EOC Sprint – maps from Qual and Final
EOC Sprint Qual, part 1 EOC Sprint Qual, part 2 Yesterday morning the European Championship in Latvia started with Sprint Qualification in Ventspils. I did a good race in the beginning, and was on a 3rd place in my heat on the 10th control. But to the 12th control I did two mistakes, lost 17 seconds, and felled to a 10th place. Lars Skjeset and I were the only Norwegian men who qualified to the final. But we had 3 more runners who were only one or two second from qualifying.

EOC Sprint Final The Sprint Final was arranged the same afternoon. I did some smaller mistakes in the beginning, but was running well after the spectator control, and finished on an 8th place. I was really tight around me on the result list, but 11 seconds up to a medal and 35 seconds up to the winner Emil Wingstedt. Results

To the first control I had planed to run to the left of the private area before the control, but when I came there it was a preliminary fence that stopped me, and had to turn around and run on the other side of the private area. I lost 9 seconds to the fastest split time, not a good start in a sprint race. (The organizer said that the fence had been put up same day as the race and that they did not know about it…) My other mistake was to the 3rd control, where I lost 16 seconds. The rest of the course went well, and from the spectator control to the finish only Wingstedt and the bronze medalist Andrey Khramov was running faster then me.
Posted on 27 May 2008 by Øystein
Maps from EOC Model Events
Training, Liepaja Model Event Long, Ventspils EOC 2008, Latvia Tomorrow the European Championships in Latvia are starting with sprint. It will be both qualification and final in Ventspils where we are living.

I and some other runners from Trondheim came already on Friday. When we arrived we were running parts of the course from a long distance even arranged in April in relevant terrain south of Liepaja. Yesterday Lars Skjeset and I had a good sprint training, also then in Liepaja.

Today we have been on Model Event both for Long distance and Sprint, and you can find the maps on the page with
maps from trainings 2008.
Posted on 25 May 2008 by Øystein
Subscribe for the magazine "Orienteering Today"
Orienteering Today 1/2008 Orienteering Today The last issue of the international orienteering magazine Orienteering Today was sent out to the subscribers in February. The magazine has a lot of maps, pictures and articles about exotic orienteering travels and training-camps from all over the world. But there are also plenty material about elite orienteering, together with articles covering history and technical aspects of the sport.

The magazine will be published 4 times a year, one magazine every third month. Each issue will include 84 colourful pages, and the price for each magazine is 10 euro postage included.

The next issue will be printed and sent out in the end of this week, so you have only a few days left if you want to get the coming issue of the magazine. You can easily start subscribing by sending an e-mail to oysteios (a) stud.ntnu.no with your name and address.
Posted on 19 May 2008 by Øystein
Beautiful skiing in Rindal
Skiing with Snota in the background Team-picture This weekend the first training camp for the new season with the National Team in Ski-orienteering was arranged in Rindal, one and a half hour drive south west of Trondheim. Because of preparations for the European Championship and an exam next week I have only been joining them yesterday. Then we had a really nice ski session in Trollheimen close to the mountain Snota. Read more on Ski-o.com.
Posted on 17 May 2008 by Øystein
Final in Trondheim Sprintcup on Lian
Trondheim Sprintcup Final Me towards the finish. Photo: Malvik IL The Final of Trondheim Sprintcup was yesterday held from Lian with a chasing start. I was going out as first runner in the men’s senior class, together with Olav Johannes Delstra in the junior class. The juniors Mathias Bjugan and Ole Hartvik Skogstad was starting at the same time 13 seconds behind, while Erik Thorsson was the next senior 16 seconds behind me.

To the first control I had some problems to understand where I was on the map, and lost some time running in the green area towards the control. The following runners almost caught us up, and soon we were a group of 5 runners. Mathias was leading from the 4th to the 9th control, but then I passed him and was running in front the rest of the race. To the last control I took a better route choice than the following runners, who was running more straight on, and the gap got bigger. Mathias finished 9 seconds behind me, and won the junior class.

After the race the organizer wanted to disqualify Delstra and me because we had not passed the start control on our way from the start to the first control. But after a protest the jury accepted that the marking to the start control was not good enough.

