Tight qualification at the middle-distance
EOC 2006 Map from middle-qual Today it was qualification for the middle- distance in Haanja, a little hour south of Otepää. The terrain was quite nice compared to other maps in the area. I did again an OK race, without any big mistakes. Tried to run fast, but wasn’t pushing maximum. Ended 12th in my heat, 3 min behind Thierry Gueorgiou, but only 1 min behind 3rd place. It was also very close behind me, and had I been running 36 sec slower I hadn’t qualified for the A-final tomorrow.

9 Norwegians qualified, where Anders Nordberg and Marianne Andresen had best time in their heat. Tone Wigemyr, Tore Sandvik and Lars Skjeset weren’t fast enough. Many of the favorites didn’t manage to qualify either, among them Andrey Khramov, Mats Haldin, Pasi Ikonen, David Schneider, Marian Davidik and Mikkel Lund.

Tomorrows final start at 11.00 CET for women and 11.45 CET for men. I’m starting 12.19 CET, and you can follow the race at EOCs live-page. Results, splits and startlists are found at EOCs results-page. Pictures from Estonia so far.
Posted on 08 May 2006 by Øystein
8th at the EOC-sprint
EOC 2006 Map from sprint-final The sprint-final at EOC was held in Tartu this afternoon. It was a course in a hilly park-and city area with good variation and several route-choices where you needed to run fast. I ended at 8th place after an OK race. I lost 10 sec at the route-choice to the 4th control and a few seconds at some other shorter legs. My shape was also OK, but I had hoped it had been even better.

Top 6 in the woman’s class  Top 3 in the man’s class Emil Wingstedt did again an excellent sprint-race and won close before Jamie Stevenson and Andrey Khramov. Marianne Andersen was 2nd, behind Simone Niggli. Ingunn Weltzien was 5th, a very strong performance by a junior. I had hoped for a medal, so I’m not so satisfied, despite it’s not a bad race. It very close in the top, and you have to do a really good race to be there.

Tomorrow it’s middle-distance qualification. I’m starting 12.01 CET, and you can follow the race at EOCs live-page.

Results, splits and startlists are found at EOCs results-page. Pictures from Estonia so far.

Article about me from the local newspaper: Østerbø skuffet, Adressa 7th May 2006
Posted on 07 May 2006 by Øystein
Easy sprint-qualification - ready for the final
EOC 2006 Map from sprint-qualification This morning it was qualification for the sprint at EOC. I did a good technical race, but was running quite easy, and ended 13th in my heat. But I’m in the final, and it’s the result there who counts. When I won the World Cup sprint in Dresden 2004 I was also 13th in the qual. All the Norwegians qualified for the final, except from Tore Sandvik.

The finish-area was the ski-stadium in Otepää, just 100 m from our hotel. Now we will have lunch and some easy hours at the bed before the finale in Tartu this afternoon. The men start 14.30 CET, and the women 15.25 CET. Follow the final at the live-page.

Results and splits from the qualification and start-lists for the final at EOCs results page

Article about me from the local newspaper: Kvaal Østerbø kvalifiserte seg lett, Adressa 7th May 2006
Posted on 07 May 2006 by Øystein
Ready for European Champs in Estonia 7th – 13th May
EOC 2006 Yesterday the Norwegian Team came to Estonia, and tomorrow we are ready for the first race; the sprint. It’s qualification in Ottepää (where we live) in the morning and final in Tartu in the afternoon.

It’s a very tough program at EOC with 7 races in 7 days. The training the last weeks has been as planed, and I’m think I’m in good shape and are really looking forward to start the Championship with the sprint tomorrow.

