World Cup Final over Middle-distance in France
World Cup Final 2006, France Today the individual World Cup ended with a Middle-distance. Thierry Guergiou was again in his own class, and won clearly. Thierry also won the Overall World Cup, in front of Daniel Hubmann. Marianne Andresen won the women’s class, and secured her 2nd place in the Overall World Cup, behind Simone Niggli-Luder. Results and splits from the Middle-distance. World Cup Overall

IOF World Cup My race was rather bad, and I lost time at almost every leg. I did a lot of mistakes at around one minute, and ended at 28th place, 8 min behind Thierry. In the Overall World Cup I ended at 19th place. This was of course a disappointment after 3rd and 7th place overall the two last seasons, but I have been running too badly at the individual World Cup races the whole season.

Tomorrow is the Relay, the last competition in the World Cup this year. The relays at both EOC and WOC have gone well for me, and I am looking forward to run the 1st leg at the Norwegian 1st team tomorrow. Carl Waaler Kaas and Holger Hott Johansen are running the last two legs. The 2nd team is Stig Alvestad, Anders Nordberg and Audun Weltzien. We will not get the map from today before after tomorrows relay because it is in the same area.
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Long-distance at the World Cup Final in France
Map from WC Long, part 1 Map from WC Long, part 3 Map from WC Long, part 2 Today the Long-distance at the World Cup Final was held from Vulcania. The forrest had a lot of tight vegetation and stony ground, but also some paths that was good to follow as much as possible. Thierry Guergiou and Simone Luder won with large margins.

My race was OK, and I ended at 12th place, 15 min behind Thierry. I did some smaller mistakes in the beginning, took wrong in a path-crossing at the long leg to the 6th control and had 3 minute mistake at the 21st control.

Results and splits
Posted on 05 Oct 2006 by Øystein
Sprint at the World Cup Final in France
Map from WC Sprint Holger Hott Johansen punching the last control on the sprint The sprint was today held in park and forest area in Theix. Thierry Guergiou won 9 seconds in front of the WC-leader Daniel Hubmann. Heli Jukkola won the women’s class. Results and splits

My race was quite bad, and I ended at 24th place, 2 min behind Thierry. To the 3rd control I ran straight on, and did not see the impassible fence before I stood in front of it. I had to run at least 150 meters along it before I came to the opening and lost almost one minute. The rest of the race was OK, despite some problems to understand the map in the stony area at the end.

Pictures from WC in France
Posted on 04 Oct 2006 by Øystein
Cancelled Middle-distance at the World Cup Final in France
Map from WC Middle Qual IOF World Cup After last weekends PostFinance Sprint in Bern I traveled straight to Clermont-Ferrand in France for the World Cup Final. Yesterday it was qualification for the Middle-distance. I did a lot of smaller mistakes and came 14th in my heat, but the important was that I qualified for today’s final.

At today’s final I did an OK race, but at the 3rd last control I was stopped and told that the race was cancelled due to the bad weather conditions. It was raining and blowing heavily, but I did not have any problems when I was running in the forest. But I understand the decision the organizer made for the runners security. The Middle-distance final will now be held at the planed resting day at Friday. The sprint will be tomorrow as planed, but it will not be any qualification, and all will run the final from 11.00. See the links bellow for more information.

World Cup Final 2006, France Final Update from the World Cup at World of O

Kvaal Østerbø: - Det var ikke så ille, OPN

O-løper skadet av gren i hodet under storm, VG
Posted on 03 Oct 2006 by Øystein
3rd at the PostFinance Sprint in Bern
 Map from Post Finance Sprint Qual Post Finance Sprint, Switzerland Last weekend I was running the PostFinance Sprint in Bern in Switzerland. It was a high class competition in all ways, and I am looking forward to come back at the World Cup Final there next year.

Friday it was a qualification over Middle distance in a hilly terrain south of Bern. I ran a good technical race, and was 7th, 1.23 behind Marc Lauenstein.

Results from Middle Qual

Map from Post Finance Sprint Final Map from Post Finance Sprint Final Saturday was the Final with a City Sprint in Bern. Also this race went well, and I came 3rd, 0.29 behind Daniel Hubmann. Lost some seconds at a few legs in the beginning, but ran almost equal with Hubmann at the second part.

