Maps and pictures from World Cup in Idre
Map from Ski-o WC Mass-start, loop 1 Map from Ski-o WC Long, loop 1 The last week I have been on World Cup in Ski-orienteering in Idre in Sweden. It was excellent conditions, with a lot of snow, great tracks and possibilities to make short-cuts almost where you wanted. My individual results was not as good as I had hoped, and after the first two events I am now on an 18th place in the overall World Cup. Before the orienteering-technique has been my strongest side in ski-o, but now I lost too much time because of bad map-reading. On the mass-start I also lost some time when I broke a skiing-pole on the end of the last loop, while I on the long-distance lost much time on short-cut in totally wrong direction.

Map from Ski-o WC Relay I was therefore looking forward to do a good race on Friday’s Relay. But the 1st leg on the Norwegian 1st team went really bad for me. Out of the common 3rd control I was in the leading group together with around 8 other teams. On the way to the 4th control all the others followed a track more to the left then I wanted to go to find my control. I followed my plan and took a short-cut straight on, and passed a skating track.

Lars Moholdt after his leg But when I reached the next skating-track it was a lot of different types of tracks and I couldn’t find out exactly where I was. I could see some of the other skiers to the left of me, so I just followed some tracks along the march to where I expect the control to be. I couldn’t find any control there, but saw a control to the left of me and follow the track even longer in that direction. It was of course wrong control, and now I understood that I was in another forking close to my 5th control. I had to ski back 250 m, and when I reached my control I had lost as much as 3.40.

The Norwegian Team The rest of the course I was skiing alone and picked up slower skiers. The orienteering went OK, and I changed over to Lars Moholdt 4 minutes behind Sweden in the lead. Lars did a quite good leg before Eivind Tonna did a great finish with one of the best leg-times. We ended on an 8th place, 6 min behind the winning team from Sweden. The Norwegian 2nd team with Øyvind Watterdal, Ove Sætra and Øyvind Lund was quite close behind us on a 10th place.

The homepage for Ski-o World Cup in Idre with results
Posted on 16 Dec 2007 by Øystein
Long distance World Cup in Idre
The women’s Relay team Ski-o World Cup Today’s Long distance in the ski-orienteering World Cup in Idre was a tough race with two longer loops and 25 km in total. I did an OK race, but lost 1.30 min on a bad shortcut which went in wrong direction and I took also a few not so good route choices. I started in the middle of the field, and I think the shortcuts were better for the last runners.

Peter Arnesson from Sweden was again outstanding, and won by more than 2 minutes. Eivind Tonna got a strong 4th place. It was a lot of Norwegina around med on the result-list, with Lars Moholdt on 18th, me on 19th, Øyvind Lund on 20th and Øyvind Watterdal on 21st place. The women’s class was won by Tatiana Kozlova, with Marte Reenaas on 6th place. Hans Jørgen Kvåle won angina the junior-class, and can be strong in JWOC in Bulgaria in February.

The Norwegian Relay-teams for tomorrow:
Men 1: Øystein Kvaal Østerbø, Lars Moholdt, Eivind Tonna
Men 2: Øyvind Watterdal, Ove Sætra, Øyvind Lund
Women: Marianne Mellbye Larsen, Anne K. Hovind, Marte Reenaas

The homepage for Ski-o World Cup in Idre with results
Posted on 13 Dec 2007 by Øystein
World Cup in Idre with tight mass-start
Top-3 in the men’s class Ski-o World Cup Today’s Middle distance with mass-start in the ski-orienteering World Cup in Idre started well for me. I took my own route choice to the first control, and was among the first runners on most of the first loop. But in a steep down hill at the end of the first loop I fall and broke one of my skiing poles. I lost almost one minute before I got a new pole when we passed the stadium for the map exchange.

The two last loops went OK, but I lost some time on a few bad short cuts and in the double pulling in the steep uphills with scooter tracks. It was a lot of short cuts between the skiing tracks, and not easy to choose the best one. I finished as 17th runner, 3 minutes behind Peter Arnesson from Sweden.

Marte Reenaas was in the lead in the women’s class before she broke a pole at the end of course, and finished as 2nd runner. But she had punched the wrong first control and was disqualified. Liisa Anttilla won. We will not get the maps before after the Relay on Friday, so I am sorry to say that I can not present any map yet.

The homepage for Ski-o World Cup in Idre with results
Posted on 11 Dec 2007 by Øystein
Comeback in Ski-o World Cup in Idre
Ski-o World Cup in Idre Lars Moholdt double pulling This week the World Cup in ski-orienteering are starting in Idre in Sweden. Tomorrow it is Middle distance with mass-start, Thursday Long distance and Friday Relay. Today we have been testing skies and been on Model Event and Opening Ceremony. The conditions are quite good here, with enough snow and nice tracks.

Most of the runners came directly to Idre from competitions and training camp in Orsa last weekend, but I came directly from Trondheim yesterday night because I have been home and prepared for an exam I will have in the beginning of next week. It has been good ski-conditions in Trondheim since the first week in November, so I have been able to train well on home ground the last Month. It is still early in the season, and I have only been competing in one race so far, but I am really looking forward to the first WC-race tomorrow.

