WOC sprint-test in Århus
Map from Sprint in Århus WOC 2006 Yesterday the WOC organizers aranged a sprint-test in Århus. It was in a park around the University with a lot of buldings who gave tricky route-choices. Most of my race was quite good, but at the end I did some smaller mistakes. Finished at 2nd place, 0,6 sec behind Daniel Hubman. Audun Weltzien and Lars Skjeset followed behind me. It was many nations and good runners who ran, so this was a good test before WOC starts in two weeks. Results and splits.

Climbing Today it was middle-distance, but I only ran the course easy before I went to Sweden and O-ringen. I am the only Norwegian WOC-runner who is going to run O-ringen, and I will run the Super-elite class who has 3 competitions. It's a perfect program with middle-distance at monday, sprint at thursday and long-distanse at wednesday. It's several good runners from many countries, so this will be perfect competitions to perform well in before WOC.

My pictures from WOC-training with the National Team in Silkeborg 13th – 16th July
Posted on 16 Jul 2006 by Øystein
WOC-training with the National Team in Silkeborg 13th – 16th July
Map from Sprint in Silkeborg WOC 2006 Today started the Norwegian National Teams last training-camp before WOC in Denmark in August. We are living at the same place in Silkeborg as during WOC, and the main goal for the camp is to run competitions in relevant terrain. We are going to take part in the selection-races to WOC for Denmark and Finland. There are sprint at Saturday, middle-distance at Sunday and long-distance at Monday. I am only going to run the sprint here in Denmark, because at Sunday I going to O-ringen in Sweden, where I am going to run the Super-elite class. I am the only Norwegian WOC-runner who is going to run O-ringen, and I will write more about that at before I am leaving to Sweden.

Me at the Sprint in Silkeborg Our last camp in Denmark was in June, and you can now find pictures from that. We had a lot of WOC-relevant and good trainings, but also a lot of fun as you can see at the pictures. The map is from a sprint-event in Silkeborg. It was maybe not so WOC-relevant, but one of the best sprint-courses I have ever run. It was tricky orienteering and route-choices on almost every leg.

My pictures from WOC-training with the National Team in Silkeborg 10th – 14th June
Posted on 13 Jul 2006 by Øystein
Nice skiing at Sognefjellet last week
Me skiing at Sognefjellet Tore Berdal, Lars Moholt, me, Eirik Watterdal and Øyvind Lund at the top of Fannaråken From Wednesday until Sunday last week I was at Sognefjellet with the Norwegian National Team in ski-orienteering. Sognefjellet is 1400 meter above sea level, and it’s still snow from the winter there. But the snow was melting fast in the sun, and the last day it was only a short loop left. There was also other cross-country-skiers there, many of the from the Oslo-club Heming.

I was skiing quite many hours while I was there, but also running each day. The last day we jogged and walked from Turtagrø at 800 meter a.s.l. to the top of
Fannaråken 2068 meter a.s.l. The weather was nice the first days, while it was more variable in the weekend. In total it was a very nice week with a lot of easy training in the Norwegian mountains.

My pictures from Sognefjellet
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 by Øystein
Selected for the Norwegian WOC-team
WOC 2006 Me skiing at Sognefjellet last summer Monday the Norwegian team for WOC in Denmark was selected. I am going to run the sprint at 1st August and hopefully also the relay at 5th August. That is the distances I had wonted most to run, so now it’s only to prepare as good as possible the coming weeks.

Today I am going to
Sognefjellet for some days with easy training on cross country skies. Sognefjellet is 1400 meter above sea level, and it’s still snow from the winter there. I was there also last year after the selection races to WOC, and had some great days. It’s nice to ski in the sun while you wear only shorts. My pictures from Sognefjellet last summer.
Posted on 04 Jul 2006 by Øystein
Selection-races for WOC
Map from middle Map from long, part 1 Last weekend it was Norwegian and Swedish selection-races for WOC in middle- and long-distance near Skövde in Sweden. The terrain was hilly but with quite good runability, like Silkeborg in Denmark where WOC will be held the first week of August.

Saturday’s middle-distance went OK for me. My shape felt quite good, but I lost around 15 seconds several places. Hans Gunnar Omdal ran again very good, and won with more than one minute. I came 5th, 2 min behind. Results

Sunday’s long-distance went also quite good. I tried to take good route-choices and make the orienteering easy and safe. Succeed quite well, but lost a bit too much time at the last loop. It was very tight in the top, with 5 runners in less then one minute. Anders Nordberg won in front of Audun Hultreen Weltzien, Holger Hott Johansen, Hans Gunnar Omdal and Øystein Kristiansen. I came 6th, again 2 min behind. I didn’t had the top-speed any of the days, but my shape felt as planed better than straight after the hard training-period I ended at Jukola, and hopefully it well be even better the coming weeks.
Posted on 03 Jul 2006 by Øystein
Up and down at O-festivalen
O-festivalen 2006 Podium from men’s middle Last weekend Norways biggest orienteering event O-festivalen was held near Gardermoen, 50 km north of Oslo. For the senior elite it was selection-race for the WOC-sprint on Friday, middle distance at Saturday and relay at Sunday. The terrain was both flat with many paths and hillier with thicker vegetation. Many of the best runners from other nations were also running, so it was a great competition.

