Ski-orienteering at Vang 11th - 12th March
Map from the first round Satuday Christian Hohl Last weekend I was competing in ski-orienteering at Vang, near Hamar. Saturday it was the final in the Norwegian Cup and Sunday Norwegian Championship in relay.

It is more than one year since I last competed in ski-o, and I had some problems with both the mapreading and the technique in the narrow scooter-tracks. Saturday I finished 5 minutes behind the winner Tommy Olsen, and would have been 6th. But at the results I figure as disqualified because my emit-card wasn’t cleared before start because it was so cold.

Map from the last round at the relay Sunday At Sundays relay Wing had hoped to fight for a medal. Christian Hohl did a good race at the first leg, but Lars Moholdt did some mistakes at the second leg. I both went out and finished as 4th team. The start of my race was good, but between the 2nd and 3rd control I broke my ski-pole, and had to ski the rest of the loop before I got a new pole in the right length. I think I lost some minutes because of the broken pole, but it would have been difficult the take a medal anyway. Asker, Tønsberg and Vang was to strong for us this time, but next year…

Lars Moholdt at the start of his leg at the relay The event at Vang was good organized and it was nice to compete in ski-o again. I hope to do a bit more ski-o next winter, when it hopefully will be Norwegian Championships at home ground in Trondheim. But to do well there I have to train more specific for ski-o, because the best ski-orienteerers are definitely at a very high level.

Results from middle Saturday and relay Sunday are found at Vangs homepage for the event. My pictures from Vang.
Posted on 16 Mar 2006 by Øystein
Cancelled WOC-training in Denmark - ski-o at Vang instead
10th – 15th March the Norwegian National Team had planed a training-camp for WOC in Denmark. But because of snow in Denmark it was cancelled, and moved to the first weekend in the Easter.

This weekend I am instead going to compete in ski-o at Vang, near Hamar. It is Norwegian Championship in relay and final in the Norwegian Cup. This will be my first ski-o-races this winter, and I am looking forward to compete in ski-o again and hope Wing will do well at the relay.
Posted on 10 Mar 2006 by Øystein
Home after two great weeks in sunny Portugal
Yesterday I came home after a two weeks long training-camp in Portugal with my club Wing OK. The first week we where living in San Pedro de Moel, near Marinha Grande, where the World Cup Final where held in 2000. In the area around Marinha Grande we trained in several nice terrains.

In the weekend we where competeing at Portugal O-meeting. At the middle-distance I was running with medium speed, but at the long and sprint I tried to run fast. At the long I was 12th, 4 min behind Francois Gonon. The sprint was a nice course in a tricky old city. It went well and, and I got the victory.

After the sprint Thursday we went to Algarve, at the south-coast of Portugal. There it was really nice weather, and we got some easier days without orienteering but with good running-training.

The last weekend we where running competitions in Mora. The long distance Saturday I was running at slow speed, but it was a sprint in the evening I was running quite fast. It was again a good course and terrain, and I was fastest at the sprint, 9 sec in front of my club mate Stig Alvestad. At Sundays middle-distance I did a really good race, without a one minute mistake at the end, and won again. It was a very nice terrain, where it was possible to run fast, but it was quite many stones and rocks and the orienteering wasn’t so easy.

In total it was two really good weeks with training in Portugal. Both the weather and terrain was good all the time, and special Mora was one of the nicest places I have been running orienteering. Both the long at POM and the middle in Mora was World Ranking Events, and I’m now 9th at the World Ranking

All the maps and a lot of pictures will be on web in the start of next week.
Posted on 09 Mar 2006 by Øystein
Training-camp with Wing in Portugal 22nd February – 7th March
Map sample from Marinha Grande Map sample from Mora Today I’m going to Portugal together with some runners from my club Wing OK. The first week we are going to train in the area around Marinha Grande, where the World Cup Final where held in 2000. We are also going to compete in Portugal O-meeting. The French National Team and many other clubs are there at the same time, so it will be tough competition.

In the middle of next weekend we are going stay some days near Faro at the south coast of Portugal, before we are finishing the trip with competitions in Mora the last weekend. There ate in total 7 competitions while we are in Portugal, but my plan is to run only 3 of them at full speed; the long-distance 26th February, sprint 28th February and middle-distance 5th March. The long and the middle are World Ranking Events.
Posted on 22 Feb 2006 by Øystein
Good winter-training in Trondheim with Wing
Elise Egseth running on the track in Leangen Map from One-man-relay on Reppesåsen in Trondheim Stig Alvestad and Kristian Lullerud running on the track in Leangen So far this winter I have trained as planed and with good variation. When I have been home I have trained standard winter-training and been on all the Wing-trainings, but also done a lot of cross country skiing and other training. I have been on three good training-camps, on Madeira, south of London and in Sandnes, and got a lot of specific orienteering-training.

