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Orienteering Today 1/2007 The international orienteering-magazine Orienteering Today has been taken over by the Norwegian owner and publisher Sport of Today. More maps and pictures are among the biggest changes from the earlier versions. Also articles about exotic orienteering travels and training-camps from all over the world will take a bigger part in the magazine from now on. But it will still contain plenty of material about elite orienteering, together with articles about history and technical aspects of the sport.

The magazine will be published 6 times a year, one magazine every second month. Each issue will be at 100 colourful pages, and the price is 10 euros for each magazine, included postage. The first issue of Orienteering Today will be sent out the 20th of February 2007.

I recommend all orienteer’s to subscribe to this great magazine now so that you are sure you get the first issue. You can easily do this by sending an e-mail to oysteios (a) with your name and address, and you will receive information about how to pay.
Posted on 08 Feb 2007 by Øystein
Good training-camp with Wing in the Netherlands
Maps from the Netherlands Pictures from the Netherlands From Thursday to Sunday last week I was at a training-camp in the Netherlands with my club Wing OK. We were 9 runners from Wing plus Ivar Haugen from Kristiansand OK. Clemens Roos and his friends made very good trainings for us, and everything was well organized with two sessions each day.

Saturday we ran a training-competition in a fast terrain just outside the military-camp we stayed at. Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen was fastest, with me and Stig Alvestad one minute slower. We ran the course that will be used at the first day of the 3-days of Holland in April, so I can’t show you the map on web. We also had two good sprint-trainings were we ran quite fast.

You can se pictures and comments from the trainings at the site for Orienteering News from the Netherlands, and all maps at my site for Orienteering-maps from trainings 2007.
Posted on 29 Jan 2007 by Øystein
Training-camp with Wing in Netherlands 25th – 28th January
Early tomorrow morning I am flying to Amsterdam for a long-weekend training-camp with Wing in the Netherlands. In the end of January the last two years we have been in the area around Guildford south of London, where the World Cup was in May 2005, but this year it was time to find a new palace to go. I have never run orienteering in the Netherlands before. The terrain shall be flat and fast, exactly as I like orienteering, so I am looking forward to a weekend with good orienteering-training.

Orienteering News from the Netherlands
Posted on 24 Jan 2007 by Øystein
Maps from Ski-o NOC in Finland
Map from NOC Long Map from NOC Relay You can now find all my maps from last weekends Nordic Open Championship in ski-orienteering in Finland. It was fun to compete in ski-o at international level again and I think NOC was a well organized event.

My next ski-o-races will be the Norwegian Championship in Trondheim 10th – 11th February.
Posted on 22 Jan 2007 by Øystein
4th place at Ski-o NOC Relay
 Nordic Open Championship in Ski-o in Finland 17th – 21st January Me before start at the relay All Norwegians did stabile races at Sundays relay in the Nordic Open Championship in ski-o in Finland, but we was a bit to late to get a medal as we had hoped. I did a first-leg without any mistakes, and changed over as 4th team, a little minute after Øyvind Lund for the Norwegian 2nd team. Sweden was some seconds before me and Finland straight after. Lars Moholdt and Eivind Tonna followed up with quite good legs, and we finished as 4th team, 3 minutes after the winning team Russia. The Norwegian 2nd team came 6th.

Results from the relay
Posted on 21 Jan 2007 by Øystein
Disappointing Ski-o NOC Long-distance
 Nordic Open Championship in Ski-o in Finland 17th – 21st January Map from NOC Long It was a disappointing Norwegian day at today’s long-distance in Ski-o NOC in Finland. Eivind Tonna, Lars Moholdt, Øyvind Lund and me finished as nr 13, 15, 18 and 19. Staffan Tunis won again. I did several mistakes and less good route-choices, and was 9 min behind. It was very cold, and around – 20 C before start.

Results and splits from the long-distance. More news at NOF.

Tomorrow is the relay. I am going the 1st leg for the Norwegian 1st team and Lars Moholdt and Eivind Tonna are having the last two legs. We are hoping to fight for a medal, but then we have to do much better than today.
Posted on 20 Jan 2007 by Øystein
Silver at Ski-o NOC Sprint
Map from NOC Sprint Matti Keskinarkaus, me and Staffan Tunis at the podium At today’s sprint in the Nordic Open Championship in ski-o in Finland I did a good race and got a surprising silver medal. I was 20 seconds behind the winner Staffan Tunis and at the same time as Matti Keskinarkaus. I had not expected a so good result, but the sprint suited me well with 85 % skating-tracks and not so much double-pulling in narrow scooter-tracks. I took good route-choices and did only a one 5 sec mistake, while most of the favourites did mistakes and lost time.

