Pictures from JK 2008
Pictures from JK 2008 Map JK Middle Four of the five last years I have been running the Jan Kjellström Orienteering Festival in Great Britain in the Easter. This year the races were held close to Guildford in Surrey south of London, where the first World Cup round was held in 2005. I have now finally managed to make a web gallery with a lot of pictures from JK 2008.

Pictures from JK 2008 The terrains in the Guildford area are nice, and I enjoyed the Easter weekend in England together with some teammates from Wing. Daniel Hubmann was also starting his fantastic season with JK this year, and he won both the sprint, the individual competition overall and the relay with his club Kristiansand OK. Wing won the women’s class in the relay:-)

I think JK is a great event, and I would have liked to come back to JK 2009, which are arranged close to Newcastle. But in the Easter next year I will instead be in Hungary preparing to WOC together with the Norwegian National Team.

At last I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas!
Posted on 26 Dec 2008 by Øystein
Ski-o on Venabu
Ski-o NC-1, Venabu Last weekend the first two races in the Norwegian Ski-orienteering Cup were held on Venabu. The races were also the first selection races for NOC and JWOC, which will be held in Sweden in the end of January. I had been sick in the middle of the week, and not trained for two days, so I was a bit unsure on how my body would react on a competition as the first training.

Saturday it was held a Middle distance. I did two mistakes on about 30 second each in the beginning of the course; a wrong route choice to the 1st control and before the 5th control I went wrong in a crossing. My skiing speed was also too low, hopefully because I had been sick. My result was an 8th place, 4 minutes behind my club mate Lars Moholdt. Results and splits

Ski-o NC-2, Venabu, loop 1 Ski-o NC-2, Venabu, loop 2 Sunday a Mass-start was held, with two loops. My shape was better today and I did a quite good race. In the beginning we were several runners together, but after the last part of the first loop I was alone on my forking. When I finished as 4th runner I was positive surprised when I heard I was only 1 minute behind Eivind Tonna. Results

In the women’s class Marte Reenaas won both days before Hannele Tonna (former Valkonen), who won both races in the Finish season opening two weeks ago. It was a great weekend on Venabu with good snow conditions, tracks and courses, and I want to thank Tore Watterdal for making this event around Christmas each of the last years. On you find a lot more of information, results, pictures and maps from Norwegian ski-orienteering.
Posted on 17 Dec 2008 by Øystein
Pictures from MOC 2008
Pictures from MOC 2008 Maps from MOC Camp 2008 Last winter I was in Puglia in the South of Italy in the end of February and beginning of March. During the 11 day long stay I was participating in the Mediterranean Open Championship, MOC Camp with different trainings and at last two sprint events. During the great stay in Puglia both me and some other friends took a lot of pictures, and now I have finally managed to make a web gallery with a lot of pictures from MOC 2008.

Pictures from MOC 2008 Pictures from MOC 2008 Puglia is a great area for orienteering, and I will recommend you to plan a training camp in connection with MOC 2009, which will be held at the same time next winter. All the old cities are perfect for sprint orienteering, but also the forests are great with different types of terrain and good maps. My maps from last winters competitions and trainings during MOC are worth a look for inspiration.
Posted on 10 Dec 2008 by Øystein
Ski-o on Sjusjøen
Ski-o, Sjusjøen Last weekend the ski-orienteering season started in Norway with a training camp and competition on Sjusjøen near Lillehammer. The conditions have been really good for ski-orienteering and for the future it is great to see that it has been more then 80 participants, most of them youngsters and juniors.

Saturday it was held one competition. I broke my ski behind the binding on the way to the second control, but was still able to ski on it, even if I had to be careful and could not ski as fast as I wanted. My result was a 6th place, 2 minutes behind last years Junior World Champion Sindre Haverstad. Results and splits

Some of Norway’s best ski-orienteerers Lars Moholdt, Eivind Tonna and Hans Jørgen Kvaale are in Finland, where they have got good results in competition with all the Finns and some of the best Russians. On you find a lot more of information, results, pictures and maps from Norwegian ski-orienteering.
Posted on 30 Nov 2008 by Øystein
PWT in Lonigo and the amazing street race in Venezia
 PWT Qual, Alonte Pictures from PWT and Venezia The last weekend I have been on a great trip to Italy. Friday and Saturday this years Park World Tour were arranged in Alonte and Lonigo and Sunday the amazing street orienteering race was held in Venezia.

