Ready for WOC Sprint in Trondheim
WOC 2010, Trondheim The World Orienteering Championship in Trondheim starts tomorrow with the Sprint. I have been looking forward to this race for a long time, and my preparations have gone well. The last month I have been home in Trondheim and peaking my shape with good sprint and interval trainings.

Two days ago Elise Egseth and I was interviewed on NRK TV about how it is to run the WOC Sprint in our hometown. Adressa has wrote about the technology in WOC.

The Sprint Final can be watched live on NRK 1 (Norwegian television) or from 13.45 – 15.50 Sunday 8th August. WOC 2010 Live
Posted on 07 Aug 2010 by Øystein
Selected for WOC Sprint
WOC 2010, Trondheim The Norwegian team for the World Orienteering Championship in Trondheim was today presented, and I am selected to run the sprint. I had of course hoped to run more distances, and had also focused on long and relay in my preparation for the season. But I was not running good enough in the selection races, and can now fully focus on my favourite distance in the last preparations. Several Norwegians are running good at the moment, and I think we have a really strong team on all distances for the championship on home ground.

Norwegian WOC selection
Posted on 07 Jul 2010 by Øystein
WOC-selection Long in Verdal
WOC-selection Long, Verdal Today the last WOC-selection race in Verdal was arranged with a though Long distance.

I was running OK the first hour of my race, and was than on a 6th place, 4 minutes behind the lead. But the last part of the race was though, and I did also one big and several smaller mistakes, and finished on a 9th place, 11 minutes behind Olav Lundanes.

Results, splits and online controls
Route Gadget
GPS tracking (only for the Swedish course)
Posted on 04 Jul 2010 by Øystein
WOC-selection Middle in Verdal
WOC-selection Middle, Verdal Today the WOC-selection races in Verdal continued with Middle distance. I did an OK race, and came 6th of the Norwegian runners, 3 minutes behind Audun Weltzien.

I did two bigger mistakes where I lost 30 seconds each of the places. To the 7th control I came too high and to the 14th control I followed the wrong cliffs and came too much to the right. I also lost some seconds a few other places.

Results, splits and online controls
Route Gadget
GPS tracking (only for the Swedish course)
Posted on 03 Jul 2010 by Øystein
WOC-selection Sprint in Verdal
WOC-selection Sprint, Verdal This weekend both Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Ireland have WOC-selection races in Verdal, 90 km north of Trondheim.

Tonight the first of three races where held with a Sprint in Verdal city. I did a good performance, and was able to win three seconds in front of Anders Skarholt. My biggest mistake was to the 9th control, where I could have run more straight, and lost 5 – 10 seconds.

Results, splits and online controls
Route Gadget
GPS tracking (only for the Swedish runners, but same course as Norway)
Posted on 02 Jul 2010 by Øystein
Final of Nordic Tour in Norway
Nordic Tour, Chasing start Last Saturday the final of the Nordic Orienteering Tour were held with a Chasing start in connection with O-festivalen from Raufoss in Norway. After the Sprint in Stockholm I had advanced to a 5th place, and was starting 2.35 behind Daniel Hubmann.

I got a good start of my race, and together with Hertner and Novikov I caught up time to the runners starting first. On the 6th control I was only 1 minute behind Hubmann, Weltzien and Müller, but to the 7th control I did a parallel mistake, and lost more than 2 minutes. I was then passed by a big group, and was running the forking alone. Before we passed the arena I got contact with some other runners, and could finish first in the group on a 13th place. Results, splits and online controls

GPS tracking
Web-TV: Women and Men, 26th June
Norsk seier i Nordic Orienteering Tour, Adressa 26th June
Posted on 01 Jul 2010 by Øystein
Knockout Sprint in Stockholm
Nordic Tour, Sprint Quailfication Nordic Tour, Sprint Quaterfinal Last Tuesday the Nordic Orienteering Tour continued with the second stage in Stockholm. The race was a new format with a Knockout Sprint.

The Qualification was a normal sprint course from the University at Djurgården. I did a quite good race, and came 8th, 35 sec behind Matthias Müller.

