Selected for the National Team in Ski-o
Me from Ski-o NM Relay 2007 The Norwegian National Team in Ski-orienteering was presented yesterday, and I am still among the runners at the Elite-group. After a few years with less focus on ski-o in 2005 and 2006 I have again competed on international level the last winter, with a relay bronze and individual sixth place from the European Championship as the best result. I think the ski-orienteering has gained me well, also as an orienteering runner, and I will continue with that the coming winter with the World Championship in Japan as the big goal.

Me skiing from Saksvikvollen close to Trondheim last Saturday It is still ski conditions close to Trondheim, and last week I had as much as 5 sessions on skies. The running training has of course the main focus this time of the year, but it is really nice and relaxing to have some easy skiing sessions in the sunny weather. On Sunday I was wearing only shorts and t-shirt while I was skiing. The right shoulder I dislocated two weeks ago is much better now, but I am not using the right arm much when I am skiing.

The Norwegian National Team in Ski-o 2008/2009
Posted on 01 May 2008 by Øystein
No Tiomila because of dislocated shoulder
When I wrote about the Norwegian Championship in Night Orienteering I did not mention anything about what happened during my race and why I was not running the two races in the Norwegian Craftcup the following days. After I had punched on the last control on the night race I fall and dislocated my right shoulder. I walked to the finish, and after around 15 minutes I got help from a doctor to get the shoulder into the right position again. This is the first time I have dislocated the shoulder, and therefore is it important that it not happen again soon, because then it can be a problem that it will happen often in the future.

Trondheim Sprintcup 3 The first two days I let the arm rest totally and I was not training at all. I took x-ray of the shoulder, but luckily it did not show that anything was broken. This week I have started to train again. Monday I was only cycling indoor, but after that I have been running every day and also had some sessions with cross country skiing (only using my left arm). Yesterday I was running the third race of Trondheim Sprintcup. I was running in moderate speed and was very carefull in the hills, but still I did a quite good race. Fastest time had the junior Ole Hartvik Skogstad from Gaula. Results

As I said I have to be careful so I don’t dislocate the shoulder again the coming weeks. Therefore I will not compete in this weekends Tiomila outside Stockholm in Sweden. In such a big relay with night orienteering and a lot of runners it is a big risk that I can fall and dislocate it again. My team Wing OK still has a good team
and will hopefully perform well during the whole night. Wing’s girls also have a strong team, and it will be exciting to follow both relays live on the web-TV.
Posted on 25 Apr 2008 by Øystein
Map from NM Night Orienteering
NM Night Friday the Norwegian Championship in Night Orienteering was held from Kjölen in Indre Østfold. The arena was only a few hundred meters from the border to Sweden, and the controls were both in Norway and Sweden. After individual start the last years it was again mass start this year in the night championship.

The terrain and course was challenging, but the forking was not so good. After the two longer legs most of the runners came in a big group to the butterfly. The runners were then split into 3 different loops. But the runners who had the same first loop had also the same course the rest of the race and it was build several big groups of runners who ran together the whole course.
The organizer should of course have used the opportunity the butterfly gave to have 6 different courses, but even better would have been to have several forked loops with map exchange.

Anders Nordberg and Lars Skjeset managed to get a gap during the butterfly, and came alone to the finish as first and second runner. After them it was a big group of 17 runners who had the same forking. I did a bad performance and finished as 34th runners, almost 10 minutes behind Nordberg. Several Wing runners did great performances, with silver to Elise Egseth in the women’s class and bronze to Tore Bjørseth Berdal in the men’s oldest junior class as the best result.
Posted on 23 Apr 2008 by Øystein
Maps and pictures from WOC-training in Czech
Training, Belkovice Pictures from Czech Last week several National Teams were in the area around Prostejov and Olomouc to train for the World Orienteering Championship which will be held in the Czech Republic this summer. The Norwegian Team had several good training sessions in relevant terrains, and you can see all the maps on the page with maps from trainings 2008.

We competed also in the Moravian Open Championship, and you can see the maps from all competition in good quality on the page with maps from all competitions the spring 2008. You can also find some pictures from the week in the Czech Republic.
Posted on 16 Apr 2008 by Øystein
Relay in Moravian Open Championship
Relay, Bouzov Yesterday the Norwegian Team finished the training-camp for WOC in Czech Republic by running the Relay in the Moravian Open Championship. It was a strong start field with several teams from all nations which were on training-camp and a lot of local teams. I was running the first leg for the Norwegian first team. My leg went quite well, except for some smaller mistakes. I was among the leading teams the whole leg, and could change over to Anders Nordberg on second place, 13 seconds behind Jan Prochazka from the Czech team.

