300 pictures from WOC in Ukraine
Pictures from WOC Pictures from WOC Now you can find almost 300 pictures from whole the WOC in Ukraine.

I will not be home in Trondheim many days, because already the coming weekend I am going to compete in
Euromeeting in Seefeld in Austria. The program is Sprint on Friday, Relay on Saturday and Long distance on Saturday. The terrains look really nice, so I am looking forward the races and some days with holiday there.
Posted on 28 Aug 2007 by Øystein
Map from disappointing WOC Sprint
Map from Sprint Final WOC 2007, Ukraine Yesterday’s Sprint Final in the World Orienteering Championships in Ukraine was a disappointment for me. Thierry Gueorgiou won by less than one second down to Matthias Merz, while I came at 14th place, almost one minute behind.

I had problems to find the paths to the 2nd and 3rd control, and got stuck in some nettles. To the 5th control I took a very bad route-choice, and lost 30 seconds compared the route-choice to the right. Not so easy to that I should loose so much time, but the little path at the last part of the leg was really bad. At the 5th control I was already 49 seconds behind Merz, and it did not help that I was running OK for the rest of the course.

Posted on 27 Aug 2007 by Øystein
Pictures from WOC in Ukraine
Pictures from WOC WOC 2007, Ukraine Now you can find my pictures from the first week of WOC in Ukraine. The finals have started OK for the Norwegian Team, with bronze medal both for Marianne Andrsen on Middle and Anders Nordberg on Long.

Tomorrow is the Relay. Both Holger Hott and Audun Weltzien, who was not finishing the Long because of stomach problems, are now recovered and on the Relay-team. I am reserve for tomorrow and will be well prepared for Sunday’s Sprint Final. The team-order is Holger, Anders and Audun for the men and Ingunn Weltzien, Marianne Andersen and Anne Margrethe Hausken for the women.
Posted on 24 Aug 2007 by Øystein
Map from the Middle Qualification
Map from Middel Qual WOC 2007, Ukraine Today’s Middle Qualification went very bad for me, and I did not qualified for Wednesday’s Final. I did several mistakes at around one minute each, and came on 20th place in my heat, 7 minutes behind the winner Thierry Gueorgiou. Results

The terrain was very diffuse with much vegetation, and I had problems to hold the right direction in to the controls. I had hoped the terrain should be faster with better visibility, like the terrains we have trained in (like Ukraine Champs Middle
Qual and Final from this spring). All the other Norwegians qualified for the Final. Now I am just going to relax, train easy, watch the other Finals and look forward to Sundays Sprint Final.
Posted on 20 Aug 2007 by Øystein
Qualified for the Sprint Final
Map from Sprint Qual WOC 2007, Ukraine Today’s Sprint Qualification went OK for me, and I qualified for next Sundays final with an 8th place in my heat, 47 seconds behind the outstanding Thierry Gueorgiou. My race was not so good, and I lost around 15 seconds when I first visited a wrong control near my 2nd control and also lost some seconds a few other places. But the most important was that all Norwegians qualified for the final. Tomorrow it is Long Qualification, while I am going to run the Model Event for Mondays Middle Qualification.
Posted on 18 Aug 2007 by Øystein
Ready to start WOC in Ukraine 18th – 26th August
WOC 2007, Ukraine Tomorrow the World Orienteering Championship in Orienteering is starting in Kiev in Ukraine. I am going to run the sprint, middle and maybe the relay, and think that is a program that suits me well.

We arrived to Kiev yesterday, and have been running Model Event today. The weather is nice, and the conditions are similar to our last training-camp here in the end of June. My preparations have gone almost as I had planed, and I am now really looking forward to the first race.

My program for WOC 2007:
Saturday 18th August: Sprint Qualification
Monday 20th August: Middle Qualification
Wednesday 22nd August: Middle Final
Saturday 25th August: Relay (team selected 23rd August)
Sunday 26th August: Sprint Final
Posted on 17 Aug 2007 by Øystein
Summary from WOC training-camp in Ukraine
WOC 2007, Ukraine Map from training in Ukraine The Norwegian Team arrived today in Kiev for the World Orienteering Championship in Orienteering which will take place in Ukraine the coming week.

To display for you how the orienteering and daily life can be here I thought it could be good to publish a summary I made for Wing OKs club-paper after our training-camp here last autumn. The article is in Norwegian and can be read bellow:
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Posted on 16 Aug 2007 by Øystein
2nd place in WC-5 Sprint in O-ringen
 Map WC-5 Sprint Wednesday the last World Cup race during O-ringen took place, with a Sprint in Mjölby. I did a very good race, and came at 2nd place, only 5 seconds behind the WC-leader Thierry Gueorgiou. Emil Wingsted followed only one second behind me.

The race was close to the O-camp, and several thousand spectators made a great atmosphere around the race. It was again a good day for the Norwegian team, with Marianne Andersen at 2nd place. Simone Niggli won with huge margin, as so often before.

This was clearly my best international performance this year, and a nice feedback for the last weeks of training before WOC in Ukraine in August. Now I will have some easy day’s home, before I go to Beitostølen for training in the Norwegian mountains.

Results at O-ringen Online
Posted on 27 Jul 2007 by Øystein
Map from WC-4 Middle in O-ringen
 Map WC-4 Middle Today the 2nd race in O-ringen took place, with Middle distance for the World Cup classes. Thierry Gueorgiou, who was not running yesterday, won with huge margin to Anders Nordberg, who also was 2nd yesterday. I did several smaller mistakes, and finished at 19th place, 4 min behind Thierry’s fantastic time.

It was a good day for the Norwegian men, with all 7 runners in the A-final among the 25 best. In the women’s class Tatyana Riabkina won in front of Heli Jukkola and Anne Margrethe Hausken. Tomorrow it is sprint in Mjöly, the last WC-event during O-ringen and the distance that suits me best.

Results at O-ringen Online
Posted on 24 Jul 2007 by Øystein
Maps from WC-3 Mass-start in O-ringen
 Map, part 1 Map, part 4 Today’s long-distance mass-start in O-ringen was a great day for the Norwegian Team. Audun Weltzien won in front of Anders Norberg. I did some mistakes at the first short loop, and was a few minutes after the lead at the first map-exchange. The two next loops went better, and I ran out on the last loop 4 minutes behind Audun and the other runners in the lead. The long last loop went well, and I could finish as the first runner in a big group, at 12th place, 4.50 behind Audun.

Results at O-ringen Online
Posted on 23 Jul 2007 by Øystein

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