Training camp in Les Diablerets and Sprint in Solothurn
Pictures from Les Diablerets After the World Cup Final in Zürich Marte Reenaas, Eirik Watterdal and I have been one a one week long training camp in Les Diablerets together with the Swiss Ski-orienteering Team. Les Diablerets is a small village in a valley in the south-west of Switzerland.

Pictures from Les Diablerets Every morning we took the lift up to a glacier almost 3000 meter above sea level, where it was good conditions for cross country skiing and also really nice weather most of the time. On the glacier we trained a lot of hours with easy skiing, but also some specific technique training for both the skiing- and orienteering-technique. It was a pleasure to be out in the mountains with so nice conditions, and hard to have to go down from the glacier for eating lunch.

Pictures from Les Diablerets In the afternoons we where training in the valley, around 1200 meter above sea level, with running, roller ski-orienteering, strength or speed. One afternoon we went to an Adventure Park in Aigle, and I think it is best to take a look at my pictures to get an impression of what we were doing there. On you can read more from Les Diablerets in Norwegian. The training camp was really good, and I will thank the Swiss Ski-o Team for letting us stay with them in Les Diablerets and train under so nice conditions.

Sprint, SolothurnOn my way home Sunday I stopped in Solothurn and took part in a National Sprint competition held in connection with the European Youth Orienteering Championship which was arranged the same weekend. The old town of Solothurn was a great venue for a city sprint with a lot on narrow streets and an old castle.

Mathias Bjugan In EYOC Mathias Bjugan from Wing ran well and won a bronze medal in M18. I also did a good race, and won the men’s elite-class in front of Benno Schuler. But unfortunately the very best Swiss runners were on the Military World Championship, so I was not able to compare myself to runners like Hubmann and Mertz. In the women’s elite-class Simone Niggli did comeback after she gave birth to Malin one month ago with a victory just ahead of Ines Brodmann. Results and splits
Posted on 15 Oct 2008 by Øystein
World Cup Final in Zürich
WC-12 Middle, Zürich WC-13 Sprint, Zürich, part 1 Last weekend the World Cup Final was arranged in Zürich in Switzerland. Saturdays Middle distance was held in a forest just outside the city. It was possible to run really fast, and Daniel Hubmann won the 8,2 km long course by using only 34 minutes. I did a quite good race, and finished on a 14th place, but was almost 3 minutes behind. Out of the 6th control and to the 10th, 12th and 14th control I lost around 15 seconds.

Sundays Sprint was arranged in the Irchel University Park, and was the last WC-race this year. Last year I had the fastest time in the WC-final in Stein am Rhein, but forgot to punch on the public control after the map exchange, so this year I hoped to do everything correct. My race was good, but the speed was not the best, and I finished on an 8th place. My biggest mistake was to the 4th control, where I should have run on the right side of the house, and lost almost 10 seconds. Behind the 3rd place I was 14 seconds, but Daniel Hubmann was also today much faster then all the others.

Hubmann has been running really well on all distances the whole season, and he won the World Cup Overall. I finished on a 13th place in the total standing. Also Anne Margrethe Hausken won both the Sprint and the World Cup Overall.
Posted on 10 Oct 2008 by Øystein
WC-final and skiing in Switzerland
This weekend the World Cup Final will be arranged in Zürich in Switzerland with a Middle distance on Saturday and a Sprint on Sunday. In the World Cup standing I am now on a 15th place, but with two good races in Switzerland I hope to climb to a top 10 position overall. Both races can be followed live on from 12.55 – 16.00 both days.

Pictures from Les Diablerets 2003 Pictures from Les Diablerets 2003 After the WC-final I am going to Les Diablerets in south-west of Switzerland for a one week long training camp with the Swiss ski-o team and a few others from the Norwegian ski-o team. From Les Diablerets we take a lift up to a glacier 3000 meter above sea level where it is hopefully good conditions for cross country skiing. I have been there once before, in 2003, and am really looking forward to coming back.
Posted on 03 Oct 2008 by Øystein
WOC 2010 training and Tour de Trondheim
Pictures from Munken Last week the Norwegian National Team had the first training camp as preparation for the World Orienteering Championship in 2010, which will be held in Trondheim. As a part of the training camp we where also competing in the first to races of NTNUI’s three days competition Tour de Trondheim.

