Champs Meeting in Göteborg
Today I am going to run Champs Meeting in Göteborg. It is a middle distance with some of the best men and women in the world. The winner in each class gets 5000 euros, the highest price in a single orienteering event so far. The race is sent on television, and you can also follow the race at Web-TV from 11.30 – 13.30. I am starting 12.36.

Follow the race live and find all other information at Champs Meetings website.
Posted on 01 May 2007 by Øystein
From the lead to disappointment in Tio-mila
Map from Tio-mila Tio-mila 2007 Tio-mila started very good for Wing OK, and Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen changed over to me as 2nd runner after the first leg, 19 second behind Tyrving. I ran out offensive, and despite a few small mistakes in the beginning, I was able to break away from the big group behind together with Vehkalahden Veikot, Tyrving and Bækkelaget. After half the leg it was only me and Janne Weckman from VV alone in the lead. We orienteered quite well, but the speed was not very high.

It was fun to be in the lead and everything had gone as I had hoped. But when I crossed the railway for the second time, a few kilometers before the finished, I lost the contact with the map, and could not find the path I want to follow. I started running at the compass, but it was much vegetation and difficult have the right direction. Suddenly I came to a big marsh and I could not understand anything. When I looked at the compass I saw that I was running 180 degrees in wrong direction. I understood I had been running in wrong direction for some minutes, and it was only to turn around and follow the compass the other way. When I came to the next control I meet the big group, and had lost around 5 minutes. I also did a smaller mistake at the third last control, and could change over 5 minutes behind the lead.

The rest of Wings team ran variable, and we finished at 129th place. But Tio-mila has never been and goal for Wing, and we hope to do much better at Jukola and the Norwegian Champs later this year.

Results at Tio-milas website.
Posted on 30 Apr 2007 by Øystein
Elitserien Sprint in Eskilstuna
Map from Elitserien Sprint This evening I was running a sprint-race in the Swedish Elitserien. It was held in the Zoo in Eskilstuna. I did an OK technical race, but the running-speed was not as good as I had hoped. My result was 6th place, 19 seconds behind Andrej Khramov. The time I was behind I lost in the first part of the race, witch was in the forest. Results

Tio-mila 2007 Tomorrow I am going to run the traditional 10-man relay Tio-mila. Wing has a strong start at the relay, with Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen, me, Tore Bjørseth Berdal and Stig Alvestad at the first four legs. All of us have been Norwegian Champion as senior or junior one of the last years.

I have not done any special preparation for Tio-mila, and have not been running night-orienteering since I won the Norwegian Championship in night-orienteering last autumn. But I am looking forward to my leg, and it is always fun to run night-orienteering, especially if you are in the lead.

You can follow the relay live at Tio-milas website.
Posted on 27 Apr 2007 by Øystein
District Championship in Cross country running
Me from the Cross country race (Photo: Malvik IL) Me and Henrik Grøset after the race (Photo: Malvik IL) Last Saturday it was held District Championship in Cross country running near Trondheim. We were several orienteers who competed and the distance was 3 km (or maybe a little bit longer).

I ran fairly well, and was quite satisfied with 2nd place, 9 seconds behind Henrik Grøset, who are one of Norways best long-distance runners. Carl Waaler Kaas, Felix Bretschadel and Kristian Kullerud also ran well. Elise Egseth and Mari Fasting ran together most of the race, and Elise finished first, with Mari 5 seconds slower. Results
Posted on 24 Apr 2007 by Øystein
Trondheim Sprintcup-1 at Eberg
Map from Sprintcup-1 Thursday was the first race of this year Trondheim Sprintcup held from Eberg School. It is just a few hundred meters from my home, but it has not been a good map there the last years. Part of the course was at the Student-village.

Stig Alvestad was fastest, and won only 2 seconds in front of Carl Waaler Kaas. I came 3rd, 19 seconds behind Stig. My race was OK, but I lost some second at a few of my route choices. Wings first year junior Mathias Bjugan was only 14 seconds behind me, and held at lest the same speed as me at most of the legs. Mari Fasting was clearly fastest in the women’s class.

Result and program for Trondheim Sprintcup 2007

PS. The first race should actually have been organized last week by my club Wing OK on a brand new map, but that race was cancelled because of snow.
Posted on 21 Apr 2007 by Øystein
Norwegian Spring with NOC-selection
Map from Sprint NOC 2007, Bornholm Last weekend I was running Norwegian Spring in Østfold. The races were the first big competitions in Norway this year and also selection-races for the Open Nordic Championship at Bornholm in the beginning of May.

Friday it was Sprint in Halden. I did a very good race, except a bad route choice to the last control where I lost more than 20 seconds, and won the race 9 seconds in front of Mikkel Lund. Stig Alvestad and Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen shared 3rd place, and made it a great day for Wing with 3 runners at the podium. Elise Egseth was 2nd in the women’s class, and made the day even more perfect for Wing.