Article about me from the local newspaper: Fattig datanerd går for gull, Adressa 6th May 2006
Posted on 06 May 2006 by Øystein
Øyastafetten 1st May
100 m after the start Me running along Nidelven Monday I ran Øyastafetten at Trondheim Stadium. It’s a relay with 5 legs between 300 and 1000 m. The first and last legs were at the track, but the long 3rd leg I was running was mostly at road. I did an OK run, and closed the gap to the teams in front a little, but my legs weren’t the very best after Tiomila the day before. It was very tight the whole relay, and my club Trondheim Friidrett ended 4th, just 2.7 sec behind the Super Team with Olympic Champion Vebjørn Rodal and Norway’s best 400 meters runner Morten Sand among the runners. The Wing-runner Hans Christian Skogholt, who now in focusing on 800 meter, was running the first leg on my team. Results and pictures
Posted on 04 May 2006 by Øystein
Cool night-orienteering at Tiomila last weekend
Tiomila 2006 Map from Tiomila Last weekend Wing was competing in Tiomila near Örebro in Sweden. Stig Alvestad did a good job at the first leg, and came in just 29 sec behind the leader Lars Ø. Amundsen. I was running the 14 km long 2nd leg. It went fast to get contact with the leading teams, and I was among the first runners the whole course. The speed was quite high at the longer legs, but slowed down at the shorter legs in the more detailed parts of the terrain. My race was OK, with no big mistakes, but I lost some time at some of the controls. Last time I ran night-orienteering was at Tiomila last year, and I really enjoyed doing it again. It was a nice felling running in the dark and feeling having full control.

At the end of my leg it was still a lot of teams together, and Jonas Pilblad changed over just before René Rokkjær and I. Svein Erik Bratsberg did a good race at 3rd leg, and sent Ola Berger out 3 min behind the leader at the 18 km “Long-night”. Ola went out with several good runners, and was up in the leading group at the middle of his leg. But he hasn’t been running much since the ski-season ended, and had to give away some time at the end of his leg.

Torgeir Wiik, who should have been running 5th leg, got injured and couldn’t run. Lars Moholt stepped in at his place, and did a great leg. Arne Dybdahl, Øystein Alvestad, Hans Christian Skogholt and Tore Berdal did as expected on the next legs. After the 9th leg we where number 69. But since Lars had to step in at 5th leg we didn’t have any runner for the last leg, and couldn’t finish. But we will come back stronger at Jukola in June. At last I want to congratulate Halden SK and my old club-mate Marius Bjugan with the victory.

Results at Tiomila Online
Posted on 03 May 2006 by Øystein
Tiomila near Örebro 29th – 30th April
Tiomila 2006 Today the famous club-relay Tiomila is going to be held near Örebro in Sweden. The women’s relay with 5 legs is going to be held between 14.00 and 17.00. The men’s relay with 10 legs has start 23.00, and the best teams are finishing around 9.00 next morning. I’m going to run the 2nd leg, with 14 km night-orienteering.

You can follow Tiomila Online at their website, with live video, speaker-sound and results through the whole night.
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Posted on 29 Apr 2006 by Øystein
New 'World of O' launched
World of O Jan Kocbach has today launched a new version of World of O. It collects news headlines from more than 60 international orienteering sites, including orienteering federations, dedicated news sites, elite runner pages and orienteering clubs. That means it’s an excellent starting place to know what happens in the Orienteering World.
Posted on 24 Apr 2006 by Øystein
EOC-training-camp in Estonia 18th - 23rd April
EOC 2006 Training from Estonia After the EOC-selection-races in Skåne the EOC-team went straight on to a training-camp in Estonia. We lived in Ottepää and trained in relevant terrains in the area. The hotel was the same as we are going to stay at under EOC, and is at the ski-stadium in Ottepää, which is the arena for the long-distance and relay.

The terrain around Ottepää was rather poor run ability, especially where we trained the first days, with mostly green forest with a lot of fallen trees at the ground. It wasn’t so easy to run where you wanted because of the vegetation, and it was important to try to hold the right direction through the green areas. But the terrain we trained in on some of the last sessions was much better, and we came straight under 6 min/km, which is around the speed that is stipulated for EOC.
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Posted on 23 Apr 2006 by Øystein
Norwegian selection to European Champs in Estonia
EOC 2006 After Mondays selection-race at long-distance the Norwegian team to EOC in Estonia was selected.

The EOC-team came today to Estonia, and we will be here on a training-camp the rest of the week. I will come back with pictures, maps and more info from Estonia the coming days.
Posted on 18 Apr 2006 by Øystein

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