Craft-cup Middle distance in Lommedalen
Map Craft-cup Middle distance Sunday Tyrving arranged a Middle distance in the Norwegian Craft-cup in Lommedalen. I had used a lot of both physical and mental energy at the Norwegian Championship in Sprint the day before, and was not so motivated before start, but tried to tell myself to do a good technical race anyway. We got a challenging course in a demanding terrain, and many runners did big mistakes.

My race started well and at the 5th control I held the 2nd place. But to the 6th control I did a huge parallel-mistake, and lost more than 3 minutes. To the 9th control I twisted my ankle two times, and had to be careful in the stony terrain. I also missed the control and ran the rest of the course in easy speed to avoid hurting my ankle more serious.

Anders Nordberg won in front of Jostein Andersen. I got a 23rd place, 8 min behind. Mathias Bjugan ran again good in the youngest junior class, and got a strong 3rd place. Lene Bergersen was 5th in the women’s class, 2 min behind Mari Fasting. Results and splits

Route Gadget from NM Sprint and Craft-cup

The coming weeks I will not travel at all, but stay at home in Trondheim and focus on school-work and good training. I have an exam next week and also work with a project I have to deliver in tree weeks time. I have not planed any orienteering races before the WC Sprint in Finland two days before Jukola in the middle of June, but will try to run a track-race on 3000 m or 5000 m as a test and part of my training.
Posted on 24 May 2007 by Øystein
Norwegian Championship in Sprint
Map NM Sprint Qual Saturday the Norwegian Championship in Sprint was organized by Tyrving west of Oslo. The qualification was held in Veritasskogen, and most of the course was in forest. I did a safe qual-race, without any mistakes or max-speed, and won my heat. Results and splits

Map NM Sprint Final The final was held in Sandvika, and it was a challenging course with park, forest and city. It was both several route-choices and complex areas.

But my race was destroyed by the organizer even before it had started. From the last pre-start to the start I could not find any marking that told me where to go. I saw people on the way to the arena and expected the start to be there. But at the arena there were no start. I had followed the path along the river in completely wrong direction, and had to run back to where I had come from. When I came to the start I was too late for my start-time, and had to wait to after the last start before they let me start, 3 minutes after my original start time

When I started I had some problems focusing on the orienteering and stop thinking on the problems from the start. But I did a good race, and my only mistakes were to the 7th and 9th control where I lost 7 seconds. When I finished I had the fastest time with 36 seconds margin.

But my problems were not over. The organizers should be responsible to mark clearly where you have to go from the pre-start to the start, something that obviously not was done in this case. Because they had done a mistake I had expected to get my new start-time valid. But the organizer was not even interested in hearing my arguments, so I had to deliver a protest to the jury. They agreed in that the marking should have been better, but said that they could not accept my new start time, without giving me a good reason for turning down the protest….

The race was won by Audun Weltzien, if front of Anders Nordberg. Stig Alvestad and Audun Bjekreim Nilsen shared the bronze-medal. Marianne Andersen won the women’s class, before Ingunn Weltzien and Elise Egseth. A good day for Wing with 3 medals! Olav Lundanes and Siri Ulvestad won the junior classes. Olav’s time had given him a medal even in the senior class. Results and splits

At the results I got a 25th place, 2.24 behind Audun W, but with 3 minutes longer time than I used. But at least I did a good race and improved my self confidence before the WC starts with a Sprint in Finland in June. There are the international competitions that are my big goals.

Sprintgull til Andersen og Weltzien, OPN
Dramatikk i NM sprint, NOF
NM Sprint 2007
Posted on 20 May 2007 by Øystein
Selected for the National Team in Ski-o
Me from Ski-o NM Relay 2007 The Norwegian National Team in Ski-orienteering was today presented, and I am among the runners at the Elite-group. That means that I will focus more on ski-o in the coming year, but not that I will have any lover ambitions for the orienteering-season.

As junior and young senior I competed a lot in ski-orienteering and it had almost the same priority as orienteering with good results. But the two last winters I have only competed in a few ski-o races in Norway. This winter I have been competing more again, and qualified for the Norwegian team to the Nordic Champs in Finland. There I did a really good Sprint, and got a surprising silver medal. At the Norwegian Champs I also got a Relay gold and two individual silver medals.

I had the opportunity to compete in the World Champs in Russia in March, but chose to follow my plan for the orienteering season and went to a training camp in Portugal and Spain. I didn’t feel well-enough prepared for the World Champs in ski-o, and wanted to do what I felt was best for the orienteering season. But my plan is to do more ski-o in the coming years, with the European Champs in Switzerland 2008 and the World Champs in Japan 2009 as my goals. To be part of the National Team is good for that preparation.

The Norwegian National Team in Ski-o 2007/2008
Posted on 16 May 2007 by Øystein
District Champion on Middle distance in Trondheim Open
Map KM Middle at Trondheim Open Ola Berger from the start Sunday Wing OK arranged this weekend Trondheim Open. It is one of the biggest orienteering events in the middle of Norway, and was this year held from our club-house at Tømmerholt.

Saturday it was Middel-distance, and the District Championship was included in the event. I did a good race, and won quite clear. I lost around 30 seconds to the 6th control, and some seconds a few other places. But my body was not as tired as at the Sprintcup Thursday. Elise Egseth won the women’s class in front of Marte Reenaas.
Results and splits

Map Trondheim Open Sunday The course setter Per Arne Troset tried a new way of start this year. At the arena we had a pre-start where we got a warm-up-map with 5 controls. The course lead us to the real start, there we had to be within 30 minutes to reach our start-time. It worked well and was a nice way to be transported to start while you could warm-up with a course.