Lene Bergersen and Anne Johanne Lind won the women’s senior and junior class, so Wing had the victory in all the four classes.
Results and splits (The time to the first control is for all runners from the first runner started.)

Pictures from the Sprintcup Final (Elite clases at the end)
Posted on 16 May 2008 by Øystein
EOC selection race for Long
EOC selection Long, part 1 EOC selection Long, part 2 Monday the last Norwegian Selection races for the European Championship was held with a Long distance near Løten in connection with Pinseløpene på Hedmarken.

After 6th and 10th place on the Sprint and Middle race I was motivated to do a good Long distance. Both to be sure to qualify for the Norwegian EOC team but also because I want to focus more on Long distance this year. I did a good technical race, despite a one minute mistake on the second control, and my shape was fine. I still had problems to run fast in the stony areas, but it was great to run in the areas with nicer ground, and I tried to read the map well the whole course.

EOC 2008, Latvia My result was a shared 3rd place with Olav Lundanes, 1.12 behind Audun Weltzien, who was beating Hans Trøan with only one second. Results and splits (forking from the 13th to 19th control)

The European Championship will be held in Latvia 26th May – 1st June, and the Norwegian Team was selected today. The Norwegian Team to EOC 2008
Posted on 13 May 2008 by Øystein
EOC selection race for Middle
EOC selection Middle Sunday the second of three Norwegian Selection races for the European Championship was held with a Middle distance near Løten in connection with Pinseløpene på Hedmarken.

My race started well despite to the 4th, 5th and 10th control where I lost 20, 15 and 30 seconds. On the last loop it was really stony ground and difficult to run fast. To the second last control I did not manage to read the map and lost more than one minute.

Olav Lundanes won 6 seconds in front of Audun Weltzien. I came on 10th place, 2.44 behind Olav. Results and splits
Posted on 12 May 2008 by Øystein
EOC selection race in Sprint
EOC selection Sprint Today the first of three Norwegian Selection races for the European Championship was held with a Sprint in Hamar in connection with Pinseløpene på Hedmarken.

I did some bad route choices on the first legs, and was 28 seconds behind the winner Lars Skjeset already on the 4th control. The rest of the course went OK, and I finished in 6th place, 26 seconds behind Skjeset. Marius Bjugan and Olav Lundanes shared the 2nd place, 10 seconds behind. Christian Kahrs and Andres Nordberg followed on 4th and 5th place 1 and 2 seconds behind them. Results and splits

The Middle and Long distance the next two days will be held in part of the same terrain as was used for the Norwegian Championship in Middle and Relay last year.
Posted on 10 May 2008 by Øystein
Trondheim Sprintcup in Hommelvik
Trondheim Sprintcup 4 Today the fourth race of Trondheim Sprintcup was held in Hommelvik. I did a good race, and was 24 seconds faster than my team-mate in Wing Erik Thorsson. Wing had also the fastest women in Anne Johanne Lind who is still a junior. Results and splits

The coming weekend it will be arranged Norwegian Selection races for the European Championship in connection with Pinseløpene på Hedmarken. I will run all the three races which will include Sprint, Middle and Long.
Posted on 08 May 2008 by Øystein
District Championship and Øyastafetten
KM Middel Today the District Championship for Sør-Trøndelag on Middle distance was held in Bjugn on Fosen. In the men’s class it was a quite close fight for the medals, with 41 second down from the winner Lars Skjeset to me on 3rd place. Carl Waaler Kaas is back in good shape and got the 2nd place.

The coast terrain was nice, but the wet marches were heavy to run in. I did a good race, except to the 7th control where I lost 55 seconds to Carl. Down the steep hill with cliffs I came to much to the right and had to be careful because of my shoulder. The rest of the race went well, but I was a bit more careful than normal some places. Elise Egseth took a clear victory in the women’s class.

Pictures from Øyastafetten The 1st of May Øyastafetten was arranged from Trondheim Stadium. It is a track relay with 5 legs between 300 and 1000 meters. I ran the third and longest leg outside the stadium for my club Trondheim Friidrett. I held the distance to the leader Eivind Jensen from the winning team Steinkjer, and my team came 2nd, 12 seconds behind.

Pictures from Øyastafetten and article on Kondis.no
Posted on 03 May 2008 by Øystein

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