Map from Middle Saturday it was Middle distance from Tveter outside Sarpsborg. I did a safe race, without any bigger mistakes, but lost around 30 seconds to both the 1st and 15th control. I finished at 4th place, 1.16 behind Audun Weltzien.

Sunday it was Long distance. I was not running that event because I am not focusing on Long distance this year and will not run the Long distance at NOC either.
Results from Sprint, Middle and Long

The races were also the first three races in the Norwegian Craft-cup. I am leading overall after my victory and 4th place, but it is very tight behind me.
Result and program for the Craft-cup 2007

Monday the Norwegian Team for NOC was selected, and Wing was the only club with as much as 5 runners. Elise Egseth, Lene Bergesen, Tore Bjørseth Berdal, Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen and I qualified for the NOC-team, while Stig Alvestad is reserve.
The Norwegian Team for NOC 2007 at Bornholm
Posted on 19 Apr 2007 by Øystein
Pictures from JK
 Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen at the Sprint Me, Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen and Stig Alvestad at a top in Brecon Beacons National Park Lene Bergesen and Elise Egseth You can now find more than 100 pictures from Wings Easter-trip to JK in Great Britain. Some of the last pictures are from the Black Mountains in the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales.

Pictures from JK
Posted on 17 Apr 2007 by Øystein
Great Easter at JK in England
Map from Sprint Map from Middle The last weekend in Easter I was at the Jan Kjellström International Festival of Orienteering in England together with 7 team-mates from Wing OK. The event was held near Bristol, at the boarder to Wales. It was nice weather with sun and almost 20 degrees every day.

Friday’s Sprint was at the University in Bristol. I did a really good race, and won quite clear. I managed to run with a good speed and lost only a few seconds some places. Elise Egseth was 2nd in the Women’s class, behind Pippa Whitehouse.

Saturday’s Middle distance was in the Forrest of Dean. The running felt quite easy, and the race started OK. But in the middle part I did several mistakes at 30 - 50 seconds, and finished at 6th place, almost 2.35 behind Graham Gristwood who had a rally good race. Elise was now 3rd, only 7 second behind the winner Rachael Elder.

JK 2007 Map from Relay Sunday it was Long distance at JK, but most of the runners from Wing were skipping this race. Instead we had a long and easy run in the Black Mountains in the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales. Oliver Johnson and Jenny Johnson won JK overall after vicories at the Long distance.

Monday’s Relay was held in an old military-area. I was running last leg for Wing. Allan Bogel, Stig Alvestad and Audn Bjerkreim Nilsen had all been running OK but lost some time, and I went out as 2nd team, 2 minutes behind Scott Fraser from Edinburgh. I saw Scott around one minute in front of me at the road to the 8th control, but missed 30 second both at 8th and 9th control. At the end of the last loop I saw Scott in front of me again, but it was too late, and we finished as 2nd team, 35 second behind the team from Edinburgh. Wing was leading the Women’s class after Elise Egseth and Lene Bergersen had been running, but had no last-leg runner.

Results from
Sprint, Middle and Relay.
Posted on 13 Apr 2007 by Øystein
Interview with me at planetFear
Interview with me at planetFear planetFear The last week in Easter we were some runners form Wing who where participating at JK in Great Britain. In connecting with that the British sport shop planetFear made an interview with me at their website.

JK went quite well for me, and I was 1st at the Sprint, 6th at the Middle and Wing came 2nd at the Relay. I will hopefully write more about JK and present some maps and pictures during the coming days. Results at JK’s website.
Posted on 10 Apr 2007 by Øystein
Easter with skiing in Trondheim and JK in England
JK 2007 Me skiing in Bymarka in Trondheim The last week I have been home in Trondheim training and working with school. It has been really good conditions for training, with no snow in the city and near the coast, while it is still good ski-conditions only 15 min drive from the city. I have been a bit tired after the training-camps and competitions in March, and have tried to train quite easy the last week.

Today I am flying to England, for partisepation in the traditional Jan Kjellström Orienteering Festival. JK is the biggest orienteering-event the UK, with 3000 participants each Easter, and this year the event is held near Bristol, at the boarder to Wales. I have been running JK two times before (2004 and 2005) and think it is a high class competition with both interesting terrain and many good competitors. It is also an advantage that it is easy and cheep to fly to Stansted from Norway.

I am planning to run the Sprint at Friday, Middle at Saturday and Relay at Monday, while I will just train easy when it is Long distance at Sunday. We are in total 8 runners form my club Wing OK, and we hope to do well at the Relay.
Posted on 04 Apr 2007 by Øystein

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