Pictures and maps from WC Final in Switzerland and Training Camp in Czech
Map from Relay-training Parts of The Norwegian Team The last days of the Training Camp in Czech Republic also went well, and I were really tired when I came home on Saturday.

Thursday we had a Relay-training together with some of the other nations. In the beginning it was a lot of runners, but after the forked 5th control Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen, Holger Hott and I were able to get a gap to the rest of the runners. After that we ran together and changed on being in the lead, but to the 3rd-last control Holger had a shorter forking than Audun and I, and was able to finish around one minute in front of us.

Public-control from Sprint in Switzerland Friday we had a Running-test, where we ran a marked loop 3 times. The loop was 2 km with 150 meters climbing, and it had been put out 14 controls, so we could see how fast we were in different types of terrain. Audun Weltzein was fastest, and the other runners followed within two minutes. The most interesting I can see out of the splits is that Håvard Lucasen was running much faster then me down-hill.

Pictures and maps from all trainings in Czech.

You can also find
pictures and maps from the World Cup Final in Switzerland. On the picture to the right you can see the public-control I passed without punching on the Sprint, and lost a possible victory.
Posted on 17 Oct 2007 by Øystein
Maps from WOC 2008 training in Czech
Map from Middle-training Map from Long-training The Norwegian Team has now been three days on training camp for next years WOC in Czech Republic. We are living in Zlaty Hory, close to the Polish-boarder, together with many other nations.

Yesterday we had the first hard session, a Middle distance in a very nice terrain. Audun Weltzien was fastest, with Holger Hott and me on the following places. Today we ran parts of a Long distance in fast speed. Holger was now fastest, but Olav Lundanes was only one minute after. I was running OK on the first part of the course, but was really heavy in my thighs and lost much time on the last legs.

Maps from all trainings in Czech
Posted on 10 Oct 2007 by Øystein
Maps from WC Final in Switzerland
Map from WC Middle Post Finance Sprint, Switzerland This years World Cup Finals has in the weekend been held in the small city Stein am Rhein in Switzerland.

Saturday it was a long Middle distance, with 47 minutes winning time. I did a quite good technical race, but lost half a minute on the route choices to the 7th and 10th control. My running shape was not the best, and the steep uphill’s was tough. Thierry Gueorgiou won “as always”, and I came 18th, 4 minutes behind. It was only 50 seconds up to the 9th place, so if I had run one minute faster I would have been satisfied with the result.

Map from WC Sprint, part 2 Map from WC Sprint, part 1 Today the last World Cup race was held with a Sprint in the old city. I ran an almost perfect race, and finished at the best time. But I had forgotten to punch on the public control after the map exchange (10th control), and was disqualified. Thierry, who used 4 seconds more than my time (13.14), was therefore the winner also today. I was of course irritated because I missed the punching, but it was really good to see that I can fight for the victory with a good race.

In the Overall World Cup I felt from a 9th to a 12th place, but with top-3 result today I would have been 6th overall. Thierry and Simone Niggli won clear overall after 7 victories each. Several other runners did also miss the punching at the public control today (which was the same as the last control), among them Marianne Andersen, who also lost a top-6 position overall. Anders Nordberg was best Norwegian overall with a 2nd place.

WOC 2008, Czech Republic IOF World Cup Tomorrow morning we will travel to Czech for the first WOC 2008 Training Camp. There we will meet 10 more Norwegian runners. Many other nations are going there at the same time, and we will stay north-east in Czech and train in relevant terrain for WOC, which will be held in Olomouc in the middle of July 2008. We are going to have training-competitions in Sprint, Middle, Long and Relay, so it will be a hard training camp straight after the WC Final.
Posted on 07 Oct 2007 by Øystein
Norwegian Championship in Cross Country Running
NM-terrengløp 2007, Rindal Sunday the Norwegian Championship in Cross Country Running was held in Rindal, one hour drive south-west from Trondheim. The Men’s senior class had many strong runners, so I looked forward to tough competition. The course was 10 km, and started with two short loops of 500 m on grass around the arena, followed by 3 loops of 3 km on paths around a small lake.

