"Orienteering Today" brings the O-World home to you
Orienteering Today The first issue of the international orienteering-magazine Orienteering Today was sent out to the subscribers one month ago. The magazine was full of maps, pictures and articles about exotic orienteering travels and training-camps from all over the world. But it was also plenty of material about elite orienteering, together with articles about history and technical aspects of the sport.

The magazine will be published 6 times a year, one magazine every second month. Each issue will be at around 100 colourful pages, and the price is 10 euros for each magazine, included postage. The next issue of Orienteering Today will be ready in the end of April.

I recommend all orienteer’s to subscribe to this great magazine. You can easily do this by sending me an e-mail (oysteios(at)stud.ntnu.no) with your name and address, and you will receive information about how to pay.
Posted on 02 Apr 2007 by Øystein
Training-camp with NOF in Skåne
Map from Åhus Map from Sprint near Kristianstad After Spring Cup I went straigt to Åhus in Skåne in South-Sweden for a training-camp with the Norwegian National Team. The goal was to train in relevant terrain for WOC in Ukraine this summer.

I am focusing on sprint, middle and relay at WOC this year, and was mainly training in the nice terrains with the coast. One of my trainings was also at the more hilly terrain in Degeberga, relevant for the long-distance at WOC. But we had to deliver the map back after the training because the Sweeds are going to use it for their WOC-selection. The other Norwegian runners were in Skåne the whole week, but I went home to Trondheim after the two sprint-trainings on Wednesday.
Posted on 01 Apr 2007 by Øystein
Maps from Spring Cup in Denmark
Map from Long Map from Relay Last weekend I was running the traditional Spring Cup in Denmark. The races where for the first time not held in the area around Hillerød, but at the maps from EOC 2004 in Roskilde. I have been training quite much and hard for a long time now, and was a bit unsure about my shape before the races.

At Saturday’s Long distance I tried to start offensive, but my body didn’t want to run as fast as I wanted. I did also several smaller mistakes, and ended at 26th place, 6 min behind David Andersson.

At Sunday’s relay I was running last leg for Wing, after Allan Bogel, Stig Alvestad and Jan-Egil Wagnild. I went out quite long behind the best teams, and ran alone most of the course. I finished as 33rd team, after an OK technical race, but also then with to slow speed. At the leg I lost 5 min to David Andersson who ran IKHP in to the victory.

Results from Long and Relay.
Posted on 26 Mar 2007 by Øystein
Maps and pictures from training-camp with Wing in Spain
Maps from Spain Pictures from Spain After the Norwegian National Teams training-camp in Portugal was finished I went directly to Spain, and met my club-mates from Wing in Barbate at the south-coast.

Monday we took the ferry to Tanger in Marocco, and spent some hours in a city with a life quite different from what we are used to in Europe. Monday to Wednesday we got several good training in the nice terrain only a few km from where we lived in Barbate.

Pictures from Spain Pictures from Spain Wednesday we went to Granada. Thusday the plan was to go skiing in Sierra Nevada, but because of bad weather the ski-centre was closed, and we spent the day in Granada.

Friday the ski-centre was open again, and we got some hours with skiing in the sun before we went to Madrid. There we ran Martin Kronlund in Pegurinos. After the race Sunday we where in the Valley of the Fallen, a vast Basilica with a gigantic granite cross built by General Franco to remember the dead of Spain's Civil War.

My pictures and all training maps from Spain.
Posted on 20 Mar 2007 by Øystein
Martin Kronlund in beautiful Peguerinos
Middle distance at Martin Kronlund Last weekend I finished a two week long training-camp in Portugal and Spain with running "Martin Kronlund". The event is one of the biggest in Spain, and was held in the beautiful terrain in Peguerinos outside Madrid.

Long distance at Martin Kronlund Saturday it was Long distance. I was tired after a long and hard training-camp, and was only running at easy speed. Thierry Gueorgiou won by almost 3 minutes to the Junior World Champion Olav Lundanes.

Sunday it was Middle distance in a detailed and interesting area. I ran a quite good race, without any bigger mistakes, and finished at 3rd place, 42 seconds behind Thierry.

Results from Long, Middle and Overall.

Maps and pictures from the training-camp with Wing in Spain will come soon.
Posted on 15 Mar 2007 by Øystein
Maps and pictures from Portugal
Maps from Portugal Pictures from Portugal The Norwegian National Teams training-camp in Portugal is soon over. The last days we have been in San Pedro de Moel and trained in the area around Marinha Grande, where the WC Final where held in 2000 and World Masters will be held in 2008.

Thursday Audun Weltzien and I went to Obidos, a small city between San Pedro and Lisboa. There we tried some activities in an adventure park, and trained at a really nice area. Luis Sergio was our guide, and his goal is to organize a permanent training-camp there next winter.

Pictures from Portugal Sunday 4th March the rest of the Norwegians are going home, while I am flying to Jerez, and joining my club-mates from Wing OK who are in Barbate at the south coast of Spain. After some days there we are going to Granada for a few days with less orienteering. The plan is to go to Sierra Nevada one day and do skiing if it is nice weather. The last weekend we are finishing the training-camp with Martin Kronlund in Peguerinos outside Madrid.

