lucie as well as a list of international events in the month. You can order the calendar online through the website of Orienteering Today, where you also can preview the calendar and learn more about what it looks like.

I think this calendar could be an excellent Christmas-present for your o-friends.
Posted on 23 Nov 2005 by Øystein
Flotte skiforhold i Trondheim
Meg på ski Audun Weltzien på ski Etter PWT i Kina hadde jeg håpet på å komme hjem til skiforhold i Trondheim. Men da jeg landet på Værnes mandag kveld var det dessverre regn og ikke noe snø i det det hele tatt. Men tirdag startet det og snø, og de ivrigste kom seg på ski alt samme kveld. Jeg har fått noen flotte fordagsmidturer på ski øverst i Bymarka både onsdag, torsdag og i dag fredag. Det har bare blitt skøyting på meg, men i dag var det også fine forhold for klassisk med oppkjørte spor. Snøen har de siste ukene vært savnet av alle som satser på ski, og når jeg har vært ute har jeg møtt mange av de beste skiløperene bosatt i byen.

Skiklubbens føremelding oppdateres det daglig hvordan skiforholdene er i Trondheim.
Posted on 18 Nov 2005 by Øystein
Two great weeks with Park World Tour in China is over
The whole PWT-group WRE-middle map Today we are flying back home from Shanghai after more than to weeks on Park World Tour in China. We have had a great time and experienced a lot.

I have now put out more than 500 of my pictures so that you also can see how it has been.

Stone Forest After the PWT races there where held two World Ranking Events over middle and long distance. You can see the map from the middle distance to the right, where I came 7th, 2 min after Yuri Omeltchenko. At the long I wasn't running because I got problems with my stomach after the middle and got 39 in body-temperature. But I was fine after one day with rest.
Posted on 14 Nov 2005 by Øystein
Park World Tour overall winner 2005 after 6th place at the last race in Yuxi
PWT-7 map Me, BJ, and Mats Haldin at the price-giving Me, BJ, and Mats Haldin after the race Today was this seasons last PWT-race held in Yuxi in the Yunnan-province southeast in China. It was a quit special PWT-race with mostly hilly forest and some open stony land. I lost 35 seconds on 3rd control and a little minute on the long leg to nr 9, where I should have taken right around. With that I ended on 6th place, 1.22 behind BJ. But I secured the overall lead, and became this years PWT-champion. Elise Egseth was 5th in the women’s-class, and became 6th in the total. Now it’s a banquet. Photos will come if I find a faster internet connection.

On you find text from today's race, results and the overall standing.
Posted on 10 Nov 2005 by Øystein
6th at PWT in Hangzhou
PWT-6 map PWT Elise Egseth was 2nd I was nr 6 at today's PWT-race in Hangzhou. I was running OK in the beginning, and caught up BJ with 1 min at the 3rd control. At the 10th control I was in the led together wit the winner Mats Haldin. But to the 11th I did a parallel-fail, and lost 50 seconds. I was running good after that, and ended 6th, 48 seconds behind Mats. My leading in the overall in now increased to 21 points to BJ. Elise Egseth was 2nd, only 2 seconds behind the winner.

On you find text from today's race, results and the overall standing.
Posted on 06 Nov 2005 by Øystein
PWT-victory also in Jinhua
PWT-5 map part 1 BJ, me and Martin Johansson Me and the speaker Jörn Syndby ater the race Today the PWT had moved on to Jinhua, a new city for PWT in China. It was a very fast course in a park in the city, with many controls and short legs. I started fast, and was leading on all controls. But David Brickhill-Jones was only a few seconds behind me until he lost 15 second on the 3rd-last control.

PWT-5 map part 2 When you see on the map note that we was allowed to run in flowerbeds and other areas marked as private. Tomorrow the tour will continue in Hangzhou, where it will be more forest then in the last two races. I hope to put out more pictures after that race.

On you find text from today's race, results and the overall standing.
Posted on 05 Nov 2005 by Øystein
PWT-victory in Suzhou
PWT-4 map The womens winner Tatiana Riabkina and me I won today's PWT-race in Suzhou amusement park. It was again a tight race, and I was 3 seconds in front of David Brickhill-Jones. On all races in China last year, and also in Shanghai two days ago, I was leading the race after the first half, but then lost the lead at the end. This time I lost a few second on some places in the beginning, and was 10 second behind BJ at the way to control nr 12, but had a very strong finish. Me and BJ then increased our lead in the overall.

We was running in the same park last year, when I was 2nd behind Johan Näsman. The map from last year can be seen here. Pictures from the China-trip so far are here.

On you find text from today's race, results and the overall standing.
Posted on 03 Nov 2005 by Øystein
5th on the first PWT race in China
PWT-3 map Elise Egseth in the finish Lene Bergersen, me, Elise Egseth and Line Hagman from Norway The first race of this years PWT-final in China was today in a park just outside Shanghai. I ran a quite good race, and claimed 5th place, 18 second behind the Swedish winner Martin Johansson. It was quite tight, and only 6 seconds up to Yuri Omeltchenko on 2nd. The only big mistake I did was when I started to run straight on when we should cross a river, and lost 15 second when I had to run around and over a bridge.

On you find text from today's race, results and the overall standing.
Posted on 01 Nov 2005 by Øystein
Ready for PWT in China 29th October - 14th November
PWT Today I am leaving for two weeks with PWT in China. The first week we are running four PWT-races in the area around Shanghai, and the last week we are running one PWT-race and two World Ranking Events with ordinary orienteering in the Yunnan province in the south-west of China. After the two first PWT-races in Italy in March I am in the overall-lead, and I will do my best to defend that position. Last years PWT in China was very well organized and a great experience, and the program looks even better this year. So I look forward to two great weeks in China with PWT.

Result, maps and pictures will come on, but I will also try to update my homepage if we get internet-connection.
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Posted on 29 Oct 2005 by Øystein

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