World Cup Final in Genève
Pictures from WC in Switzerland Pictures from WC in Switzerland Last weekend the World Cup Final was arranged in Switzerland with a Middle distance and the PostFinance Sprint in Genève.

Saturday a Middle distance was arranges in St. Cergue in the Jura Mountains. My race was not so good and I lost 1 minute on the longer legs to both the 4th and 12th control, plus some smaller mistakes, and finished on a 33rd place, 5 min behind Thierry Gueorgiou.
Results, splits and RouteGadget (map with route choices)

Sunday the World Cup was ended with a Sprint in the old city of Genève. I did a good race, and was in a shared lead after 11 minutes running. But to the 14th and 17th control I did not take the optimal route choice, and lost 5 + 10 seconds, so I finished on a 5th place, 14 sec behind Daniel Hubmann, and 5 sec behind a shared 2nd place. Results, splits and RouteGadget (map with route choices). In the Overall World Cup I finished on a 13th place.

Pictures from WC in Switzerland After the WC Final I was left in Switzerland two days. Monday I went to Chrmonix together with some friend, where we climbed a nice Via Ferrata. Tuesday morning I ran the WC Middle distance course again before I travelled home.

Tomorrow I am going to run the traditional Ultralong distance race Blodslitet in Fredrikstad. The race is the Final in the Norwegian Craftcup, and can be followed live on internet from 10 – 14 o’clock with GPS tacking, speaker sound and online results. After victory the last two years I am leading the Ragnar Weums Ærespris, where the best runner overall 2008 - 2010 gets 20.000 NOK. Blodslitet is one of the races with highest quality, and I am looking forward to a nice mass start as an end of the season in Norway tomorrow.
Posted on 15 Oct 2010 by Øystein
Maps from WOC training in France
WOC 2011 training WOC 2012 training The Norwegian Team has now been more than one week in France, and has had some good days with training since the World Cup Long distance in Annecy last Sunday.

Monday we had and easy day with different activities. I was climbing a spectacular Via Ferrata. (Pictures will be published later.)

Tuesday morning I was training sprint in Annecy City, and in the afternoon we had a session close to the WOC 2011 terrain east of Aix Les Bains (south of Annecy). In the evening we travelled to Les Rousses, close to the Swiss border, where the WOC 2012 middle distance will be held.

WOC 2011 training WC 2010 Final, Switzerland Wednesday we were training a corridor in the morning and a high intensity middle distance in the afternoon.

Thursday I had a rally easy day, and the only training was a run around an old castle in Les Rousses.

This weekend the World Cup Final will be arranged with a Middle distance and the PostFinance Sprint in Geneve. Today’s Model Event was just east of tomorrow’s race.
Posted on 08 Oct 2010 by Øystein
World Cup Long distance in Annecy
WC-10, Long, Annecy Today the 10th World Cup race of the season was held with a Long distance in Annecy in France. The terrain was challenging, but not as bad as some of the maps we have been training on.

I did a good technical race until we passed the arena, and was then fighting for a top 15 position. But to the 23rd control I missed 9 minutes, and in the end of the race I did several other mistakes because I got tired and had problems concentrating on reading the map. Results

GPS tracking for the Women’s course
Posted on 03 Oct 2010 by Øystein
World Cup and WOC 2011 training in France
WOC 2011 training WOC 2011 training The last days the Norwegian team have been in Annecy in France, preparing for tomorrows World Cup race in Long distance and next years WOC.

The first training was on a map Thierry Gueorgiou some weeks ago described as ”most difficult terrain I have ever been, it is hell”. The ground was very rocky, and I had to walk many places to avoid hurting myself. The map was very generalised, and it was difficult to know if a rocks, cliff or depression was on the map or not. I hope the terrain was too extreme compared to what we will meet in WOC next year.

WC Model Event, Annecy Yesterday’s terrain 1500 m.a.s.l. was also rocky, but with partly better runability, and it was also easier to understand the map.

Today’s Model Event was close to where the World Cup will be tomorrow. The terrain was still very detailed, but the runability was mostly OK, with many small paths. The map was good, but difficult to read in 1:15000 without a magnifier.

At the moment I am on a 13th place in the overall World Cup, and I hope to be among the 10 best after tomorrows race and next weekend World Cup Final in Switzerland.

Sprinteren gleder seg til å løpe langt,
Posted on 02 Oct 2010 by Øystein
Knock out sprint on Munkholmen
Knock out sprint, Munkholmen Knock out sprint, Munkholmen Tuesday NTNUI arranged their Club Championship on Munkholmen, an island a few km north of Trondheim. The map was brand new in scale 1:1500 and the concept was Knock out sprint. It was a lot of forking with small loops, so nobody in each heat had the same course.

In the beginning it was a challenge to find out witch control was the next on the map, at the same time as you should not run too long on the high scale map. After a mistake to the third control in my first run I found the flow, and could win the Quarter-final, Semi-final and Final. It was a really fun race format, and quite high stress level with so many controls and runners around you.