My pictures and all training maps from Portugal.
Posted on 03 Mar 2007 by Øystein
Norte Alentejano "O" Meeting in Nisa
Sprint in Nisa Friday I came to Portugal for a 10 day long training-camp with the Norwegian National Team. We droved to Evora, one hour east of Lisboa, and got an easy training at map there.

In the weekend we where running Norte Alentejano "O" Meeting in Nisa. It was 3 three competitions in two days, with long distance (WRE) at Saturday morning, night-sprint at Saturday evening and middle distance at Sunday.

Long distance in Nisa At the long distance I was running in easy speed, and used 1.47 at the 15 km long course. Andres Nordberg won at 1.15, close before Kiril Nikolov and Oli Johnson. Lene Moe was 3rd, behind Maria Rantala and Riina Kuuselo.

The night-sprint was in the old city of Nisa. I was running quite fast, and won the race, after a good technical performance. Aislinn Austin was best in the women’s class. No other of the Norwegians where running this race.

Middle distance in Nisa The middle distance was in a rally nice and fast terrain, with a lot of rocky details. I did a good race, and won again, with 31 min on the 6,3 km long course. Lars Skjeset, Kiril Nikolov, Holger Hott Johansen and Janne Weckman followed at the next minute. Marianne Riddervold was 3rd, behind Riina Kuuselo and Aislinn Austin.

Results and pictures at Norte Alentejano "O" Meetings website

Monday and Tuesday we have been doing different types of training in Evora. The terrain is really nice here, and it is easy to train more then is good for my legs. Tomorrow we are going to have two sprint sessions with high intensity in Evora city, before we are driving to Marinha Grande one and a half hour north on Lisboa.
Posted on 27 Feb 2007 by Øystein
Training-camp in Portugal and Spain 23rd February – 12th March
Map example from Nisa Friday morning I am flying to Lisboa for more than two weeks with training in Portugal and Spain. The first week I am going to stay with the Norwegian National Team in Portugal, and the last week with my club Wing OK in Spain.

The first six days in Portugal we are going to stay in Evora, and run Norte Alentejano "O" Meeting in Nisa in the weekend. The last four days we are going to train around Marinha Grande, where the WC Final where held in 2000. Both places have really nice terrain and I am especially looking forward to the competitions in Nisa.

Me from Ski-o NM Relay Sunday 4th March I am flying to Jerez, and joining my club-mates from Wing OK who are in Barbate at the south coast of Spain. After some days there we go to Granada for a few days with less orienteering. The plan is to go to Sierra Nevada one day. The last weekend we are finishing the training-camp with the Martin Kronlund competition in Peguerinos outside Madrid.

This winters ski-o races have gone much better then I had expected, and after the Norwegian Championships two weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to Ski-o WOC in Russia next week. It was not easy to choose between Ski-o in Russia and orienteering in Portugal. But I decided to follow my plan, and do all I can to be as good as possible prepared for the orienteering-season. I have done well in ski-o this winter, but don’t think I am good enough to take an individual medal in WOC. But next winter I will maybe focus even more on ski-o, with the European Championships in Switzerland as the big goal. I wish the Norwegian Ski-o Team good luck in Russia while I am looking forward to some weeks with good orienteering-training and nice weather in Portugal and Spain.
Posted on 22 Feb 2007 by Øystein
New silver at Ski-o NM Middle distance
Map Ski-o NM Middle Ski-o NM 2007, Trondheim Today it was Middle distance at the Norwegian Championships in Ski-orienteering.

I had a very good start, and was leading the race from 1st to 9th control. But to the 10th control I lost 27 to Eivind Tonna, and he took over the lead. Tonna took the road to the left pasing the start, while I took the scooter-track more straight on. I also lost a few seconds some places at the open area at the end, and finished at 2nd place, 41 seconds behind Tonna.

Anders Hauge was also today 3rd. Lars Moholdt started to take the controls at the last loop in wrong direction, and lost the chance for a medal. Marte Reenaas won again the women’s class.

Results, splits and pictures.
Posted on 11 Feb 2007 by Øystein
Silver at Ski-o NM Long distance
Map Ski-o NM Long, part 1 Lars Moholdt, me and Andres Hauge The individual distances at the Norwegian Championships in Ski-orienteering are held from Lian in Trondheim this weekend.

Today it was long distance. Lars Moholdt showed again that he is Norway’s best ski-orienteerer, and won by one and a half minute. I came 2nd, and was very satisfied with my race. I felt the skating went well, but it was tough climbing in the scooter-tracks and challenging route-choices. Results, splits and pictures.

Marte Reenaas won the women’s class, with Elise Egseth at 3rd place, so it was a great day for Wing with 4 medals and both the senior champions. Byåsen had done a great job with good courses, and I am looking forward to tomorrow’s short distance.
Posted on 10 Feb 2007 by Øystein

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