Michal Smola did a great second leg for the Czech team, and changed over more than 3 minutes before a group consisting of Olav Lundanes Emil Wingstedt, Marian Davidik and Anders Nordberg. On the last leg Tomas Dlabaja secured the victory for the Czech team in front of Sweden’s David Andersson, Lars Skjeset for the Norwegian second team and Audun Weltzien for our team. Results
Posted on 14 Apr 2008 by Øystein
Long distance in Moravian Open Championship
Long, Ptensky zleb, part 1 Long, Ptensky zleb, part 2 Today the third event of the Moravian Open Championship was held with a Long distance. The race was won by Emil Wingsted in front of Anders Nordberg and Michal Smola.

I had planed to run in easy speed, but tried to be focused and do the same route choices as I would have done in a competition. Lena Eliasson won for the third day in row the women’s class, with Heli Jukola and Anne Margrethe Hausken on the following places. Results

Tomorrow it is Relay and I will run first leg for one of the Norwegian teams with Anders Nordberg and Audun Weltzien on the last two legs.
Posted on 12 Apr 2008 by Øystein
Sprint in Moravian Open Championship
Sprint, Hruby les, part 1 Sprint, Hruby les, part 2 Today the second event of the Moravian Open Championship was held with a long sprint course in both flat forest, open areas and city. The start field was strong even if many of the runners from Norway, Sweden and Finland were not competing today.

I did a good race, and finished on 5th place, 59 seconds behind Michal Smola. Andrej Khramov and Valentin Novikov were 2nd and 3rd. It was really tight, with 15 runners less then one minute behind me. Lena Eliasson won the women’s class also today. Results

Tomorrow it is Long distance and on Sunday Relay. After two sprint races the last two days I will not run fast tomorrow because I feel quite tired now and want to have some energy left to the Relay.
Posted on 11 Apr 2008 by Øystein
WOC-training in Czech and Sprint in Prostejov
Sprint, Prostejov This week the Norwegian National Team is in the Czech Republic on an officials training camp for WOC. It is a lot of nations here and we are also competing in the Moravian Open Championships which are held in the last part of the training camp.

Today the first competition was held with a sprint just outside the hotel where we live in Prostejov. It was possible to keep high speed the whole race, and necessary to do a clean race to be in the top. I did a good technical race, and came at 10th place, 31 seconds behind Emil Wingsted who won with 14 seconds. I have been a little bit tired the last days and was satisfied with my performance. Results
Posted on 10 Apr 2008 by Øystein
Trondheim Sprintcup in Chamonix
Trondheim Sprintcup 1, Chamonix Yesterday the first race of this season Trondheim Sprintcup was arranged by Wing on a new map called Chamonix. It is a small forest just outside Trondheim, and I think the area has got the name after the local people arranged their own winter games there at the same time as the Olympics were held in Chamonix in France in 1924. Morten Strand had made both a great map and course, and it was a pleasure to get perfect quality session on the new map.

Me skiing in Estenstadmarka last week I did a good race, and won in front of Lars Skjeset. The orienteering is going well at the moment, and the most I was behind the best split time was 5 seconds. Elise Egseth won the women’s class in front of Lene Bergersen. Results and splits

It is good conditions for training in Trondheim at the moment, with snow-free terrain near the coast, and still good ski conditions just 5 - 10 min drive from the city. This weekend Wing is going to have a training camp on Fosen with focus on night-orienteering and 10mila.
Posted on 04 Apr 2008 by Øystein
First race in Trondheim this season
Sprint, Ringve Me on way to the 7th control. Photo: Stig Alvestad Thursday my club Wing arranged as usual the first orienteering race in Trondheim for the season with the open club championship in sprint. The race was this year held on a partly new map around Ringve on Lade. I did a good race, and won with 23 seconds down to Lars Skjeset from NTNUI. Elise Egseth won the women’s class. Results

Stig Alvestad had made a good course with some challenging route choices in the almost totally snow free terrain. After the race we ran some intervals to get an even better session.
Posted on 28 Mar 2008 by Øystein

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