WC-training in Clermont-Ferrand in France
Map from training in Clermont-Ferrand WC-final 2006, France

From Sunday to Thursday last week I have been at a training camp in Clermont-Ferrand in France, where the World Cup Final will be held the first week of October. We were five runners from the National Team and trainer Jarle Ausland. The terrains are in a volcano-area, and as you can see from the maps the terrain is very detailed, with rocky ground, a lot of counter-features and low visibility in parts of the forest.

Map from Middle-distance in Clermont-Ferrand Map from Long-distance in Clermont-Ferrand We had two training-competitions at the training-camp, where we ran the same courses as the French Team used as WC-selection this weekend.

At the Middle-distance I lost around one minute both to the 4th and 6th control, but ran quite well the rest of the course and used 35 min at 4,3 km. I was 40 second behind Anders Nordberg, while Damien Renard who won the French race was 2 min faster. Thierry Gueorgiou did several bigger mistakes, and used the same time as me.

At the Long-distance I was satisfied with my orienteering to the first five controls, but lost some minutes to the 6th because I lost the small path before the control. I also lost contact with the map at the long leg to the 10th. The rest of the race was OK, but I was very tired at the end of the camp, so the speed was not the best. I stopped at the 20th control, after 74 min of running. Thierry won the French race with 7 min, and used 80 min for the whole course, which sounds very fast for the 10,8 km.

Results from the French races

The Norwegian Team for the World Cup Final, OPN
Posted on 10 Sep 2006 by Øystein
Norwegian Champion in Sprint
Map from NM Sprint 2006 in Horten NM Sprint 2006, Horten I won Saturday afternoons Norwegian Championship in Sprint in Horten. This was my first gold-medal in NM as senior, so I have been waiting for this for some years. I was a bit careful at the legs in the forest and speeded up at the easier part at the end.

It was several runners who were up to 10 seconds faster than me at the public control with some minutes running left. But after a strong finish I ended up as the winner, with only one second down to Carl Waaler Kaas. The two last year’s winner Holger Hott Johansen was 3rd, only 5 seconds behind. Afterwards I can see that I lost some seconds at a few legs in the forest in the middle part, but that doesn’t matter now. Results

På sekundene løs under NM Sprint, OPN
Posted on 02 Sep 2006 by Øystein
NM Sprint in Horten and WC-training in France
NM Sprint 2006, Horten Saturday the Norwegian Championship in Sprint orienteering is held in Horten. It is both qualification and final at the same day. The course will be in both forest and park, which are great for sprint-orienteering

I have felt being in quite good shape the last time, and am looking forward to fight for a medal. The sprint is together with the relay the NM-distance that I am looking most forward to each year. I have never won a NM-gold as senior, but was only a second behind Holger Hott Johansen when I took silver at the sprint at Ås two years ago. So it would have been nice to climb to the top of the podium this time, but it will be a very hard fight with Emil Wingsted and all the other strong runners.

Vil vinne NM-sprint, OPN

WC-final 2006, France From Sunday to Thursday next week I am going with the National Team at a training camp to Clermont-Ferrand in France, where the World Cup Final will be held the first week of October. It is quite special terrain, so it will be nice to have a training camp to be well prepared. We are only 5 runners and the coach Jarle Ausland. The runners are Marianne Andersen, Anne Margrethe Hausken Holger Hott Johansen, Andres Nordberg and I. The rest of the WC-team will be selected after NM-sprint.
Posted on 31 Aug 2006 by Øystein
Relay-silver to Wing at the Norwegian Championship
Map from Micro at NM Middle 2006 at Hovden Wing got yesterday silver at the Norwegian Championships in Relay at Hovden. Tore Bjørseth Berdal, silver-medalist in M18 at the long distance, did an impressive first leg, and changed over as 3rd runner, only some seconds behind Øystein Kristiansen. Stig Alvestad followed up with a new good leg, and sent me out at the last leg as 2nd runner, 16 seconds behind Holger Hott Johansen from leading Kristiansand.

NM 2006, Hovden Holger and I had different forking in the beginning, so I didn’t got contact, but could see him in front of me at the public control. After different forking at the 8th control, I got contact with Holger at the long uphill leg and just followed him at the following legs. We had again different forking at the 13th control, and I came in front of Holger. To the 14th control I ran to low, and lost some time, but was still together with Holger in the lead. To the 16th control I follow Holger to his forking, and lost over a minute before I found my control, but could still secure Wing the silver in front of Nydalen and NTNUI. Results

Pictures and maps at World of O
Posted on 28 Aug 2006 by Øystein
Norwegian Championship Middle distance with Micro-o at Hovden
Map from Micro at NM Middle 2006 at Hovden Stig Alvestad, Anders Nordberg and Holger Hott Johansen The Middle distance at the Norwegian Championships was today held at Hovden. It was one part with micro-orienteering at the middle of the course. Stig Alvestad did a very good race, and got silver-medal, only 20 seconds behind Anders Nordberg. I did some mistakes in the first part, and ended on 18th place. At the micro-part I punched at one wrong control, and therefor had to run one penalty loop. Results

Tomorrow is the competition I have been looking forward to the whole weekend; the relay. Tore Bjørseth Berdal, Stig Alvestad and I are running at Wings first team, and we will do our best to defend the 3rd place from last year.