Results and splits. More news at OPN and NOF.
Posted on 19 Jan 2007 by Øystein
Nordic Open Championship in Ski-o in Finland 17th – 21st January
 Nordic Open Championship in Ski-o in Finland 17th – 21st January Me from the start at Ski-o WOC Relay 2004 After last weekends ski-o-competition I where selected for the Nowegian Team to the Nordic Open Championship which will be held in Finland this week. It is Sprint on Friday, Long-distance on Saturday and Relay on Sunday.

This will be my first international ski-o-event since the World Championship in Sweden 2004, and I am looking forward to compete among the best again. In the Ski-o WOC in Sweden I was 6th at the Mass-start, 8th at the Sprint and we took silver at the Relay, but I don’t expect the same result now.

The Norwegian Team
Posted on 16 Jan 2007 by Øystein
Norwegian Champion in Ski-orienteering Relay
Map from O-Treff Saturday Me from NM Relay Last weekend O-Treff was held from Natrudstilen at Sjusjøen near Lillehammer. It is the biggest event for ski-orienteering in Norway each year. Saturday it was an individual race and Sunday the Norwegian Championship in relay. Wing was there with 9 runners, and had 3 teams in the relay. It was perfect snow-conditions and we had a great weekend with a lot of skiing.

Saturday the third race of this seasons Norwegian Cup where held. Lars Moholdt won again, as he did in both events at Venabu before Christmas. I did a quite good race and came 3rd, 28 sec behind. Eivind Tonna was 5 sec in front of me. Results and splits

Map from NM Relay Sunday Wings gold- and silver-team in NM Realy Sunday it was the Norwegian Championship in relay. Wing had 3 strong teams and hoped to fight for the top-positions in both classes. I, Christian Hohl and Lars Moholdt did all good legs for the men’s first team, and took a comfortable victory. Our second team with Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen, Stig Alvestad and Tore Berdal came 6th. Wings team in the women’s class with Elise Egseth, Lene Bergersen and Marte Reenaas came 2nd, after a tight finish. Results

Pictures from O-Treff at Sjusjøen
Posted on 16 Jan 2007 by Øystein
Maps and pictures from a great week at Tenerife
At the top of Teide Map from chasing start From 31st December to 7th January I was at the Canary Island Tenerife. I was traveling together with six other Wing-runners and friends. We had a great week with sun and temperature above 20 degrees every day, so it was good conditions for training and relaxing.

It is quite hilly at Tenerife, and the highest top, the Volcano Teide, is 3718 m. From Sun-O we got two forest-maps in the mountains and one sprint-map we used for orienteering-training. The terrain was quite hilly, but had very nice ground for running.

New year celebration Running into the water We wanted to have sun, relax and train in Los Cristianos where we were staying at the south-coast of the island, but also to go to the maps and train orienteering some of the days, and climb to the top of Teide.

At Sunday 31 December we landed at the airport at Tenerife 22 o’clock and came to the hotel at 23 o’clock. We reached the fireworks in the harbor with a few minutes margin before we got something to eat and drink.

Stig Alvestad and Jan-Egil Wagnild running at the beach Monday we had just easy training and relaxed in the sun with the pool at our hotel. Thursday we hired a car and droved around the island. In Santa Cruz we got permission, witch is necessary, to walk to the very top of Teide, and in Puerto de la Cruz we picked up the orienteering-maps before we had a long run at the two forest-maps.

Map from o-intervals Wednesday we had, as usual in Wing, interval-training, this time as o-intervals at one of the maps. Thursday was an easier day, with two sessions from where we lived and some hours at the beach between the training sessions.

Jan-Egil Wagnild and Elise Egseth from the top of Teide Friday we walked to the top of Teide. We started at 2350 m, and used 3.30 hours to the top at 3718 m. It was a very nice hike, and I could walk in shorts and t-shirt the whole way to the top. In total we were out in 6.30 hours, with some shorter breaks.

Map from sprint Saturday we had two shorter orienteering sessions. First a prolog at the sprint-map and afterwards a chasing start in the forest. Stig Alvestad and I had a hard fight and changed of having the lead. It ended with Stig as the best, a few second in front of me. Sunday we had to wake up before 6 o’clock to reach the flight home.

Stig Alvestad running in the nice forest I will definitely go back to Tenerife and next time maybe stay for two weeks so I can have time to do all the things I will like to do there. Tenerife is good both for running, walking and relaxing. I think also it should be nice to take the boat to the neighbor island Gomera and spend some days in the mountains there.

Pictures from Tenerife and maps from the trainings
Posted on 11 Jan 2007 by Øystein

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