Knock out sprint, Munkholmen KM Sprint, Sverresborg Saturday the District Championship in Sprint was arranged on Sverresborg on the Sprint Qual map from WOC. I did a solid race, without any big mistakes, but lost a few seconds on some of my route choices. Lars Skjeset was six seconds in front of me at the third last control, but did than a mistake, so I won the race. Results and splits

I have also published many other training maps from 2010, both from training camps in different countries and my preparation to the WOC sprint.
Posted on 26 Sep 2010 by Øystein
Norwegian Champs on Beitostølen
NM Middle Qual, Beitostølen NM Middle Final, Beitostølen Last weekend the Norwegian Championship in Middle distance and Relay was arranged on Betiostølen. The Middle Qual on Saturday morning went well, except a 20 second mistake to the 1st control, and I came on 2nd place in my heat, 1 min behind Olav Lundanes. Results and splits

The Final was held the same evening. To the first control I was the only one (with GPS tracking) that was running the ski-track the whole way around to the right, but I was still one of the fastest and lost only 11 sec to the best split. To the 2nd control I came too high, and lost 30 seconds. The rest of the race was good, but I was not feeling too fresh, and lost 15 – 20 on each of the uphill legs. My result was a 9th place (6th of the Norwegians), almost 3 minutes behind Olav Lundanes and Anders Nordberg, but only 1 min behind a medal. Results, splits and GPS tracking

NM Relay, Beitostølen In Sunday’s Relay my club Wing OK had as much as 5 teams in the men’s class. For my team Chris Forne did some smaller mistakes on the first leg, and changed over to Mathias Bjugan 2.30 behind the lead. Mathias did a good leg and sent med out as 9th runner, 4 minutes behind Kristiansand and Halden. I open offensive, but lost 45 seconds to the4th control because I came too low. The rest of my leg went well, and on the last loop I was able to pass two teams from both Raumar and Tyrving, and could finish on a 6th place. We had hoped to fight for a medal, but were still quite pleased with the result. Wing’s team in the women’s class came 5th. Results, splits and GPS tracking
Posted on 20 Sep 2010 by Øystein
PWT in Scotland
PWT Qual, Perth, Scotland PWT Final, Perth, Scotland Las weekend I had a rally good time when I was running Park World Tour in Perth in Scotland. It is some years since the last PWT, and I have missed the combination PWT gives of high class sprint races and the socialisation you get when all runners from different nation lives together. The organization of the event was professional, with challenging sprint terrain, good maps and courses, big screen on the arena and great atmosphere.

The Prologue on Friday from Scone Palace was my worst sprint race for several years. I had big problems to orienteer on the green bushes in the forest, and missed the 2nd and 11th control with around 40 seconds. To the 13th control I tried to jump a small fence (not marked on the map), but was falling and hurt my back. After that my running speed slowed down. Luckily the race did not count for more than the start order in the Final. Grahan Gristwood did an almost clean race and won comfortably. Results, splits and report on Nopesport

Saturday the PWT Final was held in the old city of Perth. It was a perfect place for a city sprint, with a lot of narrow streets. My race was almost perfect, and my biggest mistake was the route choice to the 24th control, since it was around 5 seconds faster to run to the left. It was a good feeling to again run good in an international sprint, and I was able to win the race in front of Graham. Results, splits and report on Nopesport

In the evening it was banquet, with good food, beer, Scottish whisky and dancing:-) Sunday I spent on sightseeing in Edinburgh before the flight home. I will hopefully have time to publish some pictures soon.

Tomorrow morning I am travelling to Betiostølen, where the Norwegian Championship in Middle distance and Relay will be arranged on Saturday and Sunday. My club Wing OK are participating with as much as 19 runners and 6 relay teams. On the live centre for Middle and Realy you will find links to start lists, live results, speaker sound and GPS-tracking.
Posted on 16 Sep 2010 by Øystein
District Champion in Relay
KM Relay, Jervskogen, Trondheim Today the District Championship in Relay for Sør- and Nord-Trøndelag where held form Jervskogen, the same arena as for the WOC Middle and Long Qualification.

Chris Forne and Mathias Bjugan was doing a good job on the first two legs, and could send me out with a one minute lead. I was running a safe race, almost without any mistakes, and could secure the victory in front of NTNUI and Frol.

Results and splits
Posted on 05 Sep 2010 by Øystein
Pictures from WOC in Trondheim
Pictures from WOC in Trondheim Pictures from WOC in Trondheim It’s now a week since the World Orienteering Championship in Trondheim was over, and I have got it at some distance. The week went so fast, even if I was only running the Sprint. For the Norwegian Team it was a fantastic WOC. Both Olav Lundanes and Carl Waaler Kaas became World Champions, and we won medals on all distances except the men’s sprint. All the runners were also top 12 in all races.

I have now finally managed to sort out some of the many hundred pictures I took during WOC. It’s a lot of unforgettable memories, and I would like to thank the organizers for a fantastic week in Trondheim. You can also find my maps with route choices from both the sprint qual and final.

At the moment I’m in Romania, where I’m going to stay for two weeks. My main goal for the trip is to have a holiday, but I will also participate in some competitions during the Dracula Tour. So far the trip has been really nice, and I will write more from Romania later.
Posted on 23 Aug 2010 by Øystein
Close to a medal in tight WOC Sprint
WOC Sprint Final, Festningen, Trondheim Me on the castle during the WOC Sprint Final Yesterdays Sprint Final in the World Orienteering Championship in Trondheim went really well for me. I did an almost perfect race, and lost only some seconds a few places (out of the 2nd and 7th control). I had a strong last half of my race and had the best split time on in total eight of the legs.

The race was the tightest sprint I have been running ever, and I had some mixed feelings when I finished on the 4th place, less then a second from a medal, and 3 seconds from the gold. But I did one of my best races ever, and have to be satisfied, even if had really wanted a WOC medal on home ground. Matthias Mueller won in front of Fabian Hertner and Frédéric Tranchand. Results, splits and GPS tracking

WOC Sprint Qual, Sverresborg, Trondheim The Sprint Qualification in the morning went also well, and I finished on a 3rd place in heat-2, 5 seconds behind Hertner and Khramov. I was running a safe race, without pushing maximum. Results and splits

0,8 sekunder unna norsk medalje
Startet O-VM med norsk bronse

Articles from the local newspaper
Nå starter medaljejakten
Greit til finalen
Godt fornøyd tross fjerdeplass
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Norsk bronse på sprinten
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