Pictures and maps at World of O
Posted on 26 Aug 2006 by Øystein
Norwegian Championship Long distance at Hovden
Map from NM Long 2006 at Hovden NM 2006, Hovden The Norwegian Championships are held at Hovden this weekend. Hovden is situated in the middle of south Norway, and it is an exotic mountain-terrain here. Today the Long distance was held. I opened quite well, but lost over 3 min at the long leg to the 9th control. At the end I was caught up by Holger Hott Johansen and Audun Weltzien. Holger won in front of Hans Gunnar Omdal and Audun. I was 9th. Anne Margrete Hausken, Marianne Andersen and Marianne Riddervold took the medals in the womens class. Results

Pictures and maps at World of O
Posted on 24 Aug 2006 by Øystein
Pictures from WUOC in Slovakia
Simonas Krepsta, me and Fabian Hertner with medals from the sprint The Norwegian Team ready for the banquet Martin Soukup changing over to Stig Alvestad You can now find my pictures from last weeks World University Orienteering Championships in Kosice in Slovakia.

It was a great week in all ways, and WUOC are in many ways even better than the real WOC.
Posted on 23 Aug 2006 by Øystein
3rd at the WUOC relay
Map from relay at WUOC 2006 in Slovakia WUOC 2006, Slovakia The Norwegian men got 3rd place at Saturdays relay at the World University Championship in Slovakia. Martin Soukup gave us a good start at the first leg, and changed over to Stig Alvestad 2 minutes behind Switzerland’s Fabian Hertner. Stig did again a very good run, and lead us up to 2nd place with the fastest split-time. Carl Waaler Kaas ran also good at the third leg, and was in the lead at the spectator control. But after some small mistakes and long forking at the end he sent me out at the last leg at 4th place, together with Slovakian Lukas Bartak and less then a minute behind leading Swiss and Finland.

I had a quite long forking in the beginning and lost Bartak, but came together to Michael Smola from Czech who started a minute behind me. Had mostly the same controls as Smola, and ran together with him the rest of the leg except one different forking at the end. Smola held good speed and the orienteering went well. We saw Bartak again at the end, but it seemed to be to long up to him. But Bartak lost some seconds to the last controls, and in the finish I was only a second behind him. But the most important was that I beat Smola and secured us a bronze-medal. Switzerland won, while Finland lost quite much time. All the four best teams ran good the whole relay, and we where very satisfied with a medal, through it were only a minute up to the gold. The Norwegian girls got 4th place, and they were also only a minute from gold. Results

Pictures and maps at World of O
Posted on 22 Aug 2006 by Øystein
Sprint-victory at WUOC
Map from sprint at WUOC 2006 in Slovakia Me from the sprint. Photo: World of O I did a almost perfect race at today's sprint at WUOC in Slovakia, and won with 12 seconds down to Simonas Krepsta, yesterdays winner at the middle distance. The race was in the center of Kosice, with fast running and many controls in the narrow streets. Results

Pictures and maps at World of O

Yesterday's middle distance was also a perfect day for Norway, with gold to Line Hagman, bronze to Stig Alvestad and 4th place to Karianne Ruud. Results Pictures and maps at World of O

Now I am looking forward for tomorrows relay, where I am running the last leg for the Norwegian team. Martin Soukup, Stig Alvestad and Carl Waaler Kaas are running the first legs.
Posted on 18 Aug 2006 by Øystein
3rd at the WUOC long distance
Map from long distance at WUOC 2006 in Slovakia Me with the medal At today's long distance at the World University Championship in Slovakia I got the bronze-medal. Michal Smola won clear in front of Matthias Merz. The course was in a very interesting Karst-terrain with a lot of big depressions. I did some smaller mistakes, but is very satisfied with the medal. Lukas Bartak was only 2 seconds behind me, and Carl Waaler Kaas 7 seconds behind. Results

Pictures and maps at World of O

Tomorrow it is middle distance, but I will not run then because I want to focus on the sprint and relay the two next days.
Posted on 16 Aug 2006 by Øystein

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