Me on skies outside Elgsethytta in Bymarka In the winter I prefer to train much of the long and slow endurance-training on cross country skies. And the ski-conditions have been good most of the time, so I have been skiing almost every day when I have been home. But the weather has (as usual) been quite unstable in Trondheim. The first week in February it was raining very much, and almost all the snow melted. But for me as an orienteer it wasn’t so bad. It meant that it was possibilities for running in the forest and train orienteering in totally snow- and ice-free terrain.
Posted on 20 Feb 2006 by Øystein
Great training-camp in Sandnes last weekend
Start at 3000 m at track Map from intervall-o at Melshei Last weekend I was in Sandnes on a training-camp with the National Teams Elite-group. Sandnes is on the south-west coast of Norway, just south of Stavanger. The weather was nice, so it became a great weekend. The terrain was as expected good and total snow-free, and quite relevant for this years main goal; WOC in Denmark in August.

Cycling friday I took some pictures during the training-camp, and all maps from Sandnes you can find on the page with maps from trainings 2006.

OPN has made a report from the training-camp, and also NOF, Hausken, Hott Johansen, Nordberg and Sandvik have written about it.
Posted on 15 Feb 2006 by Øystein
Training-camp with the National Team in Sandnes 9th – 12th February
Map from WC-test in sprint in Sandnes spring 2005 Map from last part of middle-distance in Njåskogen Today I went to Sandnes, on the south-west coast of Norway, for a training-camp with the National Teams Elite-group. Its 7 degrees here and good weather, so I hope it will be a nice weekend. It’s a typical orienteering camp, with two sessions on map every day. The terrains we are going to train in are quite flat with hard ground, who will give fast running. Some of the maps were used for the Norwegian selection races to World Cup last spring.

This evening we are going to train on the map from the sprint-race, and the next days also the maps from long and middle. Some of the runners are going to run a 3000 meter on track before the sprint-o this evening, but I’m going to run some 150 meters with a bit higher speed after the sprint-o.
Posted on 09 Feb 2006 by Øystein
World Orienteering Championships to Trondheim in 2010 or 2011
Internasjonale Orienteringsforbundet Sør-Trøndelag Orienteringskrets France and Norway was the only nations who had submitted their bids to organize the World Orienteering Championships in 2010 and 2011 by the application deadline of 31 January 2006. The French Orienteering Federation proposes to organize the championships at Chambéry/Aix-les-Bains, while the Norwegian Orienteering Federation has chosen Trondheim as their candidate city.

The organizers will be appointed in conjunction with the World Orienteering Championships in Denmark. Since it’s only two candidates for two WOCs it means that my hometown Trondheim should get WOC in one of the two years.
Posted on 05 Feb 2006 by Øystein
Training-camp with Wing in Guildford south of London 19th – 23rd January
Leith Hill Erik Helgemo and me on the way to the tower at Leith Hill Last week my club Wing OK had a training-camp in Guildford south of London. It’s the same place as the World Cup where held in May 2005, and Wing also had a training-camp there in January last year. The training went well, and we got what we had expected; nice forest and good maps. We had two sessions on the map from WC-long, two on Leith Hill, the map from WC-middle, and a sprint session at University of Surrey in Guildford. Before we went home some of us were also training in Epping Forest near Stansted, where JEC was held in 2004.

Marius Bjugan, Allan Bogle and Stig Alvestad after the loop-race Sunday we were running a local event near Dorking. It was a mass-start-race with several loops. My race was OK, and I didn’t do any big mistakes, but I was quite tired after much training. Under the race a saw Stig Alvestad and Allan Bogle some times, but at the end I was alone and got the victory straight ahead of Stig and Allan. The event was well organized and it was a sort of competition I like. A mass-start with a lot of people on different loops is perfect training for relay-orienteering. Mathias Bjugan was fastest in the shorter course, in front of Elise Egseth. Results are found on the organizers web-page.

Pictures from the trip are worth a look, and you can find all the maps from Guildford on the page with maps from trainings 2006.
Posted on 29 Jan 2006 by Øystein
Training-camp in Guildford south of London 19th – 23rd January
Wing OK Map from last the part of relay at the WC 2005 Thursday morning Wing are going to England on a training-camp. We are flying directly from Trondheim to Stansted, and driving to Guildford an hour south of London. It’s the same place as the World Cup was in May 2005, and we are mainly going to train on the maps from then. The maps from the WC can be seen on my gallery of maps from the spring 2005.

The terrain is nice, and good for fast running, but also parts that are more detailed and hilly. On Sunday we are competing in a local event. It’s a mass start race with loops near Dorking. We are 8 runners from Wing, Marius Bjugan (who now runs for Halden, but ex Wing) and our British friend Allan Bogle. Allan is studying in North Ireland, and is helping us to fix maps, permission to run in the forest and other contact in England.
Posted on 18 Jan 2006 by Øystein

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