I have not been doing so much ski-orienteering the last years, but this season I am back on the National Team and have been on most training camps during the summer and autumn. Orienteering had main focus until the season ended in the middle of October, but I have still been able to prepare quite well for the ski-orienteering. The main goal for the season is the European Champs in Switzerland in the middle of January, and I hope to be on my best level then. The two last WC-rounds in Bulgaria and Kazakhstan I have not planed to compete in, but you never know what will happen…

The Norwegian Team for WC in Idre
Posted on 10 Dec 2007 by Øystein
The Norwegian National Teams for 2008
Norges Orienteringforbund The Norwegian Orienteering Federation presented Monday the Elite- and Junior-group for 2008. There will also be selected a Development-group, with runners that have the potential to take international medals in the future. I am back in the Elite-group, where it will be 6 men and 4 women.

The training camps in 2008 will have focus on our main goal; the World Champs in Czech in July. But the European Champs in Latvia in May and the World Cup are also important events next year.

The Norwegian National Teams for 2008
Posted on 28 Nov 2007 by Øystein
Milslukern Cup at Sjusjøen
Map from NC-1 in Ski-o, loop 1 Lars Moholdt after the race Today the first race in the Norwegian Milslukern Cup in ski-orienteering was held at Sjusjøen near Lillehammer. The Middle-distance was also selection race for the World Cup in Idre in the middle of December.

Eivind Tonna was the winner, and I came at 5th place, 2 minutes behind. To the 4th control I lost almost one minute, because I didn’t understand where the short-cut I took was going. The rest of the course went OK, but the speed was not the best so early in the season.

Results and splits, routegadget and pictures
Posted on 25 Nov 2007 by Øystein
Ski-o-season starts at Sjusjøen
The ski-tunnel in Torsby It has now been snow in Trondheim more than two weeks, and my winter-training has started well with a lot of easy training on skies. Friday I traveled to Sjusjøen near Lilleahmmer, where it will be a training-camp for ski-orienteering until Monday.

Sunday the first competition in the Norwegian Milslukern Cup will be held, and it is also the first selection race for the Ski-orienteering World Cup in Idre in the middle of December.

On you can read a summary from the last training-camp for the Ski-orienteering Team, which was held in the ski-tunnel in Torsby in October.
Posted on 24 Nov 2007 by Øystein
O-galla and Holmenkollen Grand Prix
Map from Holmenkollen Grand Prix, loop 1 Thierry Gueorgiou and Line Hagman from the O-galla Last weekend the Norwegian O-galla were arranged at Holmenkollen Park Hotel in Oslo. During the dinner Saturdays night awards for 2007 were handed out. Anders Nordberg was selected as the best Norwegian orienteerer of 2007.

There were also several interesting seminars. Thierry Gueorgiou was a special guest, and he had two great talks about his orienteering-life, his preparation before races and his orienteering-technique.

Sunday Holmenkollen Grand Prix was arranged. It was a 8,2 km long mass-start-race with 3 forked loops and a lot of control. I was not in my best shape, but did a good technical race, and finished as 2nd runner, 24 seconds behind the “unbeatable” Thierry.

Pictures from the O-galla and results from Holmenkollen Grand Prix
Posted on 19 Nov 2007 by Øystein
Ski-conditions in Trondheim
Me skiing This week it started snowing and yesterday I tried the skies for first time in Trondheim this season. It was not much snow, but enough to make it possible to ski along a road in the top of Bymarka. After the skiing I ended the day watching Rosenborg beating Valencia 2 - 0 in Champions League, for the second time in two weeks:-)

Today I have been skating, and after more snow last night it was good conditions with no stones in the track. It is expected to be around zero degrees the rest of the week, so the ski-conditions will hopefully last for a while. I have been training quite well on roller-skies this autumn, and also been some days in the ski-tunnel in Torsby. But it is always great to get ski-conditions on home-ground so early, so you don’t have to travel to the snow to get ski-training.

Trondheim Skiklubb sin føremelding
Posted on 07 Nov 2007 by Øystein
Blodslitet in Fredrikstad
Map from Blodslitet, loop 1 Blodslitet Saturday I ran the traditional long-distance race Blodslitet in Fredrikstad. It was as usual a high class event, and the start-field was also this year good. The race had common start on the 25 km long course with 2.30 in winning time.

In the beginning it was 3 forked loops of 4 km each. I had planed to run with good control on the shorter loops, but lost some time a few places. Out on the 12 km long last common loop I was around 3 minutes behind a group lead by Audun Weltzien and Eirik Watterdal.

In the beginning of the last loop I came together with Mats Haldin, Rune Olsen, Anders Tiltnes, Ivar Haugen and Emil Lauri. To the 3rd control we lost the direction over the open area, and lost maybe one minute. The rest of the course went quite well, and we caught up Tuomas Tervo to the 10th control. On the last legs Haldin and Tervo was some seconds in front of me, and after I fall two times close to the last control it was impossible for me to catch them up, and I finished as the 8th runner, 3 minutes behind the winner Anders Nordberg. Results

After Blodslitet I went directly to the ski-tunnel in Torsby in Sweden for a training camp with the National Team in Ski-orienteering. It is the first time I am here, and we are going to stay here until Wednesday.
Posted on 21 Oct 2007 by Øystein

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