Pictures from Munken Tuesday we started the training camp doing something different from orienteering. We where divided into groups of five persons, and were together climbing from Trondheimsfjorden to the top of the mountain Munken, 518 meters above sea level. It is the longest via ferrata in Northern Europe. Down we were walking a less steep route, and were doing different exercises on the way. Afterwards we where bathing in hot tubes (and some of us also in the fjord) before we where eating Viking-dinner on Dyk Ambassaden. To get a better impression of that what we where doing it’s worth to take a look at my pictures.

TdT Sprint, Gløshaugen Friday we had to two technical trainings in the forest before we were running the Sprint prologue of Tour de Trondheim in the evening. It was a mass start with different loops held on Gløshaugen, the technical campus of NTNU, where I am studying. I did a good race, and got the 2nd place, 6 second behind Lars Skjeset. Scott Fraser from Scotland was crossing the finish line first, but he had skipped one control. Results and splits

TdT Long, Herbernheia Saturday morning we were running a shortened Long distance from Skistua in Bymarka. My team mates from Wing did a great performance in competition with the National Team runners. Ola Berger won in front of Stig Alvestad, and the junior Mathias Bjugan came 5th in the strong start field. I lost time on some route choices and small mistakes, and got a 10th place, 3 min behind Ola. Results and splits

The course was quite similar to the Norwegian Championship in Night orienteering held form the same place in 2006. In 2006 I won the race and had best time on the long leg with my route choice to the left of the top. This time the long leg ended a little big higher, and I thought I should try a route choice to the right of the top. But even if I saved some climbing it was too long and I lost 2 minutes to Ola Berger, who ran on the path to the left of the line in the first part, and then climbed up under the cliffs and over the open area to the right of the line on the last part of the leg.

Mass start training, Sveberg On Sunday the training camp was ended, and the last training was a mass start with four loops and a lot of controls. I did a good performance, and finished 2nd, 2 minutes behind Holger Hott. Tour de Trondheim also finished the same day, and Stig Alvestad won the chasing start in front of Ola Berger. Total results from TdT.
Posted on 25 Sep 2008 by Øystein
Sprint-relay in Larvik
Sprint-relay, leg 2  Sprint-relay, leg 4 Sunday Larvik was organizing the Norwegian Championship in Relay for juniors in Bøkeskogen just outside the city centre. In connection with that event they were trying a new concept with a sprint-relay with classes for both seniors and youngsters. On each team there were two runners, who were running two legs each. This was a really tight and exiting relay with a lot of action and changes in the lead, which I hope there will be more of in the future.

Stig Alvestad gave Wing a good start, by changing over to me just a few second behind Carl Waaler Kaas (NTNUI) and Olav Lundanes (Østmarka). Lars Skjeset (NTNUI) and I had the same forking, and got a gap to the following teams. But to the 7th control we ran to a wrong control too high up in the slope, lost 30 seconds and where caught up. To the 13th control we followed Marius Bjugan (Halden) and Christian Kahrs (Fredrikstad) to a control belonging to the other forking, and lost 45 seconds.

Stig ran again well on the third leg, and sent me out just one second behind NTNUI and Halden. I was disappointed with my performance on my first leg, and focused on reading my map well and concentrate on my own running on the last leg. Skjeset, Bjugan and I had contact the whole leg, even if we did different route choices some places. To the 11th control I was the only one who went on the left side of the house, and got a small gap I managed to keep the rest of the race. In the women’s class Wing’s team with Lene Bergersen and Elise Egseth came 2nd, behind Heming/Njård with the junior-twins Mariann and Siri Ulvestad. Results
Posted on 17 Sep 2008 by Øystein
Norwegian Championship in Sprint in Stavern
NM Sprint Qual Saturday the Norwegian Championship in Sprint was held in Stavern, close to Larvik, on the east coast of the south of Norway. It was a great event, with challenging courses and a compact arena.