Friday a Qualification race for PWT was held among the wine yards and streets in the small village Alone, 80 km west of Venezia. I was already among the top 15 runners that were directly qualified for Saturdays PWT Final, so I took the race as a training session and was not running full speed. Matthias Müller was clearly fastest. Results

PWT Final, Lonigo Saturdays PWT Final was held in Lonigo, with a nice course both in the streets, through some wine yards and around a castle on a big hill. I did a good race and finished on a 3rd place, 17 seconds behind Matthias Müller and 3 seconds behind Fracois Gonon. My only big mistake was to the 7th control, where I took a bad route choice and lost 20 seconds to Gonon (who ran to the left) and 15 seconds to Müller (who ran straight on, and than to the right). Worth to notice it that all the 11 best runners are from different nations. Lena Eliasson won the women’s class and Elise Egseth finished on a 4th place. Results

MOV, Venezia Sunday the traditional street orienteering race in Venezia was held with as much as 3500 participants. I had never been running there before, and had really been looking forward to the amazing race through all the narrow streets and over the canals.

Pictures from PWT and Venezia My performance was good, and I won the race 2 minutes in front of Tuomas Kari from Finland and Fracois Gonon from France. On the 10,6 km long course I used 56 minutes, but according to my GPS-watch I was running 15 km. The race was really tough, both for the legs and the head, and the biggest challenge was to keep the concentration on the intense map reading for so long time while you at the same time had to pass all the tourists in the streets.

Seline Stalder won the women’s class in front of Eva Jurenikova and Lena Eliasson, while Elise Egseth finished on a 5th place. Results and splits (It is a lot of pages, so it can be smart to search for “M Elite”.)
Posted on 17 Nov 2008 by Øystein
Maps and pictures from Hungary and Bjørnarløpet in Stjørdal
WOC-training, Slovakia Pictures from Hungary It’s now 10 days since I came home from the training camp in Miskolc in Hungary where the World Orienteering Championships are going to be held next summer. But the time has gone fast, and you can now finally find maps from all the trainings and also maps in better quality from the competitions we where running pluss pictures from the whole week in Mickolc.

WOC-training, Miskolc My shape was not the best after a long season, but it was still a really good training camp. The organizers arranged all training as is should have been a competition, with high quality on all important elements. The trainings the first day where just over the boarder to Slovakia, in relevant terrain for the Long distance Final. On some of the trainings we where testing route choices and I was therefore not always running where I thought was fastest.

 Bjørnarløpet, Stjørdal Last Sunday I was participating in the Long distance race Bjørnarløpet. The race is to honour Bjørnar Valstad, and is arranged in Stjørdal where he was born. The longest course is 15 km and has mass-start. In the beginning I tried to follow the other Wing guys, but after 15 minutes I found out I was still tired after the training camp in Hungary. Since I have an easy period to recover after the long season I saw no point to push hard for almost 2 hours, and I decided to run quite easy the rest of the course. I still got a good training session, and finished 15 minutes behind Stig Alvestad, who won in front of Mathias Bjugan and Ola Berger. Results
Posted on 06 Nov 2008 by Øystein
Bükkfennsík Cup in Miskolc
Bükkfennsík Cup, Middle In connection with the Open Hungarian Championship, which has been arranged in Miskolc the two last days, it was today held a Middel distance called Bükkfennsík Cup. All the runners who are on training camp for next years WOC were competing, so it was a strong start field also today. Thierry Gueorgiou won the race in front of Carl Waaler Kaas and Francois Gonon. Marianne Andersen won the women’s class.

