Middle distance in Ski-o WC
Map from Middle Ski-o WC and JWOC 2008, Bulgaria Today’s Middle distance in the Ski-orienteering World Cup in Bulgaria was a challenging race. Because of strong wind and snow the start was delayed one hour. I did a quite good race, and was best Norwegian on a 10th place, 4 minutes behind Erik Rost who won again.

Me from the finish It was several legs with route choices, and because of the wind and snow it was not so easy to know what was best. I lost almost 1 minute to both the 1st, 2nd and 13th control by taking the route choice to the left. Right was best on all these legs, but to the 7th control I had the best split time by going to left in connection with the water. Results and overall standing in the Ski-o World Cup.

We will not get today’s map before after tomorrows Relay, but you can look at the map from yesterdays Model Event and I have also drawn route choices from the Long distance. On the Relay I will have the 1st leg on the Norwegian 2nd team, followed by Eirik Watterdal and Øyvind Lund. The 1st team will be Øyvind Watterdal, Lars Moholdt and Eivind Tonna.
Posted on 17 Feb 2008 by Øystein
Long distance in Ski-o WC
Map from Long – loop 1 Pictures from Bulgaria Today’s Long distance with Mass start in the Ski-orienteering World Cup in Bulgaria was another good day for Norway. Lars Mohodt got a great 3rd place, only 12 seconds behind the winner Erik Rost. Øyvind Watterdal did also a good race, and was 5th, 1 min behind. Marte Reenaas came at 4th place, and Liisa Anttila won again. The Norwegian juniors did also good races in JWOC, and 7 of the 8 runners were among the 12 best.

Ski-o WC and JWOC 2008, Bulgaria I did not have any good race today, and got a 21st place, 7 minutes behind. In the beginning I had the longest forking, and had to go alone most of the race. On the last of the three loops I did also a big mistake, and lost more than 2 minutes. Results and overall standing in the Ski-o World Cup.
Posted on 15 Feb 2008 by Øystein
Great day for Norway in Bulgaria
Map from Sprint Pictures from Bulgaria Today’s Sprint in the World Cup and JWOC in Ski-orienteering in Bulgaria went really well for Norway. Sindre Jonsson Haverstad won the men’s junior class and Hans Jørgen Kvåle got bronze medal. In the women’s senior class Marte Reenaas came at 2nd place behind Liisa Anttila. In the men’s senior class Lars Mohodt and Øyvind Watterdal got a shared 7th place.

I did a good race, despite a fall to the last control where I lost around 15 seconds, and finished at 10th place. To the 3rd control I was one of very few runners who took a short-cut straight on. Two places there were on snow, and I look off the skies. Most runners went a long way around and lost around 40 seconds. Erik Rost took the same short-cut as me (but did not take off the skies were it was not snow) and won clearly.

Ski-o WC and JWOC 2008, Bulgaria Tomorrow it is Long distance with Mass start, which is maybe my best individual distance. It will be a really hard race where we have to go more than 30 km and think the winning time can be more than the expected 95 minutes. The Middle distance and Relay will be in another area, so we will get the maps after the Long distance.
Posted on 14 Feb 2008 by Øystein
Ski-o World Cup in Bulgaria
Pictures from Bulgaria Map from Model Event Yesterday I came to Bulgaria, where it will be World Cup and Junior World Orienteering Championship in Ski-orienteering the coming week. We are staying in Dospat, 200 km (and 5 hour bus-drive) south of Sofia.

Today it has been Model Event, and the conditions are really good with sun and nice tracks as you can see on my pictures. Tomorrow it will be Sprint and on Friday Long distance with Mass start. Sunday it is resting-day before the Middle distance on Sunday and Relay on Monday. Overall standing in the Ski-o World Cup.

Last time I was on Ski-o in Bulgaria was my first JWOC in 1999, and you can see the maps on the page with maps from Ski-o JWOC 1999 - 2001. Read more from the Norwegian Team on Ski-o.com.
Posted on 13 Feb 2008 by Øystein
Pictures from Portugal
Pictures from Portugal POM-2 You can now find all my pictures from last week’s training-camp with the Norwegian National Team in Portugal. The first days we were on the Algarve coast, and participated in Portugal O-meeting. I have now scanned all the maps, and you can find them in better quality on the page with maps from competitions spring 2008.

After POM we went some days to Evora, where we also were last year. At the last day of POM I felt pain behind my left knee when I was running, and I was not able to run the days in Evora. But I had three sessions with roller-skies and was also cycling through the sprint course in Evora City. The cycle-orienteering went well because I borrowed Holger Hotts map-holder for bike. I had to be really concentrated in the narrow streets with a lot of people and cars, and the technique was similar to ski-orienteering.

I have not tried to run since I came home, and I don’t need to either because tomorrow morning I am going to Bulgaria on Ski-o World Cup.
Posted on 11 Feb 2008 by Øystein
Maps from Ski-o in Oslo
NM Relay NC-6 You can now find maps from both yesterdays Norwegian Championship in Relay and today’s race in the Norwegian Cup in ski-orienteering which was held from Movann north of Oslo.

Today’s Middle distance went quite well except 30 sec lost on the route choice to the first control. I finished at 5th place, 1 min behind Øyvind Watterdal. The race was nice with fast tracks and many short-cuts.

