Ready for EOC in Bulgaria
JWOC Long 1999, Varna, Bulgaria Tomorrow I am travelling with the Norwegian Team to Bulgaria, where the European Champs will be arranged next week. The event will be held in Primorsko, on the coast to the Black See. I will run the Sprint, Relay and Long, but skip the Middle distance because of the tight program with 7 races in 7 days (including the qualification events).

I have been running in Bulgaria once before, and have good memories from my first JWOC in 1999 in Varna. Varna is also on the coast to the Black See, so the terrains there were quite similar to what we can expect for EOC this year.

Maps from JWOC 1999 in Varna
Posted on 25 May 2010 by Øystein
Trondheim Sprintcup Final
Trondheim Sprintcup Final, Nidarvoll Last Thursday my club Wing OK arranged the Final in Trondheim Sprintcup. The race was held on a brand new map on Nidarvoll, mainly mapped by Ales Hejna, who has also made the sprint maps for WOC. I have made the north east part of the map, and was helping my club with organizing the event. After the race I was running the course as training.

Chris Forne and Anne Johanne Lind won the senior classes overall. Lars Skjeset and Elise Egseth had the fastest times in the final race, but none of them had enough races to get a good position in the chasing start. Results

Some days ago the Norwegian Team to EOC was selected. The European Champs will be arranged in Bulgaria in the beginning of June.
Posted on 21 May 2010 by Øystein
EOC selection races in Levanger
 EOC-selection Middle, Levanger EOC-selection Long, Levanger This weekend the Norwegian selection races for EOC were held in Levanger.

I was quite tired after the Norwegian Champs in Sprint on Thursday and the training camp with the National team earlier in the week, and I did also several mistakes both days. My results were a 25th place on the Middle and 22nd place on the Long distance. Of the Nowegian runners I came 13th and 10th.

Middle: Results, splits and GPS tracking

Long: Results, splits and GPS tracking
Posted on 16 May 2010 by Øystein
Norwegian Champion in Sprint
NM Sprint Qual, Levanger NM Sprint Final, Levanger Yesterday the Norwegian Championship in Sprint were held in Levanger. The qualification in the morning went well, and I won my heat with comfortable margin. Results and splits

In the final my tactic was to avoid mistakes in the forest in the beginning, pick good route choices on the longer legs, and keep a good speed at the end of the race. It went really well, and I won the race with 32 seconds down to Lars Skjeset. The only leg where I lost more than 3 seconds was to the 3rd control, where it was approximately 10 seconds faster to the left of the top. Results and splits

GPS tracking and 3D rerun of the race. Landets beste sprinter (article from the local newspaper).

Saturday and Sunday’s Middle and Long distance can also be followed live from the organizers website, with GPS tracking, speaker sound and online results.
Posted on 14 May 2010 by Øystein
WOC training and still good ski conditions in Trondheim
Relay training, Ronglan, Skogn Last week the Norwegian Team had a training camp in Trondheim as part of the preparation for WOC. Because it is still much snow in Trondheim, and we have been running on many of the snow free maps, most of the trainings were held north of Trondheim. The camp went well, and I have now been running on five maps in Stjørdal, Levanger and Skogn I have never been on before.

I don’t understand why the Swedes cancelled their camp last week. In the terrains highest above see level you can not expect it to be snow free before in the middle of June. And there are still a lot of snow free maps in WOC relevant terrain, especially for most of the Swedes who have not been much in Trondheim so far.

Skiing in May The ski conditions are still great in the upper parts of Bymarka, and each week since Easter I have been skiing one or two times. The pictures from yesterdays skating session shows how great it is to ski in May when the sun is shining. Today there where actually arranges a ski-o training north of the embargoed area around Granåsen.