The Qualification in the morning was mostly in forest and open areas. I tried to run a safe race without pushing maximum, and my biggest mistake was out of the 2nd control where I ran through a lot of dense vegetation before I came to the opening in the fence, and lost around 15 seconds. The result was a 3rd place in my heat, 4 seconds behind Babtiste Rollier. Results

NM Sprint Final The Final in the afternoon was held in a combination of streets, military area and forest. I ran a good race, and was satisfied when I finished, even if I lost around 10 seconds to the 18th control. When everybody had finished I was still leading with 8 seconds down to Lars Skjeset.

But then the organizers told me that they had seen me jump down the wall on my way to the 2nd control on a forbidden place. When they showed me on the map I understood what I had done. My plan had been to follow the wall to the place it was marked as allowed to pass (which is not so easy to see on the map), but I had done a parallel mistake, and jumped down too early. When I came down the wall (on wrong place compared to where I expected to be) I didn’t understand the map in the beginning, but just continued and was not thinking more about it. But when I realized what I had done I had no problems to agree that I should be disqualified, and Lars won the race. Results and splits

It was of course stupid of me not to read the map better, but in sprint things are happening fast and you can’t be to passive if you want to fight for the victory. So the organizers could have put up some stripes where it was forbidden to pass the wall, since it was also three other who was disqualified for the same mistake as me. I could maybe have saved a few seconds by passing the wall where I did, but I was still one second behind the fastest split. Lars was 4 seconds slower than me on the leg, so it could have been even tighter between us.

Mathias Bjugan won gold, Elise Egseth silver and Tore Bjørset Berdal bronze, so it was a great day for Wing. But Norway’s biggest newspaper prefer to focus on scandals in stead of great result, so I still got some fame in the article «Norwegian Champion» disqualified for second year in row
Posted on 14 Sep 2008 by Øystein
Regional Championship in Trondheim
MNM, Sprint This weekend the Regional Championship for the middle part of Norway was held in Trondheim. Since the World Orienteering Championship will be held in Trondheim in 2010 several foreign runners, especial from Sweden, was competing as a part of their preparation.

Friday my club Wing OK was holding the Sprint on the brand new map Leangen. The course had a lot of controls, changes in running direction, route choices and even a butterfly, so I found the orienteering quite intensive and challenging. My race was OK, except to the 13th control where I lost 15 seconds. On the long leg to the 9th control the fastest was probably to run to the right (on the road in the edge of the map), but I don’t know anybody who did it with a good split-time. My result was a 2nd place, 4 seconds behind Mattias Karlsson from Halden and Sweden. Results and splits

MNM, Relay Saturdays my old club Freidig was holding the Long distance from Lavollen in Bymarka, only a few kilometres from the area embargoed for WOC 2010. I was not running the Long distance because I found it was enough with two competitions this weekend since the Norwegian Championship in Sprint will be held next weekend. The map from the Long distance can be found in RunOway. Results

Sunday’s Relay was also held form Lavollen, but partly in another area. Svein Erik Bratsberg and Jan Egil Wagnild were running the first two legs for Wing’s team and sent me out on the last leg as 6th runner. I missed the first control with 1 minute, but ran OK after that, even if the speed was not the best. When I passed the arena 1,5 km before the finish I heard I was on a 4th place, 1.30 behind Freidig and NTNUI’s 2nd team. I tried to speed up, and could see them in front of me on the last legs. After best split-times to the 5 last controls I managed to pass NTNUI, but was still 1 second behind Pål Kittilsen from Freidig when I crossed the finish line. NTNUI won the men’s class and Wing the women’s class. Results, splits and map in RunOway.
Posted on 07 Sep 2008 by Øystein
Norwegian Championship in Relay
Norwegian Championship, Relay Sunday the Norwegian Championship in Tromsø was ended with the Relay. For my team Ola Berger missed several minutes in the beginning, but ran well the rest of the race and changed over 6 minutes behind the lead. Several of the other favourites did also big mistakes, so we were still able to fight for a medal.