I disposed my race quite well, and finished on 13th place, 2.18 behind Urige Buta, who won with 52 seconds. Audun Weltzien was some seconds in front of me the whole race, and finished on 10th place. In the Women’s senior class Ingunn Weltzien got a strong 3rd place, while Elise Egseth came 9th and Guro Flatekval 10th.

Results and article with pictures on
Posted on 23 Sep 2007 by Øystein
Selected for the WC-final and WOC-training
WOC 2008, Czech Republic Post Finance Sprint, Switzerland After last weekends Norwegian Championship the Norwegian Federation has selected the team for both the World Cup Final in Switzerland 6th and 7th October and WOC 2008 Training Camp in Czech 8th – 13th October.

IOF World Cup To the World Cup Final there are only selected 3 men and 3 women, the runners who have chances for at top 10 positions overall. In the Overall World Cup I am at the moment on a 9th place, but with good chances to climb for a top 6 position after the Middle and Sprint in Switzerland.

To the WOC 2008 Training Camp there are selected 16 runners. Many other nations are going there at the same time, and we will stay north-east in Czech and train in relevant terrain for WOC, which will be held in Olomouc in the middle of July 2008. We are going to have training-competitions in Sprint, Middle, Long and Relay, so it will be a hard training camp straight after the WC-final.

The Norwegian team for Switzerland and Czech
Posted on 22 Sep 2007 by Øystein
Norwegian Championship Relay
Map from NM Relay Sunday the Relay ended last weeks Norwegian Championship, and Wing had as usual a strong team. After two silver-medals and one bronze-medal the four last years we hoped to fight for the top-positing this year.

New for the Relay this year was that it was used Macro-controls. Macro is a sort of forking, and there are several control close to each other, and no use of codes on the Macro-control. If you punch on wrong Macro-control you get a penalty loop of around 50 seconds. It was also normal forking. Macro has been discussed a lot in Norway, and not may was positive to it before the race. This was only the second big race with Macro, and I think also it can have been the last, since most of the people who were positive to Macro in the federation have quitted or will quite soon.

Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen and Stig Alvestad ran really god at the first two lags, and both came in alone in the lead. I went out on the last leg with a 30 seconds gap down to Kristiansand, and also Halden, Nydalen, Tyrving and Bækkelaget following within two minutes.

My race started well, and I went straight to my 1st control, which also was a macro-control. On the 3rd control I had a bit longer forking than Holger Hott and Mattias Karlsson, and they got contact out of the 4th control. On the 5th control I had a shorter forking, but to the 6th control I lost some time in the green forest before the control, and when I found the control I meet Holger and Mattias who had taken a route-choice through the road from their 5th control.

The 7th control was the next macro-control, and I found the right one quite easy also there. The middle part of the course went OK technical, but with not so fast running, and on the long leg to the 14th control Anders Nordberg and Audun Weltzien caught us up.

The group split up a little bit to the 15th control, which was the third macro-control. I came almost to my control, but could not see it. Anders was running further down, who was for sure wrong for me, while the other tree punched on a control higher up to the left. Since I could not see any control where I was I decided to go for the control to the left. It was a stone, and the control-flag was on the same side of it as shown on my control description. But unfortunately it was wrong, as you can see on the map.

The last macro-control was the 17th, and it went also well. To the passing of the arena I came together with the 4 other team. Tyrving, Kristiansand and Bækkelaget got zero penalty loops, I got one loop, while Halden got as much as 3 penalty-loops.

