District championship in Relay
District championship, Relay Me towards the spectator control. Photo: Ola Berger Sunday the District championship in Relay was held form Saksvikvollen south-east of Trondheim. It was a common competition for both Sør- and Nord-Trøndelag, so it was quite many good teams on the start line.

After the first leg Johan Ivarsson from Freidig changed over first, but several teams followed close behind him, among them Ola Berger and Mathias Bjugan for Wing two best teams. On the second leg NTNUI took over the lead, while Erik Thorsson did not have any good race for my team. He was feeling sick and had to throw up during the race.

On the last leg I was running out as 7th team, 6 min behind the lead. To the 2nd control I lost the map contact, ran too much to the right, and lost one and a half minute. On the long leg to the 5th control I took a route choice around to the right, but it was too long and I lost around one minute to the runners running almost straight on. The last part of the course went better, and from the 9th control I was running quite well. When I finished we were 5th team, behind three teams for NTNUI and Frol. Results

During the race I was feeling quite tired after a hard week with a lot of orienteering training together with the Swiss National team. The coming days I will therefore train quite easy before the Norwegian Championship in Tromsø starts with Long distance the coming Thursday. On Daniel Hubmann’s and Marc Lauenstein’s homepage you can find some maps and photos from their training-camp in Trondheim.
Posted on 24 Aug 2008 by Øystein
District championship in Sprint
District championship, Sprint Yesterday the District championship in Sprint for Sør-Trøndelag was held in Melhus, just south of Trondheim. The Swiss National team has been on a training camp for WOC 2010 in Trondheim the last week, and they took part in the race, so it was a strong start field.

The race was held in a bit special area for sprint, with only forest, but it was a nice and challenging course. I lost in total 20 seconds to the first two controls, but ran well the rest of the race. Baptiste Rollier was fastest, with me on 2nd place, 4 seconds behind. My club mate Stig Alvestad was only 1 second behind me, so I became District champion with the smallest possible margin. Daniel Hubmann finished 4th, 10 seconds behind Baptiste. Elise Egseth won the women’s class with a big margin. Results and splits

Today the District championship in Long distance was held, but I was not running because the Norwegian Championship in Tromsø is starting already the coming Thursday, and I want to save the energy for four races in row then. But I am going to run the last leg for Wing in tomorrows Relay.
Posted on 23 Aug 2008 by Øystein
NM Ultra-long on Modum
NM Ultra-long, Modum, loop 1 NM Ultra-long, Modum, loop 2 Saturday the Norwegian Championship in Ultra-long distance was arranged on Modum, near Vikersund 80 km west of Oslo. The course had two loops and was in total 23 km with several longer legs and 150 minutes as expected winning time.

I did a good race without any bigger mistakes, and felt well physical the whole race, but could maybe have pushed even harder in the first part of the race. My result was a 3rd place, almost 3 minutes behind Hans Trøan. Anders Tiltnes was 2nd. Anne Margrethe Hausken won the women’s class in front of Marianne Andersen and Ingunn Weltzien. Results and splits

To the 6th control on the first loop I lost 1 minute to Trøan, and I guess the route choice to the right of the lake could be a little bit better. On the second loop I lost 1.45 to Tiltnes on the long leg to the 3rd control. I had planed to run on the small paths more to the right on the last part of the leg, but lost the map contact and was running in the forest more straight to the line. To the 9th control I lost 1 minute because I came to much to the left down to the control, and I also lost around 45 seconds to the 10 control because I climbed the steep hill before the control to much to the right. I also lost some time a few other places, but am in total satisfied with my performance.
Posted on 10 Aug 2008 by Øystein
6th overall in O-ringen
O-ringen chasing start, Sälen Today’s chasing start in O-ringen was a really tough race for me. I was starting as the 5th runner, 3 minutes behind Babtiste Rollier, but only 12 seconds behind Thierry Gueorgiou and 6 seconds behind Marc Lauenstein. I had contact with Thierry and Marc in the beginning, but lost them on the long leg to the 3rd control. I tried to run fast alone and meet them again just before the control. On the 5th control Thierry stopped and quit the race because of an injury.