Tomorrow the Norwegian Championship in Sprint is held in Levanger. In the morning it is qualification, and the final’s can be followed live with GPS tracking from 19.00. Satuday and Sunday there will also be arranges selection races in Middle and Long distance for the European Champs held in Bulgaria in the beginning of June.
Posted on 12 May 2010 by Øystein
10mila in Finspång
10mila, 2nd leg, Finspång Last weekend 10mila was organized in Finspång in Sweden. I was running the 2nd leg with for my club Wing OK, the challenge was 12 km night orienteering.

I started out as 70th runner, 3 minutes behind the lead, and changed over as 18th runner, still 3 minutes behind. To the first control I lost 30 seconds when I visited a control for another forking I saw on the way to my control. To the 5th control I also came to the wrong forking, and lost a bit more then one minute. After this mistake I focused only on my own course, and didn’t care about all the other runners. The rest of the race went well, but the terrain was nice and it was fun to run in the night.

Most of the runners in our team did stable performances, while two runners made a big mistake. We finished as the 62nd team. Better than last years 100th position, but not as good as we could hope for. But we will come back with a stronger team on Jukola in Finland in June, and try to defend the 19th position from last year.

Results and replay of the GPS tracking
Posted on 07 May 2010 by Øystein
Elitserien Sprint in Norrköping
Elitserien Sprint,Norrköping Today a Sprint race in the Swedish Elitserien was held in Norrköping. The start field was strong, with several former World Champions on the start line.

I did a good performance, without any mistakes, and came on a 2nd place, only beaten by Daniel Hubmann. Results and splits

The quality of the GPS tracking is unfortunately bad.
Posted on 30 Apr 2010 by Øystein
Season start in Trøndelag
Sprint, Botngård Middle chasing start, Blankheia, Bjugn This weekend Trøndelag’s first orienteering races of the season in real forest were arranged in Bjugn on Fosen. Saturday it was held both Sprint and Middle distance with chasing start.

The sprint went well, and I won 4 seconds in front of Lars Skjeset. My biggest time loss was to the 2nd control, where I think the left route choice is 5 – 10 seconds faster. Results and splits

In the Middle distance the first of the chasing runners had contact with me in the beginning of the race. But I got a gap when I found the 5th control before the others, and could run alone until I missed the 11th control with one minute. Then I was caught up by Vegard Brun Saga, who had the fastest time in the Middle distance. I was able to beat Vegard with a few seconds in the finish, and won overall. Results and splits and overall results

I was not running Sunday’s Long distance, since I want to keep up the training and not compete too much so early in the season. Lars Skjeset won the men’s class. Results

WOC 2010 was using the races to test equipment, and it is possible to see GPS reply from Satudays Sprint in D21 and Sundays Long distance in H21.
Posted on 25 Apr 2010 by Øystein
Trondheim Sprintcup
Map Trondheim Sprintcup 1 Trondheim Sprintcup is arranged with 6 races on Thursdays after Easter, and chasing start in the last race. I think it was actually the first sprint cup in the World, and has been arranged each year since 1993.

Map Trondheim Sprintcup 2 My club Wing OK arranged the first race this year two weeks ago from Ringve on Lade. I did a good race, and could win 13 seconds in front of my club mate Chris Forne. Elise Egseth won the women’s class with a really fast time compared to men’s class. Results

Malvik organized the second race last week, but since I was going to run the Norwegian Night Champs the following day I skipped the sprintcup. Audun Weltzien was fastest. Results

Yesterday the third race was held around the University Campus on Dragvoll. My race went well, and I won with a 10 seconds margin to Olav Johannes Deelstra. Results
Posted on 23 Apr 2010 by Øystein
Norwegian Spring Long distance
Map Norwegian Spring Long distance Today Norwegian Spring in Halden ended with a Long distance. The first 75 minutes of my race went OK technically, but at the end I did some mistakes, and lost in total around 3 minutes. My Result was a 6th place, 4 minutes behind Holger Hott and Håvard Lucasen. Results and splits

It was possible to follow the race live, and you can still watch the GPS replay of the race.
Posted on 18 Apr 2010 by Øystein

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