Results from Sprint Final
Posted on 02 Oct 2006 by Øystein
Post Finance Sprint in Switzerland and World Cup Final in France
Post Finance Sprint, Switzerland Today I am flying to Switzerland to run the Post Finance Sprint. A lot of the best orienteers in the world are running, so it will be a high class competition. Friday it is a qualification over Middle distance, and Saturday the Final with a City Sprint in Bern.

World Cup Final 2006, France Sunday I am going straight to Clermont-Ferrand in France for the World Cup Final. It is a really hard program, with four World Cup Finals and two qualifications in six days. Maps from our training camp there some weeks ago are found further down at this page.

Map from Long-distance in Clermont-Ferrand IOF World Cup The program for the next week:

Thursday 28th September: Travel to Bern in Switzerland
Friday 29th September: Post Finance Sprint, Middle distance
Saturday 30th September: Post Finance Sprint, City Sprint
Sunday 1st October: Travel to Clermont-Ferrand in France
Monday 2nd October: World Cup, Middle distance (qual)
Tuesday 3rd October: World Cup, Middle distance (final)
Wednesday 4th October: World Cup, Sprint (qual and final)
Thursday 5th October: World Cup, Long distance
Friday 6th October: Rest day
Saturday 7th October: World Cup, Relay
Sunday 8th October: Travel home to Norway
Posted on 27 Sep 2006 by Øystein
Craft Cup Final in Trondheim
Map from Craft Cup Final NM-natt og NC-finale 2006, Trondheim The Final in the Norwegian Craft Cup was today held from the same arena as the Night-race on Friday. Before the Final I was at 2nd place overall and started 2 min before the leader Hans Gunnar Omdal.

I missed almost a minute at the first control, but ran good at the short legs after that. But both to the 9th and 11th control I climbed to high and lost around 40 second each place. I was then caught by Hans Gunnar, and we finished together.

Hans Gunnar won both the Final and the Craft Cup Overall. I was 5th in the Final and held my 2nd place overall. Both Stig Alvestad and Marius Bjugan ran good, and finished at 2nd and 3rd place today.

Results from the Craft Cup Final and Overall
Posted on 24 Sep 2006 by Øystein
Norwegian Champion in Night-orienteering
Map from NM Night, part 1 / 5 Map from NM Night, part 2 / 5 The Norwegian Championship in Night-orienteering was Friday held in Trondheim. Audun Weltzien had made a challenging course from Skistua in Bymarka. I did a good performance in the dark, with no big mistakes, and won the race. This was my first medal in night orienteering as a senior, after two gold and one silver as junior.

To the 4th control we had a really long leg. I ran to the left, and got the best split-time, but it had maybe been a little bit better to go even more left in the beginning. The route-choice to the right of the big hills and Herberndammen was also a good choice, with not so much climbing. To the 13th control I lost slightly more than a minute. It had been better to run to the right of the steep green area.

Results at NTNUIs website
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Norwegian Championship in Night-orienteering and Craft Cup Final in Trondheim this weekend
NM-natt og NC-finale 2006, Trondheim Tonight the Norwegian Championship in Night-orienteering is held in Trondheim. First start is 20.45, but I am not starting before 23.27. The expected winning-time is 70 min for the 10 km long course.

Tomorrow there is the Norwegian Championship in Relay for juniors, and at Sunday there is the Final in the Norwegian Craft Cup. I am at 3rd place in the Craft Cup before this weekend, but only 3 points behind Tore Sandvik. Hans Gunnar Omdal has a clear lead, and will surely be the overall-winner.

All events will be from Skistua in Bymarka, and can be followed online at NTNUIs website.
Posted on 22 Sep 2006 by Øystein
WC-relevant training near Røros with Wing last weekend
Map from Holtålsåsen Map from Skårra Last weekend 6 runners from Wing and a few from other clubs went to my family’s cottage near Røros. In the area there are a lot different terrains with challenging orienteering, and we had a great weekend with nice weather.

Stig Alvestad, Audun Weltzien and I who are going to run the World Cup Final in France had a special goal for the trip because we thought the terrain should be relevant for the very detailed terrain around Clermont-Ferrand. We therefore found the most detailed areas, and got a lot of training which required techniques we will need in France.

Maps from trainings 2006
Posted on 20 Sep 2006 by Øystein

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