The 30 best qualified to the Quarterfinals’ from the same place a few hours later. The 2 best from each of the 5 heats (pluss 2 best times) qualified for the semifinal. I was in a strong quarterfinal heat, and everybody was starting hard. To the 4th control I took the route choice to the right, and lost 10 seconds to Hertner, Öberg and Haldin. To the 8th control I took different from Hertner and Öberg, and was able to pass them, but when I also took different to the 9th control I was again behind them. The finish was really hard, and I was able to finish as 2nd runner, on the same second as Hertner and Haldin.

Nordic Tour, Sprint Semifinal Nordic Tour, Sprint Final Before the Semifinals’ we got a few hours rest and moved to Gamla Stan (Old Town) in the middle of Stockholm. All runners in my heat was again starting really fast, and I was last most of the race. After the map change I was able to pass 3 runners, and could finish as 3rd runner, only 1 sec behind Hertner and Lysell. Luckily my time was good enough to still qualify for the final.

In the Final I got a better start, and was 2nd in the begging of the race, behind Herter who was running fast in the lead. I took a different route choice a few places, but was still a few meters behind him. Before the map change I gave a few seconds gap to Hertner, and was passed by Lysell and Gonon. I had hoped to be able to advance in the end, like in the semifinal, but I was too tired. To the last control I again took a different route choice, but was still on the same place, and could finish as 4th runner, 9 sec behind Hertner.

Results and splits from Qual, Quaterfinal, Semifinal and Final

I think the concept with Knockout sprint worked well, and can be developed further. Even without forking most of the runners (al least in my heats) was choosing different routes where it was possible. But it was really tough with 4 races in one day, and I needed several days with only short and easy training to recover.

Web-TV, 22nd June
Må bli enda «råere», Adressa 23rd June
Posted on 28 Jun 2010 by Øystein
Nordic Tour and Jukola in Finland
Nordic Tour, Middle + Sprint Last week I travelled to Finland for participation in the new concept Nordic Orienteering Tour. After races in Finland and Sweden there will be a chasing start in connection with O-festivalen in Norway.

The first race last Thursday was a combination of Middle distance and Sprint. First we were running 5 km in forest, before we changed to a sprint-map with a 3 km course on in the city Tuusula. I did a quite good performance, but lost some seconds in the butterfly loops. My result was a 10th place, 1.21 behind Daniel Hubmann. My team mate Audun Weltzien did a great race and came second. Results, splits, GPS tracking and Web-TV.

Jukola After the race in Tuusula I stayed in Finland for the weekend with my club Wing OK to run the last leg in the World’s biggest orienteering relay Jukola, this year with new record and more than 1500 men’s and 1000 women’s teams.

The other guy’s in the team did variable performances in the though and challenging terrain, and sent me out as 43rd runner. I did a stable race, and my only big mistake was to the 16th control, where I lost one minute. When I finished as 33rd runner I was quite satisfied, but then I was told by the organizer that I was missing the punching on my 5th control. I remember I had been on a wrong control (151, to the right on the map), but was sure I had punched a control with the right code (138) afterwards. As you can see on my GPS-route I have never been on the control to the left, and I feel really sorry for disqualifying the whole team. The best performance of the night in our team was done by Tore Berdal, who had an impressive 4th best time on his 4th leg. Results and GPS tracking.
Posted on 24 Jun 2010 by Øystein
Trondheim Open as WOC preparation
Trondheim Open, Sprint Trondheim Open, Middle Last weekend my club Wing OK arranged the three day competition Trondheim Open with many good runners, GPS tracking and big screen and great atmosphere at the arena. The whole Swedish National Team was competing as part of their WOC preparation.

In Friday’s sprint I won the race and in Saturday’s Middle distance I was 3rd in (behind Nordberg and Wingstedt). I was not running Sunday’s chasing start, and Anders Nordberg won overall.

Results and GPS tracking.
Posted on 17 Jun 2010 by Øystein
Maps and pictures from EOC in Bulgaria
EOC Relay, Primorsko, Bulgaria EOC in Bulgaria Last week the European Champs were held in Primorsko in Bulgaria. The short version is that is was nice weather, I did a good last leg in the Relay (4th best time, less than one minute behind and Gueorgiou and Merz), and the Sprint and Long went far from what I had hoped (22nd and 33rd place).

I will maybe write more from Bulgaria later, but I think my maps, pictures and the results tells more then thousand words.
Posted on 13 Jun 2010 by Øystein

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