Marc and I run together to the 6th control, but were then caught up by Pasi Ikonen and Dimitriy Tsvetkov. I was tired and to fight hard to don’t miss the contact with them on the shorter legs. In the green area out of the 9th control I could not see them any more, and was running alone the rest of the course. I felt I was running really slow, but was actually not loosing so much time despite to the 12th control where I missed 1 minute.

I finished on a 6th place, and am quite satisfied with that, even if I had the possibility to fight for a top position. The Swedish terrain is not my favourite, and it was a little surprise for me that it should go so well here. Tero Föhr won in front of Tsvetkov and Rollier. Anne Margrethe Hausken won the women’s class in front of Ingunn Hultgreen Weltzien, so it was again a great Norwegian day. Results and splits
Posted on 25 Jul 2008 by Øystein
5th before the chasing start on O-ringen
 WC Middle, Sälen Today a Middle distance was held as the last World Cup race during O-ringen in Sälen. I did an OK race, and finished on an 18th place, 2 minutes behind Daniel Hubmann. It was really tight in front of me, and only 30 seconds up to the 10th place. I did a safe race, without any big mistakes, but was quite tired after the previous races. Results and splits

Anne Margrethe Hausken won the women’s class for the third day in a row, and is also sure to be the overall winner of the World Cup this year.

Tomorrow it will be chasing start to crown the overall winner of O-ringen. I am starting as the 5th runner, 3 minutes behind Babtiste Rollier, but only 12 seconds behind Thierry Gueorgiou and 6 seconds behind Marc Lauenstein. O-ringen Online
Posted on 24 Jul 2008 by Øystein
Great start on O-ringen – 6th on Sprint and 4th on Long
 WC Sprint, Sälen WC Long, Sälen After the World Champs in Czech Republic most runners went straight to O-ringen in Sälen in Sweden where it is 3 World Cup races included.

Yesterday it was arranged a Sprint, with most of the course in hilly forest. I did a good race, and finished on 6th place, 29 seconds behind Peter Öberg. It was really tough physical, and my only mistakes were a few seconds lost on the route choices to the 5th and 16th control. Marius Bjugan did a great performance with a 4th place, and Anne Margrethe Hausken won the women’s class. Results and splits

Today it was a Long distance with two runners staring together every second minute. It was a bit special because the legs before the frst butterfly were common. I was starting together with Valentin Novikov, but because he was a little bit late to start I had to run the first two legs alone before he caught me up.

We had the loops on the first butterfly in different order, but met again after the loop. On the longer legs to the next butterfly I was running together with Novikov and Dimitriy Tsvetkov, who had caught us up by two minutes. I had different order from both of them one the second butterfly. The short legs in the detailed area went well, and I did not see them any more.

The rest of the course I was really tired, and it was great to finish on a new best time. My result was a 4th place, 2 minutes behind Tero Föhr. My only mistake was to the 5th control, where I came to much to the right before the control, and lost a small minute. Anne Margrethe Hausken won also today the women’s class. Results and splits

Tomorrow it is Middle distance, which is the last World Cup race during O-ringen. But it will also be a chasing start on Friday, with price money to the best overall. I am now at a total 3rd place, and are really looking forward to the two coming days. O-ringen Online
Posted on 23 Jul 2008 by Øystein
Tight and exiting WOC Relay
WOC Relay, Olomouc WOC 2008, Czech Republic Today’s Relay in the World Orienteering Championship in Czech Republic was a tight and exiting battle. Lars Skjeset gave the Norwegian team a good start with changing over as 8th runner, 1 minute behind France in the lead. Anders Nordberg was tired after the Long distance yesterday, and lost some time on the second leg.

It was still really tight, and I started as 11th runner, 3 minutes behind Great Britain in the lead. I did a good technical race and managed to advance to 7th position after 4th best time on the last leg. Great Britain won in front of Russia and Switzerland. But it was a dramatic finish because Thierry Gueorgiou, who was in the lead for France at the end of the race, swallowed a bee, got an allergic reaction, and had to break of the race.

