O-ringen with World Cup in Sweden
O-ringen 2007 Tomorrow morning I am traveling to Linköping in Sweden, for participation in the Worlds largest orienteering event; O-ringen. The terrain looks typical Swedish, and is quite flat with good runability.

The tree first stages are included in this year World Cup, with the following schedule:
Monday 23rd July: Long-distance with mass-start
Tuesday 24th July: Middle distance
Wenesday 25th July: Sprint

There are also two more events for those who want to run all 5 days, but my plan is to go home alter the World Cup races. I think the schedule suits me quite well, and I am looking especially forward to the mass-start and the sprint, even if the middle distance maybe is the most important race because I want to qualify for that distance for WOC in Ukraine.
Posted on 20 Jul 2007 by Øystein
Selection-races for WOC and World Cup
Maps from Middle-long in Hønefoss Pictures from Sprint in LarvikLast weekend there were arranged two Norwegian selection-races for the World Cup during O-ringen in Sweden next week and the World Orienteering Championship in Ukraine in August.

Friday Ringerike arranged a Middle-long distance near Hønefoss. I came at 12th place, 7 minutes behind Andres Nordberg. A major-mistake at the 8th control, where I lost more than 5 minutes, destroyed my race totally. I was in the control-circle most of the time, and only 5 – 10 meters from the control several times, but it was very difficult to see the control in the green forest. The rest of the race was OK, even if I lost 15 – 30 seconds some other places. Resultas and splits

Saturday Larvik arranged a Sprint in the city and the nice forest Bøkeskogen. I came at 2nd, place 19 seconds behind Andres Nordberg. My race started well, and I was in the lead with 6 second at the 5th control. But to the 10th and 11th control I lost 10 and 5 seconds, and Nordberg took over the lead. At the public control I was 8 seconds behind him, but after a mistake to the second last control I was 19 seconds behind when I finished. My race was not so good in total, but the 2nd place was important for the WOC- selection. Nordberg is in good shape and is running very well on all distances at the moment. Resultas and splits

Yesterday the Norwegian team to the WC in Sweden were presented. Marianne Andersen, Anne Margrethe Hausken, Holger Hott, Anders Nordberg and Audun Hultgreen Weltzien were already selected to WOC, while the rest of the WOC-team will be selected after the WC. I feel quite sure I will run the WOC-sprint, but have to run good at the WC to be able to also run other distances in Ukraine. Elise Egseth and Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen from Wing ran also well at the selection-races and have good chances to also get a place in the WOC-team.
Posted on 17 Jul 2007 by Øystein
Skiing in the sun at Sognefjellet
Me skiing in the sun at Sognefjellet The Norwegian National Team in Ski-orienteering and Staffan Tunis from Finland When I came home from Ukraine last Wednesday I went directly to Sognefjellet for a new training-camp with the Norwegian National Team in Ski-orienteering. Sognefjellet is 1400 meter above sea level, and it’s still snow from the winter there and good conditions for cross country skiing.

I was doing quite many hours with easy skiing while I was there, but also running an interval-session down in the valley. The weather was not so good when I arrived at Thursday, but very nice from Friday until we went home on Sunday and it was possible to do skiing on only shorts.

My pictures from Sognefjellet
2007, 2006 and 2005.
Posted on 11 Jul 2007 by Øystein
Maps and pictures from Ukraine
Maps from trainings in Ukraine Pictures from Ukraine The last 6 days I have been on a training-camp in Kiev in Ukraine, where the World Orienteering Championship will be held in August. It was a very good training-camp and now I will feel well prepared when I hopefully come back to WOC in August.

We were running all the courses from the Ukraine Championship, which was held in the beginning of June, including both Qualifications and Finals on Sprint, Middle and Long. Several national-teams were on training-camps in Kiev at the same time as the Ukraine Championship, so we had a lot of good runners to compare our times with from the Final-courses, which we ran fast sped. Results from the Ukraine Championship.

Maps from all trainings in Ukraine are found at the page with
maps from trainings 2007
Posted on 04 Jul 2007 by Øystein
WOC-training in Ukraine 29th June – 4th July
WOC 2007, Ukraine Tomorrow morning I am going to Kiev in Ukraine for a training-camp with the Norwegian team. The World Orienteering Championship in August will be held in Kiev, and this will be our second training-camp there. At some of the sessions we are going to run the courses from the Ukraine Championship in the beginning of June.

