World University Championship in Slovakia
WUOC 2006, Slovakia This week I am going to take part in World University Orienteering Championship. The event center is in Kosice, in the south east of Slovakia. I am going to run the long distance, sprint and relay. I think WOUC is a very good and well organized event, and are looking forward to tough competitions in exciting terrain. Last WUOC was held in Pilzen I Czech two years ago, where I did a good sprint competition.

The program for WUOC:
14th August: Arrival
15th August: Model Event
16th August: Long distance
17th August: Middle distance
18th August: Sprint
19th August: Relay
Posted on 13 Aug 2006 by Øystein
Sprint at Stiklestad
Mathias Bjugan Sprint at Stiklestad Last week it was Hovedløp and O-landsleir in Levanger and Verdal, which are one hour north of Trondheim. Hovedløpet is the national championship for young runners who are from 14 to 16 years old, and O-landsleiren is a training-camp for the same age.

At Thursday they had a sprint competition at the historical place Stiklestad. We were some runners from Wing who used the opportunity to get a sprint session at the new map. Anne Margrethe Hausken had challenged the boys in M 16, and my club mate Mathias Bjugan was the only one who was able to beat her.
Posted on 13 Aug 2006 by Øystein
Pictures from WOC
Boat-trip The Norwegian girls ready for the banquet Holger Hott Johansen won the middle-distance You can now find my pictures from last weeks World Orienteering Championships in Denmark.

It was a great week in the area around Silkeborg and Århus, and I want to thank the organizer for a well organized WOC.
Posted on 09 Aug 2006 by Øystein
6th at the WOC-relay
WOC Relay At Saturdays WOC-relay I ran the 1st leg for the Norwegian Team. I felt in good shape and had full control on the orienteering. Was among the leading teams the whole way and went to the right control where I had different forking from the other teams around me. At the end of the leg Niclas Jonasson and I managed to get a gap to the following teams, and to the changeover I was 2nd, 13 seconds after Sweden.

WOC 2006 Øystein Kristiansen at the 2nd leg opened well to the first radio-control, but at the forking before the spectator-control he went to wrong control and lost several minutes. Hans Gunnar Omdal at the last leg was not in the super shape he showed a month ago, and we finished as 6th team. Russia was running fantastic the whole relay, and took a clear victory. Finland won the women’s class, and Norway came at 6th place also there. Results and splits from WOC.
Posted on 08 Aug 2006 by Øystein
1st leg for Norway at the WOC-relay
WOC 2006 Todays middle-distance at WOC was fantastic for Norway, with gold to Holger Hott Johansen, new silver to Marianne Andersen and 6th place to Mari Fasting.

Tomorrow is the relay, and the Norwegian Team are running in this order; Øystein Kvaal Østerbø, Øystein Kristiansen and Hans Gunnar Omdal. The women’s team is Birte Riddervold, Marianne Andersen and Anne Margrethe Hausken. I am really looking forward to the 1st lag, and hope to give Kristiansen as good start-position as possible. It will be a tough fight in the hilly terrain around Himmelbjerget.

You can follow the relay online at WOCs homepage, with both TV-pictures, speaker-sound and live-results. The women are starting 11.30 and the men 14.00.
Posted on 04 Aug 2006 by Øystein
Disappointing performance at the WOC-sprint
WOC 2006 WOC Sprint qual Yesterdays WOC-sprint in Århus was a disappointment for me. I did a really bad performance, and got 19th place, 58 seconds behind Emil Wingsted. The course was nice and I am in good shape, but I destroyed the race at a bad route-choice.

The qualification went well. It was many short legs around the stadium, in the Amusment Park and in Mindeparken. Between the short legs it was some long legs with easy orienteering in the forest. I did no big mistakes, and was 4th in my heat, without runing with maximum speed.

WOC Sprint final The final started also quite well, and the short legs in the botanic garden went OK. But on the long leg to the 10th control I didn’t see all the passages around the horse-track, and ended up with running around both the track and fence to the left. The best was to run almost straight on, and then over the track and on one of the sides of the stadium. I lost 35 seconds to Emil Wingsted on that leg, the same time I was after him when I passed the spectator control. When I passed the arena, and heard how long I was behind the best, I maybe lost the concentration a bit and did two new mistakes at the end. Lost around 15 seconds both to the 16th and 20th control.

