Start of a hard training-period with Craftcup in Elverum
 Map-samples from middle After EOC I had an easy week, before I last week started the tougher training for WOC. This week I have increased the intensity of the hard sessions, and the next weeks I will have quite many very hard interval-sessions. Yesterday I was running uphill-intervals with Wing, and today I had speed-training on track with some of the best ski-sprinters in Norway (and the World). Vebjørn Rodal (Olympic champion on 800m) is new trainer for the sprint-team in cross country skiing, and he was leading the training. It was challenging to train together with Tor Arne Hetland, Eldar Rønning, Krister Trondsen and the fastest of them all; Johan Kjølstad.

I will also be running some competitions the coming weeks. This weekend it is Pinseløp in Elverum, which are counting in the Norwegian Cup; the Craftcup. I am going to run sprint on Saturday and middle on Sunday. The terrain is quite flat, so I am looking forward to two competitions with high-speed orienteering. It is also a long-distance on Monday, but I am not focusing on long-distance this year, and think it is enough with two competitions in this hard training-period. Map-samples from sprint and middle.
Posted on 01 Jun 2006 by Øystein
8th place in Elitserien in Ljusdal
Map from Middle-distance in Ljusdal Me in Ljusdal. Foto: SEPRO Saturday I was running middle-distance in Elitserien in Ljusdal. It was a nice terrain with mostly good visibility and quite hilly. But it was also stony and detailed, so most runners did some mistakes.

Me in Ljusdal. Foto: SEPRO I had a good start at the race, and was at 2nd place at the 6th control. But to the 7th control I took off from the path to early, got a bad direction, passed the control and lost 1 min. I also lost 45 sec to the 16th control and did some smaller mistakes at the rest of the course. Niclas Jonasson won the race, with me at 8th place, 2.29 behind. Anders Nordberg was 2nd, and is leading Elitserien before the final. Results
Posted on 30 May 2006 by Øystein
3rd place in cancelled sprint in Elitserien in Borlänge
Map from Sprint final in Borlänge Me from the sprint qual in Borlänge. Foto: SEPRO Last week I was at Elitserien in Sweden. Thursday it was sprint in Borlänge, with qualification in the morning and final in the afternoon. The qualification course was quite easy, with many easy legs with not so difficult orienteering and just running. I was 3rd in my heat, 6 sec behind Erik Rost.

Me at the last control at the sprint final in Borlänge. Foto: SEPRO The final was trickier, and you had to read the map well and at the same time take out the route choice for the next leg. But it was still full speed the whole way. I did a good race, except to the 9th control where I lost 15 seconds on a parallel-mistake. When I came out from the buildings I thought I was at the other side of my control and therefore went to a wrong control to the left before I understood what I had done. David Andresson did a great race and was clearly fastest, with me at 3rd place, 18 sec behind.
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Posted on 28 May 2006 by Øystein
Trondheim Open 20th – 21st May
Stig Alvestad Map from Trondheim Open Sunday Trondheim Open was this weekend organized by my club Wing OK. It’s one of the biggest o-event in middle Norway, and was this year held at a brand new map over Bratsberg, 20 min south-east of Trondheim. Saturday it was middle-distance and Sunday chasing-start with butterfly-loops as forking. It was a lot of good runners, and especial the start-field in men’s class where it was very tight both days. Carl Waaler Kaas and Marianne Riddervold were the winners in the main-classes.

NTNU The week after EOC have had focus on school, and Saturday I had my first exam this spring. Because of that I was not at the event Saturday, but Sunday I ran the course as a test runner and was working at the pre-warning. I also took a lot of pictures. I will have the next exam already on Wednesday, but after that its summer holiday and full focus on orienteering. Straight after the exam I am going directly to Sweden, where it’s Elitserien, with sprint in Borlänge at Thursday and middle-distance in Ljusdal at Saturday.
Posted on 22 May 2006 by Øystein
Pictures and maps from EOC
Me, Carl Waaler Kaas and Lars Skjeset Map from relay, part 2 All the pictures from EOC in Estonia are now on web. With the relay and banquet it’s now 370 photos.

All my maps have also been scanned, so now they are in much better quality.
Posted on 15 May 2006 by Øystein
Bronze at the relay
EOC 2006 Map from relay, part 1 Lars Skjeset and Carl Waaler Kaas did a good job at the first two legs, and sent me out as 12th man, 2 min behind leading Sweden and France. I did a very good race, and picked runner by runner. At the end we where 9 teams who where chasing the leading duo. I was first of us at the third last control, but did a little mistake out of the control, and was passed by most of the runners. But after a strong finish I managed to pass the group again from the second last to the last control, and secured the third place, only a few seconds behind Sweden’s David Anderson and France’s Thierry Gueorgiou. But I didn’t have real contact to them before it was too late. It was nice to get a good race at the end of EOC, and I’m relay looking forward to WOC in Denmark I August where I hopefully will be even better prepared.

Results and splits are found at EOCs results-page.
Posted on 13 May 2006 by Øystein
Ready for the relay at EOC
EOC 2006  Lars Skjeset, Carl Waaler Kaas and me Tomorrow is the last event at EOC; the relay. I’m running the last leg at Norways youngest team. Lars Skjeset and Carl Waaler Kaas are running the two first legs. None of us was running today’s long-distance-final, so we are hopefully rested and ready for a hard fight at the relay.

Results, splits and startlists are found at EOCs results-page.
Posted on 12 May 2006 by Øystein
Pictures from the long-distance at EOC
Anders Norberg and Jani Lakanen The podium in the women’s class Lani Lakanen and Simone Niggli won to clear victories at today long-distance.

The EOC picture-gallery are updated after today’s long-distance.

Results, splits and startlists are found at EOCs results-page.
Posted on 12 May 2006 by Øystein
Did not qualify for the final at the long-distance at EOC
Map from long-qual At today’s qualification for the long distance it was quite difficult with a lot of “green”-areas with bad visibility and many contour details. I lost 4 min at the 6th control and 3 min at the 11th control. The rest of the race was OK, but my shape wasn’t today either as good as I had hoped. I ended at 19th place, less then one minute from the 17th place who had qualified me for tomorrow’s final. So now I can look forward to a resting-day before Saturdays relay.

Results, splits and startlists are found at EOCs results-page.
Posted on 11 May 2006 by Øystein
Very tight middle-distance at EOC
EOC 2006 Map from middle-final It was very tight at today middle-distance at EOC in Estonia. Thierry Gueorgiou won again, but it was very close down to Martins Sirmais and Valentin Novikov. I wasn’t running so good and ended 26th place, 2.46 behind Thierry. It went OK the first half, but a little bit to slow. At a longer leg before the public control I lost 1 min, and I also missed 20 sec at the end. The result was a bit disappointing, but today I wasn’t running fast enough or orienteering good enough. Again Marianne Andersen took silver, this time behind Minna Kaupi.

 Top 3 in the men’s class Picture-gallery from EOC are updated after todays race.

Results, splits and startlists are found at EOCs results-page.
Posted on 09 May 2006 by Øystein

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