Map from sprint at O-festivalen Friday’s sprint was one of my worst sprint-races for several years. I did some smaller mistakes to the first controls and a big parallel-mistake to the 5th control. I followed a path in 90 degrees wrong direction from the control and lost around one minute. The rest of the race was OK, but it didn’t help, and I ended at 18th place. Audun Weltzien did a fantastic race, and won with 26 sec to Hans Gunnar Omdal. Results

Map from middle at O-festivalen Saturday’s middle-distance went much better for me. I did a good technical race, with only a few mistakes on 10 – 20 sec. The running speed felt also better, and I ended at 2nd place, 20 sec behind Hans Gunnar Omdal. Hans Gunnar was sick for more than one year, and wasn’t running a single event last season. But this season he has pereformed impressive good in all events he has been running. For the 2nd place I got 10.000 NOK from the total 80.000 NOK who was given in price-money to the 6 best in both classes. Results

 Stig Alvestad changing over to Tore Bjørseth Berdal Sunday it was relay. Svein Erik Bratsberg ran first leg for Wing, and sent out Stig Alvestad 6 min behind leading Østmarka. Stig did a big mistake at one control but held the difference to the lead. Tore Bjørseth Berdal got an injury in his foot and couldn’t run so fast. He did a great performance by finishing, but lost of course much time. I did an OK race at the last leg, and finished at 11th place. Østmarka’s junior-team did a great relay, and was alone in the lead after the 3 first legs. But at the last leg they were passed by Leksand, Södertälje Nykvarn and Tyrving. Results

Pictures from O-festivalen
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O-festivalen with WOC-selection in sprint 23rd – 25th June
O-festivalen 2006 This weekend Norways biggest orienteering event O-festivalen is held near Gardermoen, 50 km north of Oslo. For the senior elite it’s selection-race for the WOC-sprint on Friday. I am not among the four runners who are pre-selected for WOC, so it will be important to get a good result.

Saturday it’s middle distance, in a flat and fast terrain. In total it is 80.000 NOK in price-money for the 6 best in each class and many of the best runners from other nation are also are coming. Sunday its relay and I think I will run last legs for Wings team.
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Challenging Jukola in Finland 17th – 18th June
Jukola 2006 Map from Jukola Last weekend Wing was running the Jukola relay in Finland. It was held near Salo, 120 km west of Helsinki. We had good runners at all legs, and had hoped to improve last years 47th place.

Stig Alvestad gave us a perfect start at the first leg. He managed to break away from all the other 1350 teams, and changed over alone in the lead, with 40 sec down to the next team. Stig, who was 5th in the Norwegian ultralong-distance champ 3 weeks ago, is in good shape and at this leg he showed that he has the capacity to fight with anyone in the forest.

Stig Alvestad alone in the lead at the 1st lag at Jukola. Photo: Claes-Tommy Herland Unfortunately we lost time at the next leg, and I went out at the 3rd leg 20 min behind. I did an OK leg, and held the difference to the lead. The orienteering was challenging and the terrain partly very detailed.

We also lost time at the following two legs, but Tore Bjørseth Berdal ran quite well at the 6th leg. Our new British runner Allan Bogle finished as 78th after the 7th and last leg.

The result was not as good as we had hoped, but we will come back stronger. It’s a new relay at O-festivalen already the coming weekend.

Results from Jukola
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WOC-training in Denmark and Jukola in Finland 10th – 18th June
WOC 2006 Jukola 2006 Tomorrow morning I am going for another training-camp for WOC in Denmark. The Norwegian National Team will stay in the area around Silkeborg until Wednesday.

Thursday I am going to Finland, and we will get a few trainings before Jukola next weekend. Wing has a strong team this year, with the following runners:
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Craftcup in Elverum with fast running
Map from sprint Map from middle Last weekend I was running Pinseløp in Elverum, which was counting in the Norwegian Cup; the Craftcup. Saturday it was sprint at Terningmoen, an old military area. It was a lot of tracks and ditches. I had some problems with the direction in the beginning, and lost 15 sec to the 3rd and 20 sec to the 4th control. After that the orienteering went OK, but I was a bit tired in my legs after the hard sessions the days before, and the speed was not fast enough. My result was 10th place, 48 sec behind Lars Skjeset. Results sprint

Sunday it was middle-distance in a quite flat terrain with mainly good runnability. I did mainly a good technical race, but lost 20 sec to the 3rd and 7th control. My legs were again a bit to slow, and I was quite satisfied with my performance compared to the circumstances. If you want to be at your best in the important races, you need to train hard in periods, and can not be at top in all races. I was very tight, and I ended at 7th place, 1.22 behind Tore Sandvik. Results middle

It was also a long-distance today Monday. But I thought it was enough with two competitions, and was not running today. Results long
Posted on 05 Jun 2006 by Øystein

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