Training and holiday at Tenerife 31st December to 7th January
Pictures from Madeira in January 2006 Map from Tenerife Tomorrow I’m going to the Canary Island Tenerife for a week. I'm traveling together with six other Wing-runners and friends. It will hopefully be nice weather and temperature around 15 – 20 degrees, so it will be good conditions for training and relaxing.

It is quite hilly at Tenerife, and the highest top, the Volcano Teide, is more than 3700 m. The terrain shall be nice for running and from
Sun-O we have got two maps in the mountains and one sprint-map we are going to use for orienteering-training. I think it will be a nice week, and when we are back in Trondheim it will hopefully be good skiing-conditions again.
Posted on 30 Dec 2006 by Øystein
Training with Wing in Trondheim in November and December
Wing OK Stig Alvestad and the new Wing-runner Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen In the middle of November my club Wing started the common trainings towards the new season, after a few weeks with less organized training in the end of October and beginning of November. We have usually 5 - 7 common trainings during a week in the winter. It was good ski-conditions in Trondheim the first weeks of November, but the last month it has been very little snow and good conditions for running and orienteering-training.

Lene Bergersen walking over hurdles Ready to start a Monday evening Each Monday morning we have an indoor-training witch is lead by Frank Brissach, the former trainer of the Olympic Champion on 800 m in Atlanta; Vebjørn Rodal. There we have focus on running-technique, strength and elasticity. This is the 7th season he is leading this type of training for us, and I think it’s one of the main reasons why I have been a much better runner during the last years. Monday evening we have a short orienteering-technical training with head-lamp together with all the young runners in the club.

Me running in the Leangen-hall Me jumping One of the most important sessions in the week is on Wednesday, when we are running intervals at an indoor track in Leangen ice-hall. The length of the intervals is varying, but 1000 m is quite usual. The speed in most of the intervals is usually not so high on this time of the year, but it will increase towards the competition-season.

Thursday evening we are training in stairs together with track-runners. We are running and jumping up the stairs in different ways. This is the same type of training the Norwegian cross country skiers have had success with this season. The two best in the overall WC Eldar Rønning and Tor Arne Hetland have started with this sort of training before this season. After we have trained in the stairs we also have some general strength-training.

Friday we are training sprint-intervals on track. 150 meters with high speed and long breaks are usual, but we have also been training in up-hill outdoor.

Mathias Bjugan running in the snow-free forest 23rd December Map from one-man-relay at Siimsåsen On Saturdays Wing are trying to organize orienteering-trainings in terrains with not to much snow. This has been quite successful so long because it has been very little snow far this winter in the forest. Wing had a local training-camp in Trondheim the second weekend in December. We lived at home, but trained all sessions during the weekend together. You can see the map from a one-man-relay we had to the right.

Sunday we have a long an easy running (or skiing if it is snow) at around 2 hours. In addition to the common Wing-trainings I have some easy running or skiing sessions and some strength-trainings alone or with friends during the week.
Posted on 23 Dec 2006 by Øystein
Ski-orienteering at Venabu
Map from Middle-distance Saturday Start at the Night-relay Last weekend the first races of this seasons Norwegian Cup in ski-orienteering were held at Venabu. It was perfect conditions there and I had a great weekend with a lot of skiing. It was almost one month since I skied last, so it was great to be there, but now we have finally also got new snow in Trondheim.

Saturday it was Middle-distance. I did a quite good technical race, but lost as expected some time on the skiing. My result was 3rd place, 2 min behind my team-mate from Wing Lars Moholdt, and 2 sec behind Eirik Watterdal. Results and splits

Map from Night-relay Saturday evening it was a held a Night-relay with two skiers on each team who skied two sprint-courses each. Lars Moholdt and I represented Wings team, and we got the victory after finishing just in front of Asker. But Asker was disqualified because they had skipped a control. Results

Map from Long-distance Sunday Sunday it was Long-distance. I did again an OK race, but lost almost a minute at a bad route-choice to the 2nd control. I also lost time on the skiing, but was quite satisfied compared to my expectations. Lars Moholdt won again, this time with more than 3 minutes. I finished 3rd, 3 sec behind Tommy Olsen. Results and splits