WOC Sprint final After 6th and 4th place at the WOC-sprint the two last years I had hoped for a medal this year. But it’s very tight in the top, especially at the sprint, and if you want to fight for the top-positing you can’t do any big mistakes. This time I didn’t manage that, and it’s only to learn from this and come back stronger next time. None of the Norwegians succeeded at the sprint, but we will hopefully do better the next day. I am especially looking forward to the relay; where I hope represent the Norwegian team. Results and splits from WOC.
Posted on 02 Aug 2006 by Øystein
WOC-sprint in Århus
WOC 2006 The Norwegian Team is now ready and well prepared for tomorrows sprint at WOC. It’s both qualification and final at the same day, and both races are held in Mindeparken south in Århus. The area has mainly park and forest, and I think it will be a nice course. The qualification starts at 9.00, and the final from 16.50. The men are running first and the women afterwards. You can follow both races online at WOCs homepage
Posted on 31 Jul 2006 by Øystein
Ready for WOC in Denmark
Sprint in Esbjerg Me from interval-training last Friday The World Orienteering Championships in Denmark started this weekend with qualification for long- and middle-distance. The host-city for WOC is Århus, but we are living in Silkeborg because it’s closer to most events. Most Norwegian runners came to Denmark Thursday, and everybody is so far qualified to next week finals.

I am going to run my first distance at Tuesdays sprint, and came to Denmark yesterday together with the other sprinters Lars Skjeset and Ingunn Weltzien. On the way from København to Silkeborg we stopped in Esbjerg and trained at the map from the Danish-selectin race there. We ran the women’s course, who was the same at the men’s from the first control. It was a nice course which I think is quite relevant for the WOC-sprint in Århus.

WOC 2006  Me at Rensfjellet last week The week after O-ringen I have been home in Trondheim and done my last preparation for WOC. I have had three hard sessions with intervals and a lot of short and easy running. The first hard session was a pyramid with intervals at 1 -2 – 3 – 4 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 minutes. The next was the hardest session, where I was running 6 times a loop at 1 km in a ski-tack. I started at 3.15, and was increasing the speed with 5 seconds for each interval. The last had full speed, and I used 2.52, exactly the same time as I had at the same session some weeks ago. The last hard session was at track last Friday, where I ran several 400 meters at my competition speed. Now I feel in good shape and ready for WOC.
Posted on 30 Jul 2006 by Øystein
Pictures from O-ringen and Segerstad Ski Open
Me at the finish at O-ringen You can now find some pictures from the events for the superelit-classes at O-ringen. After we had finished the three days with competitions I stayed in Hälsingland one extra day and watched Segerstad Ski Open Thursday afternoon. The organizer had saved snow from the winter, and made a 500 m long course for cross-country skiing. Many of the best skiers in the world were competing against each other in this show-competition where it was a lot of short races of 3 loops in the course.

Martin Johansson before Frode Estil at the ski-race It was quite cool to watch, and it had been nice of somebody managed to make so much show out of an orienteering-event. Earlier at the day most of the skiers had also competed in the Vasaloppet-class at O-ringen. There it was mass-start with quite easy orienteering. Martin Johansson won in front of Andres Auklan, and Aukland said afterwards that it was incredible how fast the orienteers went in and out of the controls. Martin and Erik Rost were also competing for the O-ringen-team at the ski-race.

Pictures from O-ringen and Segerstad Ski Open in Hälsingland 17th - 20th July
Posted on 24 Jul 2006 by Øystein
Maps from Superelit at O-ringen
O-ringen Middle in Mohed The Superelit-class in O-ringen are now finished, and we got 3 days with different types of good races. I think the program was perfect this year, with middle, sprint and long-distance.

The middle-distance started bad for me. I had problems understanding the map in the stony and detailed area at the beginning, and did several smaller mistakes. It was a very different type of orienteering compared with than Danish terrain I had trained in the days before. To the 5th control I lost contact with the map completely and lost more than 3 min. The rest of the race went better, but I realized already that a chance for a top position overall in O-ringen was destroyed. David Andresson won, almost 7 min before me at 24th place. Results

O-ringen Sprint in Söderhamn The sprint was the most important race for me, because that is my favorite distance, where I hope to do well at WOC. I think it was a good and challenging course in Söderhamn. To the 2nd control I ran straight on, and had problems reading the map in the area before the control. Lost 25 sec compared to Carl Waaler Kaas who ran the road around to the left. Lost also some seconds to the 3rd, 8th and 9th control, and was 46 sec behind David at the TV-control near the tower. But to the 12th control I was one of very few who found the best route-choice straight down the hill. Most runners took the stairs the whole way down to the river, and lost much time. At the end I was 3rd, 16 sec behind David who again did a great race. Results

O-ringen Long in Regnsjö At the long-distance we ran the same course as they had at "Mestermötet" in 1975. We ran on a new map, but it had been possible to study the course at the old map. In 1975 Bernt Frilen won the 13 km long course at 60 min. Andrey Khramov was the winner now, 43 seconds slower than Frilens time. I missed more than 2 min at the first control, but ran OK after that. But the speed wasn’t fast enough, and I ended at 20th place, 6 min behind. Simonas Krepsta and Simone Niggli won O-ringen overall. Results long-distance and overall.
Posted on 20 Jul 2006 by Øystein

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