Maps from JK in England
JK Sprint JK 2008 The Easter weekend I was south of London and competed in JK together with some team-mates from Wing. The races were held in the area around Guildford, where the World Cup was arranged in 2005.

JK Middle The Sprint was held at the University of Surrey in Guildford. It was a challenging course, and you had to be fully concentrated the whole race to avoid mistakes. I did a good race, and finished on a shared 2nd place with Scott Fraser, 11 seconds behind Daniel Hubmann. Sara Rollins won the women’s class 6 seconds in front of Elise Egseth. Results

The Middle distance was held on Leith Hill. I had been running the same distance there at the WC, and knew it was some very detailed areas which was difficult. Still I managed to loose the control when I came into the control circle to both the 4th and 5th control, and lost more than 3 minutes. The rest of the course went OK, and I finished in 24th position, 4 minutes behind Scott Fraser who caught me up when he ran straight on to the 14th control. Sara Rollins won again the women’s class, but now only 1 second in front of Elise Egseth, and with Helen Bridel just 1 second behind Elise. Results

JK Long JK Relay The Long distance was held in Ashdown Forest. The course was not the most interesting, except from a few route choices on some of the longer legs. I did a good technical race, and was satisfied even if my speed was not the best. Daniel Hubmann won by 3 minutes down to Graham Gristwood who was caught up by him at the public control. I came on 4th place, 4 minutes behind Hubmann, who also won JK overall in front of Gristwood and Babtiste Rollier. Elise Egseth won both the Long distance and JK overall in the women’s class. Results

The Realy was held in Eridge Old Park. I had planed not to run that race, but was the night before called up by Kristiansand OK and asked if I could run a leg for their 3rd team. I said yes because I thought it would be a good training, and got the short 3rd leg. But I was maybe not so focused and motivated for the relay, and did a really bad performance in the first half of the course. Kristiansand won double in the men’s relay and Wing won the women’s relay with Lene Bergersen, Helen Palmer and Elise Egseth on the team. Results
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JK south of London
WC sprint qual 2005, University of Surrey JK 2008 The last weekend in the Easter I am going to compete in JK in Great Britain, which this year will be arranged close to Guildford south of London. It is in the same area as the World Cup was arranged in 2005, and I have been in the nice terrain there several times before.

WC middle 2005, Leith Hill The start field is really strong this year with the best runners from Kristiansand OK, among them Daniel Hubmann, Holger Hott, Damien Renard and Babtiste Rollier, several times Junior World Champion Olav Lundanes and of course all the best British runners. The program is Sprint on Friday, Middle on Saturday, Long on Sunday and Relay on Monday.

This year will be the 4th time in the last 5 years I am going to JK in the Easter, and it has always been a high quality event in all ways. I will run all the individual competitions this year, but not the relay. Wing doesn’t have enough male runners to defend last years 2nd place in the JK Trophy, but we have a strong team in the women’s relay with Lene Bergersen, Helen Palmer and Elise Egseth.

The Sprint will be on the University of Surrey in Guildford and the Middle on Leith Hill, both really good maps from the World Cup in 2005. On
nopesport you can read sprint tips and elite insights from some of the best runners.
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10 km skating in the Norwegian Cross Country Ski Cup
Øystein Pettersen won the men’s sprint  Norwegian cross country skiing cup on Røros Since I came home from Italy I have been doing a lot of cross country skiing as easy training. Last weekend I was on my family’s cottage near Røros, where it was Norwegian Cross Country Ski Cup.

I have not competed in any cross country skiing races the last years, but because I had planned to train a hard session during the weekend I decided to make a late entry to Saturdays 10 km skating with individual start. I have only been doing a few sessions with skating since the Ski-o WC in Bulgaria in the middle of February, and looked at the competition as a good training session.

Still I was satisfied with my performance, and ended on a 48th place, 2.07 behind the Norwegian Champion Morten Eilifsen. I was also watching Fridays sprint and did some longer cross country skiing sessions during my stay at Røros.
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Mediterranean Cup and Grand Prix
Mediterranean CupMediterranean Grand Prix, part 1 On the last two days of the MOC Camp in Puglia in the south of Italy there were arranged two sprint races. Friday the Mediterranean Cup was held in the historical city of Trani. It was a lot of narrow streets in the city, and because of rain it was slippery and difficult to run with full speed. I did a good technical race, and shared the victory with Andreas Kraas from Estonia. Ionut Zinca from Romania was 3rd, 3 seconds behind. Elise Egseth won the women’s class with a big margin.

Saturday the Mediterranean Grand Prix was held from the famous
Castel del Monte. It was a special sprint race, with most of the course in the forest around the castle. I did a quite good first loop, but to the first control on the second loop I lost as much as 40 seconds because I could not find the pit inside the control circle. I also lost 10 seconds to the next control because I came to low in the hillside. Ionut Zinca won, with me on 2nd place, 5 seconds behind, and Sander Vaher from Estonia on 3rd place. Elise Egseth won again the women’s class with huge margin.
Posted on 09 Mar 2008 by Øystein
MOC Camp in Puglia in the south of Italy
Training Altamura Training Pineta del Catalano The last week I have been in Puglia in the south of Italy. The first weekend there were three events, which in overall counts as Mediterranean Open Championship. I did quite well on the races and was 3rd overall, behind the French stars Thirerry Gueorgiou and Froncois Gonon.