Sunday it was Chasing-start, with forked loops. I felt it was enough with one competition this weekend, and was not running today, but instead I was helping organizing the event. Before the race I was a pre-runner at the second longest course and afterwards I took a lot of pictures. Bård Nonstad and Lene Bergersen won the senior classes, while Mathis Bjugan and Tore Berdal were both fastest in their junior classes. Results

Pictures from Sundays chasing-start in Trondheim Open
Posted on 13 May 2007 by Øystein
Close battle at the Final in Trondheim Sprintcup
Map Sprintcup-final Mathias Bjugan and Stig Alvestad Thursday was the Final in this year Trondheim Sprintcup held from Sveberg in Malvik. It has been one individual race the 3 last weeks and the 2 best counted for the chasing-start in the Final.

I started as 2nd runner in the senior class, 38 seconds behind Stig Alvestad who had won all the 3 first races. Mathias Bjugan who was leading the junior class started at the same time as Stig, and they had Jostien Kvakland only one 1 second behind. Ola Berger started 3 seconds behind me, so we were 5 Wing-runners first out in the forest.

I have had a cold and been really tired after NOC, so I was a bit unsure about my shape before the start. But I got a good start, and was able to see the runners in front of me already at the 2nd control. Up from the 6th control Ola and I was able to catch up Mathias, but we did not come any closer to Stig. I the middle-part of the course I was really tired, and had to give a little gap to Mathias and Ola. But at the last loop they did some small mistakes, and I was able to finish as 2nd runner, 23 second behind Stig, who got a well deserved victory.

Mathias finished 1 second behind me and won the junior class. Mari Fasting won the women’s class with a clear margin.
Results and splits (split-time to the first control is from first start)
Posted on 12 May 2007 by Øystein
Pictures from NOC at Bornholm
Pictures from NOC at Bornholm Pictures from NOC at Bornholm Pictures from NOC at Bornholm It has been some nice days during NOC at Bornholm even if my results has not been as good as I had hoped. I am now home in Norway, and will focus on school-work and training the coming weeks.

Pictures from NOC
Posted on 06 May 2007 by Øystein
NOC Middle distance
Map NOC Middle NOC 2007, Bornholm Today it was Middle distance at NOC on the map Paradisbakkerne. The terrain was interesting, but the race did not go any well for me, and I did a lot of smaller mistakes. I lost 15 – 30 seconds to control 1, 3, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13 and also some time at the last loop. My result was a 23rd place, 3 min behind Jarkko Huovila.

Norway had a bad day, and got only a shared bonze medal for Ida Marie Næss Bjørgul and Silje Ekroll Jahren in the junior women class. Carl Waaler Kaas ran also very well, and was 4th, only 3 seconds from a bronze medal. Results

I am not running tomorrow’s Long distance, so NOC in now over for my part.
Posted on 05 May 2007 by Øystein
Fast Relay at NOC
Map NOC Relay NOC 2007, Bornholm Today’s relay at NOC was in the fast terrain at Rø Plantage. I ran 1st leg for Norway’s 1st team. It went well to the first controls, and I was one of the first runner’s at the 3rd control. But to the 4th control I went more straight on then the other runners, past a little bit to the right of the control, and lost 45 second. After that I lost contact with the lead, and was 1 – 2 minutes behind the leading group the rest of my leg. After a good finish I changed over to Carl Waaler Kaas 57 second behind the lead. Carl and Audun Weltzien at the last leg had not a good day in the forest, and we finished at 13th place.

The Norwegian junior’s ran again very good, and won both classes. Results
TracTrac from
1st leg and 3rd leg in men’s relay.
Posted on 04 May 2007 by Øystein
Tricky NOC-sprint at Bornholm
Map NOC-sprint NOC 2007, Bornholm The Open Nordic Championship at Bornholm started yesterday with a tricky sprint in Gudhjem. I think it was a very good sprint-course, with good variation between shorter legs where you needed to reed the map carefully and longer legs with several route choices.

I did some smaller mistakes and finished at 7th place, 37 seconds behind Matthias Mertz. At the shorter legs to the 4th and 7th control I lost 15 seconds each place. I also lost 5 – 10 seconds at some of the route choices, and was in total not satisfied with my performance. Results

Despite that Norway got no senior-medals many runners did good performances, and we had 4 men and 3 women at top 10. Elise Egseth had a great breakthrough as senior, and was 6th, only 34 seconds behind Helena Janson. In the junior-classes Siri Ulvestad won, Olav Lundanes was 2nd and Kine Hallan Steiwer was 3rd.
Posted on 04 May 2007 by Øystein
Challenging competition at Champs Meeting
Map from Champs Meeting, part 1 Yesterday’s Champs Meeting was a challenging Middle distance in the coast terrain just outside Göteborg City. I did several mistakes at the first part, but ran very well at the end, and finished at 12th place, 3 minutes behind Thierry Guergiou. Holger Hott Johansen came at 2nd place. Simone Niggli won the women’s class, and Lene Bergersen was best Norwegian at 9th place. Results

At the long leg to the 3rd control I ran quite much around to the left, and think I lost 30 seconds to they who went straight on out form the control. I had also problem at the long leg back to the 7th control. I didn’t see that I couldn’t pass a private area before I came there, and lost more than one minute. I also lost some second at my route-choices to the 8th and 11th control. The rest of the course went quite well. I think Champs Meeting was a very nice competition, and I hope it will be more competitions like that in the future.
Posted on 02 May 2007 by Øystein

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