Lars Moholdt Last weekends competitions were the first selection-races for the Nordic Championship which will be held in Finland 17th – 21st January. Two of Norway’s best ski-orienteers Eivind Tonna and Øyvind Lund were competing last weekend, but not for full-speed because they have been sick. They will hopefully be back in good shape soon. My next ski-o-races will be O-Treff at Sjusjøen 13th and 14th January, where the last selection-race for NOC and the Norwegian Championship in Relay will be held.
Posted on 18 Dec 2006 by Øystein
Orienteering Poll 2006
Orienteering Poll 2006 The two major sources for international orienteering news - the website World of O and the magazine Orienteering Today - are organizing a poll where you can vote for the "Orienteering achievement of the year 2006" and the "Junior of the year 2006".
Posted on 18 Dec 2006 by Øystein
Training and exam-period
NTNU Map from one-man-relay at Reppesåsen In December it is exam-period at NTNU in Trondheim. I have therefore tried to focus on school-work, and it has not been many updates on this page the last month. Wednesday I had my last examine, so now it is Christmas holiday. I am studying for a master in computer technology. The study takes five years at full progression, but the last years I have been studying 50 or 75 %. I am now studying for my seventh year, and have around one year left of the study. I spend much time traveling to orienteering-competitions and training-camps, so when I am at home it is enough to do at school anyway if I shall have time to train and rest as much as I want.

It was good ski-conditions in Trondheim the first weeks in November, but the last month it has not been any snow at all (as almost all places in Europe) and it has been good conditions for running and orienteering-training. Wing has had a lot of good training sessions since the start of November and my training is going well. I will write more about that next week, but until then you can have a look at the map from a one-man-relay we had some weeks ago.

Today I am going to Venabu for ski-orienteering in the weekend. Venabu is one of the places with best ski-conditions in Norway at the moment, and I am really looking forward to do ski-orienteering again.
Posted on 14 Dec 2006 by Øystein
Training-camp in Denmark and O-galla in Oslo last week
Map from interval-o in Denmark Sprint in Larvik Last week the Norwegian National Team were at a short training-camp in Denmark. We went by ferry to Fredrikshavn Wednesday evening, trained two sessions close to Hirtshals Thursday and Friday, and traveled with ferry back Norway in the night. The terrain north at Jylland should be relevant for the flat and fast terrain at WOC in Ukraine next summer.

After we arrived to Norway with the ferry Saturday morning we were running a sprint in Larvik. It was a nice course, and I did a quite good race without mistakes. After the sprint we went to Oslo and Holmenkollen Park Hotel where the Norwegian O-galla where held. Sunday morning we were at a seminar about the media future of orienteering. After lunch Andres Gärderud was leading our training with focus on being a better runner.
Posted on 23 Nov 2006 by Øystein
Great ski-conditions in Trondheim
Me after skiing yesterday When we were in Ukraine last week we had nice weather and 10 – 14 C most days. But from Norway we heard that it had started snowing, and we hoped it would be ski-conditions when we came home.

Therefore it was really great to come home to Trondheim last Monday night and see that it was a lot of snow. Since then I have been skiing every day, and the conditions have been better for each day. Today it has been warmer, but I hope the ski-conditions will stay so I can train well the coming weeks.

Trondheim Skiklubb sin føremelding
Posted on 03 Nov 2006 by Øystein
Maps and pictures from Ukraine
Map from the first training Audun Weltzien from the start Saturday You can now find both maps from all the trainings and more than 100 pictures from the Norwegian Teams WOC 2007 training-camp in Kiev last week.

Pictures from Ukraine

Maps from a lot of trainings 2006
Posted on 31 Oct 2006 by Øystein
Ukraine Cup in Kiev
Map from Long, part 1 Map from Long, part 2 Sunday we ran our last competition here in Ukraine, a Long distance. It was two loops on different maps with 15 km in total. I ran quite good at the first loop, but did a mistake to both the 1st and 3rd control at the second loop. The rest of the course was also OK. I used 74.47, and was only 8 seconds behind Holger Hott Johansen at best time.
Results and splits
Posted on 30 Oct 2006 by Øystein
Cool competitions in Ukraine
Map from race Friday WOC 2007, Ukraine Friday we ran our first of three competitions here in Kiev, a race with mass start and unforked course. The terrain is relevant for sprint and long distance, but the course was 6 km long and the map-scale 1:7500. Both the Norwegian, Danish and Bulgarian teams have training camp here, and also some of the best Ukraine runners competed, so it was a strong start-field.

Map from race Friday It was a quite cool race with a lot of runners in the forest. I was among the first runners most of the course, and could manage to get a little gap to the 21st control. I held a 10 second lead to the following runners the rest of the course, and could finish as the first runner. Mikkel Lund, Kiril Nikolov and Lars Skjeset were the next to finish, and all the Norwegians were within one minute. Results and splits

Today we ran a middle distance in nice terrain with a lot of up and down. I opened my race OK, but did smaller mistakes several places. Have not seen the final results yet, but think I am 2nd best of the Norwegians, 30 seconds behind Holger Hott Johansen.

Tomorrow we are running the last competition here, a long distance. After that I will hopefully present all the maps and pictures from our training-camp, but you can already find some of the pictures in articles at OPN.
Posted on 28 Oct 2006 by Øystein

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