Finland won the women’s relay for third year in row, while Norway got the 6th place.
Results and splits
Posted on 20 Jul 2008 by Øystein
Lost SI-card destroyed the WOC Sprint
WOC Sprint Final, Olomouc WOC Sprint Qual, Prostejov Yesterday the World Orienteering Championship in Czech Republic started with the Sprint. The qualification in Prostejov in the morning was quite easy, and I qualified for the final after an OK race. My biggest mistake was to the 13th control where I lost 10 seconds because I didn’t think that the 1,5 m high fence was marked as allowed to cross. Results and splits

WOC 2008, Czech Republic The Final in Olomouc started well, and I took the best route choice on the long leg to the 1st control. On the 4th control I was actually in the lead, but when I passed the green area after the control I lost my SI-card. It was really dense vegetation there, and I had to search for about 50 seconds before I found it. The chance for a top result was destroyed, but I still tried to run well the rest of the course. It went quite well, even if I lost 15 seconds to the 11th control because I didn’t use the two bridges to pass the river and run straighter to the line.

I finished on a 28th place, 1.32 behind Andrey Khramov who was beating Daniel Hubmann with two seconds. Martin Johansson on 3rd place was “only” 55 seconds in front of me, so without the lost time because of the lost SI-card I would have had a chance to fight for a medal.
Results and splits

It was a really good day for the Norwegian women, with Anne Margrethe Hausken as the winner and Elise Egseth on a strong 10th place in her WOC debut. You can watch a replay of the full race for both the women and men on Czech Televisions’ web-page. During the spring and summer the WOC organizer has made newsletters called WOC News. In the newest issue WOC News Nr. 8 you can read an interview with me made a week ago.
Posted on 14 Jul 2008 by Øystein
Craftcup Final in Røros
Craftcup Middle  Craftcup Sprint Last weekend the Norwegian Craftcup was finished with two races during Dølauka in Nord-Østerdal.

Friday it was a Middle distance in a really nice terrain south of Tynset. I didn’t understand the map when I came to the first control, and lost 1.30. The rest of the race went quite well, especially after the public control I ran fast, and ended on a 4th place, 2 minute behind Anders Skarholt who did a great race. In the women’s class Marianne Andersen won with big margin and showed she is in shape to next weeks WOC. Results and splits

Saturday the Craftcup Final was held with a Sprint in the city of Røros. I had some problems in the beginning, and lost in total 30 seconds on the 3 first legs. To the first control I didn’t see the control flag in the high grass, and on the next two legs I found it very difficult to run in the stony hills. But in the city I ran fast and took good route choices, and could finish on a shared first place with Lars Skjeset. Marianne Andersen won also the sprint, but only 5 seconds in front of Anne Margrethe Hausken and 11 seconds if front of Elise Egseth. Results and splits

After the races the Norwegian team to World Cup during O-ringen in Sälen was selected.
Posted on 08 Jul 2008 by Øystein
Sprint and Relay in WOC
WOC 2008, Czech Republic The Norwegian Team for the World Orienteering Championship was this week presented. I am selected to the Sprint and Relay, which are distances that will suit me well and I am really looking forward to.

WOC will this year be arranged in Olomouc in Czech Republic. The Sprint is the first race and has both qualification and final on Sunday 13th July. Both races are held in old cities, which is the type of sprint I like best.

The Relay is the last race in WOC, and is held exactly one week after the Sprint. That means that both I and Lars Skjeset have good time to prepare for the Relay. It is hopefully smart to have some runners with fresh legs on the team, because the Long distance final is held the day before.

After the European Championship I took one easy week home, before I started a hard training period on the training camp in Czech. The hard period continued with Jukola in Finland and the World Cup during O-festivalen in Oslo. Between the competitions I have had some really hard interval sessions. The hard period was finished this week, and on today’s sprint training I felt quite tired. But the coming week I will train easier, and hopefully be in good shape to WOC.
Posted on 29 Jun 2008 by Øystein

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