My result was a 19th place, 3 minutes behind Thierry. To the 2nd control I came to low, and lost around 35 seconds. Most runners did this, and the map is probably a bit strange in that area or the control a bit too high. To the 5th control it was difficult to see the bend on the path, and I was running too long before I went down the hillside, and lost 20 seconds. Also here several other runners did the same mistake. The rest of the race went OK, but the speed was not the best, even if the thigh I hurt on Friday was quite good today. Results
Posted on 26 Oct 2008 by Øystein
Hungarian Championship Long Final
Hungarian Championship, Long B-final Today the Finals in the Open Hungarian Championship were held outside Miskolc. The terrain was a bit nicer than yesterday, with not so many areas with dense vegetation. Daniel Hubmann and Anne Margrethe Hausken won the A-finals.

Because I hurt my thigh yesterday I was only running the B-final in easy speed. It went quite well, both technical and with the thigh. If I tried to push harder its hurts more in the thigh, so I didn’t want to take the risk to make it worse with running faster. Tomorrow we will run a Middle distance race and a Sprint training, and than I will hopefully be able to run fast again. Results
Posted on 25 Oct 2008 by Øystein
WOC 2009 training and Hungarian Championship in Miskolc
JWOC 2001, Short Qual JWOC 2001, Classic Since Monday I have been on training camp with the Norwegian National Team in Miskolc in Hungary, where the World Orienteering Championships are going to be held next summer. JWOC was arranged here in 2001, so I have been running is this type of terrain before. The maps from JWOC 2001 can be found on the page with maps from international competitions 2001.

This weekend the Hungarian Championship in Long distance is held, and today is was Qualification. It was 3 heats, but only 10 foreign runners from each heat qualified for tomorrows A-final. Because almost all of the best nations are on training camp here with a lot of strong runners it was hard to get a place in the A-final.

JWOC 2001, Short Final During my race I lost some time several places, and got a 14th place, 6 minutes behind Francois Gonon. Carl Waaler Kaas, Olav Lundanes and Andres Skarholt follow close behind him. The other heats were won by Christian Kahrs and Matthias Merz.

Hungarian Championship, Long Qual In the beginning of the course it was several areas with dense vegetation, and on my way to the 3rd control I entered the green area too much to the right, and lost around one and a half minute before I found the way out. Out of the 4th control I felled and hurt my foot, so after that is was difficult to run full speed, and I lost time on all legs because I was running to slow. Because of the injury I am not sure if I will run tomorrows B-final. Results
Posted on 24 Oct 2008 by Øystein
Victory in Blodslitet
Blodslitet, loop 1 Blodslitet, loop 2 Last Sautrday I ran the traditional Ultra long distance race Blodslitet in Fredrikstad. It was as usual a high class event, and it was also this year several international runners in the start-field. The race was held as a mass start and the course was 25 km with 2.30 in winning time.

In the beginning it was 3 forked loops of 4,5 km each. They went quite well, even if I lost a few seconds some places, and after all of the 3 loops I was between 33 and 45 seconds behind the leader.

On the 12 km long last loop I ran out together with Emil Lauri and Giancarlo Simion, 45 seconds behind a group consisting of Emil Wingstedt, Anders Tiltnes, Rasmus Søes, Dimitri Tsvetkov and Håvars Lucasen. On the way to the 2nd control I caught of the group, except Tiltnes, who had got a gap to the other runners. After the 4th control I was one of the leading runners in the group, and on the 8th control we caught up Tiltnes.

Blodslitet, loop 3 Blodslitet, loop 4 On the road to the 9th control I got a gap to the following runners, and was alone in the lead with Lauri closest behind me. But to the 10th control I came far too much to the left, and lost 2.30 together with Lauri. When we found the control we had been passed by the other runners we had been together with in the group, and was also caught up by Anders Nordberg and Ulf Brenna.

The rest of the course I was mainly running behind Nordberg, and to the 12th control we caught up all of the other runners who had been in front of us, except Tsvetkov, who had a 30 second gap when we passed the arena. But to the 13th control we caught up also him. At the end of the race my goal was to be as close as possible to the lead, and at the last control I punched as 2nd runner, a few meters behind Nordberg. To the finish I was able to pass him, and I got my first victory in Blodslitet.
Results and splits
Posted on 22 Oct 2008 by Øystein

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