Results from
Relay and Middle. Read more on ski-o.com and NOFs page.
Posted on 10 Feb 2008 by Øystein
Silver for Wing in the Norwegian Champs in Ski-o Relay
Wings women’s team with Marte Reenaas, Lene Bergersen and Elise Egseth Top-3 in the men’s class, with Wing on 2nd place, the winner Lillomaraka and Tønsberg on 3rd place The Norwegian Championship in Ski-o Relay was today held from Movann north of Oslo. Wing had strong teams in both classes, and hoped to fight for the medals.

In the men’s class Rasmus Korvald Skaare and Anders Hauge was in the lead after the first leg, with Wings Christian Hohl a few minutes behind. I had the short second leg, and changes over as fist runner. But Tønsberg and Lillomarka was less then one minute behind. On the last leg Lillomarkas Eivind Tonna passed Wings Lars Moholdt, and we won the silver medal.

On the first leg in the women’s class Elise Egseth did a great job for Wings team, and sent out Lene Bergersen in the lead. Marte Reenaas did a good last leg and passed two teams, but she was not able to catch up Lillehammers Valborg Madslien, and Wing won the second silver medal of the day.

Results will hopefully come soon on
ski-o.com. We will not get the maps before after tomorrow’s race in the Norwegian Cup which is in the same area.
Posted on 09 Feb 2008 by Øystein
POM – maps from all 4 days
POM-1 POM-2 Since last Thursday I have been in Portugal on a training-camp with the Norwegian National Team. The last four days Portugal O-meeting has been as arranged on the Algarve coast, and I have been running all the races. The terrains were not as nice as I had hoped, but maybe they did not choose the nicest pine forest because they wanted to make it more challenging. I have not been running so much the last months because of a lot of skiing, so I was not running fast on all races.

The first race on Saturday was a Middle distance close to where we lived in Tavira. I was running in moderate speed, and did a good technical race except to the 10th control. Anders Nordberg won clearly.

Sunday it was a Long distance close to Faro, and this race was also a World Ranking Event. I tried to run fast, but did some mistakes. I have not been running more than one hour for a long time, and the last part of the course was tough. Anders Nordberg won also this race.

POM-3 Monday it was a new Long distance in the same area as the previous day. I was running in easy speed, but did a good technical race. Jonn Are Myren was fastest.

POM-4 The last race on Tuesday was a Middle distance close to the Spanish border. The map-scale should be 1:10 000, but was actually 1:15 000, so many runner stopped to early to the first controls and lost time. The courses were also 50 % longer then they should be. I was running fast the fist half of the course, but then I suddenly felt pain behind my left knee, and had to walk the rest of the course. Erik Axelson was fastest at the last race.

Overall Oli Johnson won in front of my club-mates Stig Alvestad and Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen. In the Women’s class Laura Hokka won in front of Elise Egseth.
Results and the POM page

Yesterday I came to Evora where we are going to stay until we are going home tomorrow evening. I have not been able to run the last two sessions because the pain behind me knee, and have therefore been roller-skiing. But I hope to be able to run this evenings sprint in Evora City.
Posted on 06 Feb 2008 by Øystein
POM 2008 The coming months will be quite busy for me, with a lot of travelling to competitions and training-camps different places in Europe.

The sickness I had last week took a bit longer time than I had hoped, and I was 5 days without training. But from Tuesday this week I have been training as normal, and yesterday I went to Portugal for a one week long training-camp with the Norwegian National Team in Orienteering. We are staying on the Algarve coast, where we are going to take part in Portugal O-meeting the four coming days. The last two days we are going to train in Evora.

Ski-o maps 2007/2008 When I am coming home to Norway I will go direct to Oslo, where the Norwegian Championship in Relay and a race in the Norwegian Cup in Ski-orienteering will he held next weekend.

Almost straight after that weekend I am traveling to Bulgaria, where it is World Cup in Ski-orienteering. Before this winter I had not planed to take part in any more international competitions in Ski-o after EOC in Switzerland. But because it went quite well in Switzerland and I think it will be good to got some more international competitions before my big goal in Ski-o, next years Ski-o WOC in Japan, I decided to go to Bulgaria even if it will be very much travelling the coming weeks.

When we are talking about Ski-o I can inform you that I last weekend finally scanned the maps from the European Championship, and they can now be found on the page with
Ski-o maps from 2007/2008.

MOC 2008 In the end of February and beginning of March I am going to MOC in South-Italy. The first weekend there are three events, which in overall counts as Mediterranean Open Championship. The following week there is training, before it is two sprint events in the end. I am really looking forward to this trip to Italy, and hope it will be nice weather.

JK 2008 In the Easter I am going to JK in Great Britain, which this year are arranged close to Guildford south of London. It was World Cup there in 2005, and I have been the nice terrain there several times before. This year will be the 4th time in the last 5 years I am going to JK in the Easter, and it has always been a high quality event in all ways.
Posted on 01 Feb 2008 by Øystein
Pictures from Ski-o EOC in Engadin
Medal-ceremony for the Relay Skiing in beautiful Engadin Last weeks European Championship in Ski-orienteering was a very good experience. After the relay we had a nice banquet and ski-session in the top of the sunny Engadin valley before we went home after two wonderful weeks in Switzerland. You can find all my pictures from both Pre-camp in Andermatt and Ski-o EOC in Engadin.

Unfortunately I got sick yesterday, and have spent most of the last two days in bed. I felt really bad yesterday and got high fever. My temperature was as much as 40 last night, but now it on way down and I feel much better. I will hopefully be back in good shape soon, but the coming weekend Norwegian Championship in Ski-o will probably be too early for me.
Posted on 24 Jan 2008 by Øystein

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