The order of the teams was unchanged on the last short loop of orienteering, and Tyrving won in front of Kristiansand and Bækkelaget, while Wing came on 4th place. A disappointing result after the excellent start-position Audun and Stig gave me.
Posted on 20 Sep 2007 by Øystein
Norwegian Championship Middle distance
Map from NM Middle Qual Map from NM Middle Final The Middle distance on last weeks Norwegian Championship was held with Qualification on Friday and Final on Saturday.

The Qualification started well for me, and I was leading my heat at the 9th control. But at the long leg to the 10th control I am climbing to high in the middle part of the leg, and am coming to much to the right. I understand quite fast where I am, but I am also missing the control and loose 2.30 on the leg. When I find the control Ivar Haugen, who is wining my heat, catches me up by 2 minutes. But I qualifies to the Final with a 7th place.

In the Final I am missing 40 seconds on the first control. Many runners had problems to read the map in this area, and I am visiting two wrong controls before I find the right one. The rest of the course goes OK, except some smaller mistakes. My result is again a 9th place, almost two minutes behind the Danish winner Mikkel Lund.
Posted on 19 Sep 2007 by Øystein
Norwegian Championship Long distance
Map from NM Long, part 1 Map from NM Long, part 2 Last weekend this year Norwegian Championship in Long, Middle and Relay were held close to Hamar.

On Thursday’s Long distance my result was a 9th place. I was 6 minutes behind the winner Anders Nordberg, but only 48 seconds from the bronze-medal. I lost most time on the longer legs to the 3rd and 13th control, where I lost contact with the map and was two and a half and one minute behind Anders. The rest of the course went OK, but I did smaller mistakes to some of the controls. My best leg was to the 9th control, where I found a very good route, and got the best split-time.
Posted on 18 Sep 2007 by Øystein
District Champion in Relay
Map from MNM Relay  Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen, me and Stig Alvestad on the winning team in MNM Relay One week ago the District Championship for the middle part of Norway was held in Steinkjer. Sunday I was running the Relay and Wing had several strong teams, with Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen, Stig Alvestad and me on the first team. Audun ran a good leg and changes over to Stig just a second after Mathias Bjugan, who gave both out two best teams a perfect start. Stig ran also well and managed to get a 3 min gap to Frol. I ran OK at the last leg, but was not in my best shape, and did also a one and a half minute mistake at the 12th control. We won quite comfortable, and Frol and NTNUI followed at the next places.

Results and pictures
Posted on 17 Sep 2007 by Øystein
Euromeeting in Seefeld
Map from Sprint Map from Relay One week ago I was running Euromeeting in Seefeld in Austria. The terrain was hilly, but nice and challenging.

Fridays Sprint did not go so well for me. I twisted my ankle easily to the 2nd control so the running-speed was a bit reduces after that. To the 8th control I lost 15 seconds and to the 16th control I took a bad route-choice through the city. At the 17th control the SI-unit was dead, and I was not punching manually in the map, so I was disqualified from a 4th place. Anders Holmberg won in front of Magne Dæhli and Erik Rost. Jon Pedersen and Håvard Lucasen followed on the next places, so it was a good start for the Norwegian men.

Finish of the Relay Saturdays Relay was a tight battle. Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen and Håvard Lucasen ran well at the first two legs, and changed over close to the lead. I could run out at the last leg as 4th team, 30 seconds behind a group of Switzerland, Sweden and Finland. It was a lot of forking, and I ran most of the lag alone, but at the end I came together with Sweden and Finland. It was a tight finish, but I took the lead to the last controls, and could finish as the first team, a few second before Sweden’s Matias Millinger. Results

Map from Long Sunday I ran my first normal Long distance this year, and it was a good experience. My shape was not the best, but I tried to held stabile pace the whole course, and take good and easy route-choices on the longer legs. But I did some smaller mistakes of around 30 second several places, and that is not good enough. Håvard Lucasen won after a good performance again, while I came at 5th place, 2 minutes behind. Results

Jon Pedersens
pictures from Euromeeting
Posted on 10 Sep 2007 by Øystein

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