The knee I injured at the WC last Friday used longer time than first expected to recover. Saturday and Sunday I was not training at all, and it was very stiff and swallowed. Monday and Tuesday I was double-pulling on roller-skies, but it was not possible to walk normal. Yesterday I had my first session with running in marches, and it went OK. Today I have been roller-skiing again, cycling a little bit and done some strength-training. It went well, so I can hopefully train as normal when I arrive Ukraine tomorrow.
Posted on 28 Jun 2007 by Øystein
Map from WC at Hovden
Map WC Middle Bykle Yesterday the second race in this year World Cup was held with a Middle distance in Bykle near Hovden in the south of Norway. It was typical Norwegian terrain, with a lot of marches and quite hilly. My race started OK, with good route-choices at the longer legs in the beginning. But in the middle part I did some smaller mistakes, and lost around 30 seconds several places. I also lost some seconds at the last loop, and finished at 21st place, 4.22 behind Thierry Gueorgiou.

Results and splits

At the way to the 2nd control I fall and hurt my knee against a stone. It was not so good to run straight after, but went OK in the soft marches. After the race the knee has become very stiff, and it hurts when I try to use the foot. It was therefore no point to try to run today’s long distance, and I think it is best to skip tomorrows relay also. But I hope to be able to start running again in the beginning of next week.
Posted on 23 Jun 2007 by Øystein
Maps from WC Sprint in Finland
Map WC Sprint Qual Map WC Sprint Final Yesterday the World Cup started with Sprint in Lapua in Finland. The qualification went OK, and I qualified to the A-final after a 8th place. I ran a safe race in qual-speed, but lost 20 seconds to the 3rd control, which was quite difficult to see from the direction we came. Results

In the Final I came 33rd, 1.56 behind Thierry Gueorgiou, which was a big disappointment. To the to the 2nd control I thought both sides of the water was quite equal, but actually I lost more than 15 seconds on my route-choice at the right side. The middles part of the course went well, and I held the same speed as the best runners. To the 10th control I lost 45 seconds, because I came to the left of where the control should have been. At the rest of my race I also lost 20 seconds to the 15th and 25 seconds to the 18th control.
Results and splits

Many runners lost much time at the 10th control, and after the race the controllers was out in the forest and concluded that the control was 30 meters north of where it should have been, and that the map was not correct around the control. I don’t know yet if that will affect the final results. Personal I think that the best for all parts would have been to skip that leg from the total time for all runners. The map was not good several places and it is bad that the organizers not take a WC-race more serious than this.
Posted on 15 Jun 2007 by Øystein
World Cup starts with Sprint in Finland
 World Cup, Finland Thursday this years World Cup starts in Finland. It is a sprint in Lapua, not far from Vaasa, where Jukola is going to be held the coming weekend. In the morning it is qualification and in the evening final from the Jukola-arena.

Yesterday I delivered my project work at NTNU, and went straight to the flight to Finland. Since the Norwegian Champs in Sprint three weeks ago I have been home in Trondheim, where I have been training quite good while I have worked with the project, which is 50% of the 2nd last term. Now it is great to have holiday and I really look forward to the WC-sprint.
Posted on 13 Jun 2007 by Øystein
3000 m – 8.41
The field after 400 m, Sondre in the lead and me at 2nd place Tired after the race Sunday I ran 3000 meter in a track-race on Trondheim Stadium. It was good conditions with sun and almost no wind. The field started a bit slow with 71 sec at the first lap. Sondre Norstad Moen was leading the first laps, with me some meters behind. But after 1500 m he slowed down a bit and I passed him and ran the rest of the race alone in the lead. I used 68 – 71 sec on all laps, and after a strong finish, with 32 sec on the last 200 m, I finished at 8.41,56 – new personal best. (At indoor track one and a half year ago I got 8.31, but that is not quite comparable with an ordinary outdoor track.)

Two years ago I ran the same race. Then I had a faster start at the race, but was running slower for each round, and used 8.49. Last time I was running with spikes, but this time I used ordinary running shoes. I think that is best for me since I am not used to run with spikes. This race was a good feedback for me, but I hope to be able run to faster later this season.

Trondheimsleker i friidrett under flotte forhold, Kondis.no
Posted on 06 Jun 2007 by Øystein
Norwegian Championship in Ultra-long distance
Map NM Ultra-long, part 1 Map NM Ultra-long, part 2 Today the Norwegian Championship in Ultra-long distance was held in Trondheim. Trollelg organized a nice event with challenging courses and good variation in types of terrain. The start was at the top of the ski-center in Vassfjellet, and the finish close to the biggest shopping-center south of Trondheim.

Audun Weltzien won the men’s class in front of Stig Alvestad and Håvard Lucasen. Marianne Andresen won the women’s class with huge margin. Olav Lundanes and Mariann Ulvestad were best in the junior classes. I was not running because it has been a lot of competitions so far in the season and I now want to have a good training-period before the World Cup starts in the middle of June.

Vant NM Ultralang, NOF
Posted on 26 May 2007 by Øystein

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