On the second leg Stig Alvestad did a great race, and had the best leg time. He sent me out on the last leg as 6th runner, 3.32 behind Tyrving. My race started well, and the foot I had hurt was better today. My shape was good and even if I did a small mistake to the 6th control, and I was able to pass the four teams in front of me.

Wings silver team When I passed the public control I was on a 2nd place, 1.52 behind Tyrving. But to the 19th control I came to a control in a re-entrant close to where I had expected to find my control, but the control had wrong code. I did not understand where the control I had found was, and was looking for my control for almost 3 minutes before I found it, in another re-entrant, which was close to the control with the code I should not have. (International it is not allowed to put two controls on the same detail closer than 60 meters according to IOF Foot-O Competition Rules, Appendix 2: Principles for course planning, § 3.5.5) When I missed I was passed by four teams, and finished on a 6th place, 3.26 behind Tyrving. Frol, with three junior-runners on the team, won the silver medal in front of two teams from Kristiansand and Halden.

Even if I was running well most of my leg I was of course very disappointed by loosing a medal when we were so close to it. But the good news was that Marte Reenaas, Lene Bergersen and Elise Egseth did all great races for Wings team in the women’s class, and they won a silver medal, only beaten by Fredrikstad. Results and times from the radio controls
Posted on 31 Aug 2008 by Øystein
Norwegian Championship in Middle distance
Norwegian Championship, Middle Qual Friday the Norwegian Championship in Tromsø continued with Middle distance Qualification. The race was held from the same place as the Long distance, and the last half of the course was down the same slope as many runners did mistakes yesterday. I was able to run with the foot I hurt in the end of the Long distance, but could not run with full speed, and had to be carefully in the stony and steep areas. My race was technical good, without to the 11th control, where I came to high, lost the control totally, and lost almost 3 minutes. I was still able to qualify for Saturday’s Final, with an 11th place, 3 minutes behind Marius Bjugan. Results, splits and maps in RunOway

Norwegian Championship, Middle Final Saturday the Middle distance Final was held from the same place as the Relay will be tomorrow. My foot was a bit better than in the Qualification, but I was still not able to held maximum speed. But the orienteering went really well, and I had only a few small mistakes. My result was a 5th place, 1.04 behind Audun Weltzien. Results, splits and maps in RunOway

Tomorrow the Norwegian Championship will be ended with the Relay, and Wing has several strong teams. In the men’s class the first team is Ola Berger, Stig Alvestad and myself, the second team is Mathias Bjugan, Erik Thorsson and Tore Bjørseth Berdal, while the women’s team is Marte Reenaas, Lene Bergersen and Elise Egseth. Online results
Posted on 30 Aug 2008 by Øystein
Norwegian Championship in Long distance
Norwegian Championship, Long Today the Norwegian Championship in Tromsø started with the Long distance. It was a really nice terrain and a pleasure to run. My race started well, I felt fresh in my legs and took good route choices on the longer legs. Until the 11th control I did not have any big mistakes, and was holding the 2nd place.

To the 12th control I lost some time through the green area before the control, and was then on a 3rd place. The long leg to the 14th control went also well, but then my problems started. To the 15th control I jumped down a cliff and hurt my foot. I was still able to continue, but it was both stony and steep so I had to be careful where I was taking my steps. I was not reading the map well enough, did several mistakes, and lost in total around 3 minutes down the slope. My result was a 7th place, 4 minutes behind Audun Weltzien. Results, splits and maps in RunOway

Tomorrow it is Middle distance Qualification, and my foot is hopefully well enough to take me to a place in Saturdays Final. Online results
Posted on 28 Aug 2008 by Øystein

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