The last days have been spent on training, and we have been running on several interesting maps with both detailed counters and flat areas during the MOC Camp. I will thank the Italian National Team that let us participate in their mass-start training on Sunday and gave us maps to a compass-training we had today. On the page with maps from trainings 2008 you can see maps from most of the trainings I have had the last week.

This part of Italy has a lot of old towns that are great for sprint orienteering, and tomorrow and on Saturday the stay in Italy will be ended with two sprint races in Trani and Castel del Monte.

During the 11 day long stay in Italy I have been running 9 trainings in forest (including the races), will be running on 9 sprint-maps, and have 2 sessions on roller-skies. I brought with me the roller-skies because of the pain I have felt behind my left knee when running since I was in Portugal one month ago. I am still feeling a bit stiff around the knee when I am running, but the foot has been better since I came here even if I have been running two times almost every day and things now look great for the coming orienteering season:-)
Posted on 06 Mar 2008 by Øystein
MOC Middle distance
MOC Middle MOC 2008 Today the last race of MOC was held with a Middle distance with the coast one hour west of Taranto. The terrain was flat and it was important to keep the right direction. I did a quite bad performance, and had 3 mistakes of in total more than 2 minutes. Froncois Gonon won the race in front of Thirerry Gueorgiou. My result was a 13th place, 2.21 behind Froncois.

Overall Thirerry won in front of Froncois and me. In the women’s class Marianne Riddervold won also today. Overall Marianne won in front of Mhairi Mackenzie and Elise Egseth.

MOC Overall: Gueorgiou and Riddervold - maps and pics on World of O
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MOC Long distance
MOC Long, part 1 MOC Long, part 2 Yesterday the second race of MOC was held with a Long distance close to where we live near Taronto in Puglia in the south of Italy. The terrain was challenging with a lot of contours and tight vegetation. I did some smaller mistakes in the beginning, and on the way to the 6th control I was caught up by Thirerry Gueorgiou who started 2 min behind me. The rest of the course I was behind him, except when he did a small mistake I got the lead for a short while.

This is the first time I have been running together with Thirerry in the forest, and it was interesting to se how he is doing. I tried to run different routes from him where I thought it would be better, but it was not so easy because the best was mainly to run straight on and just avoid the greenest areas.

Thirerry won the race and took also over the lead in the overall. Froncois Gonon was 2nd and I 3rd, and we have also the same places overall before the final Middle distance.

In the women’s class there were some troubles with the results for the Sprint, and Elise Egseth showed finally out to be the winner. Marianne Riddervold won the Long distance, and took also over the lead in the overall. But it is several runners close behind her before the final Middle distance.

MOC Day 2 - WRE: Victory for Gueorgiou on World of O
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MOC Sprint in Oria
MOC Sprint, part 1 MOC Sprint, part 2 Today the first race of this year MOC in Puglia in South-Italy started with a city sprint in the historical Oria. It was a nice old city with a lot of narrow streets. I did a good race except one leg, and finished on a 3rd place, 21 seconds behind Froncois Gonon from France. To the 3rd control on the 2nd loop I could not understand that I could pass a wall, and lost 40 seconds because I ran a long way around. Tomorrow MOC continues with a Long distance close to where we live near Taronto.

MOC Champs: Map, results & pics on World of O
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Pictures and maps from Bulgaria
Pictures from Bulgaria Map from Middle Last weeks World Cup in ski-orienteering in Bulgaria was a great experience, and gave motivation to prepare even better for next winters World Championship in Japan. My first international ski-orienteering event was JWOC in Bulgaria in 1999, and also this time JWOC was held together with the World Cup. We had a really great spirit in the team, and both the juniors and seniors did good results.

You can now finally find all my pictures from Bulgaria and I have also scanned all the maps with route choices. On the Middle distance I lost almost 1 minute to both the 1st, 2nd and 13th control, and on the map to the right the best route choice is drawn in blue.

The last World Cup round is held Kazakhstan the first week in March, but I have now ended my ski-o season and will not participate there. It would have been really cool to go to Kazakhstan, but to prepare for the coming orienteering-season I am instead going to MOC in South-Italy for 11 days with orienteering. Overall standing in the Ski-o World Cup
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Map from great Relay in Ski-o WC and JWOC
Map from Relay Ski-o WC and JWOC 2008, Bulgaria Today’s relays in the ski-orienteering World Cup and JWOC went well for the all the Norwegian teams. I did a good first leg for our 2nd team, and changed over as 3rd runner, 35 seconds behind Øyvind Watterdal who was in the lead for the Norwegian 1st team. On the 2nd leg Lars Mohold managed to give Eivind Tonna more than one minute lead before the last leg. Eirik Watterdal did also a great 2nd leg for my team, and changed over as 4th runner, 2 minutes behind Lars. Eivind did not have his best shape, but finished on a strong 3rd place. Øyvind Lund did also a good last leg for my team, and we finished on 6th place.

In JWOC Norway got silver medal in the men’s class and bronze medal in the women’s class after good legs by all runners. Results and overall standing in the Ski-o World Cup.

You can now find the maps from both yesterday’s Middle distance and today’s Relay, but there will not be any route choices before I get home tomorrow.
Posted on 18 Feb 2008 by Øystein

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