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Posted on 14 Mar 2011 by Øystein
Overall victory in Barcelona
Long, Barcelona Today the second and last race of TICBCN in Barcelona was arranged with a medium long distance from the Olympic stadium, with most of the course in big hill with a castle on the top.

The course was fun to run with big variations in type of terrain. Some places it was difficult to understand from the map is you could pass a fence/wall or not, but I avoided and bigger mistakes, and could win 2 minutes in front of yesterdays winner Jonas Vytautas Gvildys from Lithuania. I was also winning overall, and cold cash in some money to cover the cost of my trip:-) Results, splits and Routegadget have some comment from me after the race.
Posted on 21 Nov 2010 by Øystein
TICBCN Sprint in Barcelona
Sprint, Barcelona Micro-sprint, Barcelona This weekend a two day competition called TICBCN is arranged in Barcelona. Today the first race was held with a sprint close to the harbour in the city centre.

The first part was a normal sprint, but the last 500 m was a micro-sprint in map scale 1:000. The first part went well for me, but I had problems to get into the new map, and lost 20 seconds to the 1st control in the micro-sprint. My result was a 2nd place, 5 seconds behind Jonas Vytautas Gvildys from Lithuania. (Jonas has done several good international results before, and was 8th in World Games last year.) Results, splits and Routegadget have some comment from me after the race.
Posted on 20 Nov 2010 by Øystein
Venezia Orienteering Meeting
MOV, Venezia Pictures from San Marino and Venezia Last Sunday I was running the traditional Venezia Orienteering Meeting. This is the third year in row I am competing in Venezia in November, and as Emil Wingsted said to World of O, I think it is one of the funniest and most challenging races of the year. It is really demanding with more than one hour with intense orienteering in the narrow streets full of tourist, as the same time as you have to plan the coming route choices.

The short story of my race is that I finished with the 2nd fastest time, 1 minute behind the winner Alessio Tenani. But I missed one punching, and I was disqualified. Results and splits

Pictures from San Marino and Venezia On the way to the 8th control I was planning the coming legs, and I just passed the control and continued to orienteer to the 9th control. (By skipping the 8th control I saved around 30 seconds.) I did also one other similar big mistake. On the way to the 22nd control I started to plan the route choice to the 24th control. I forgot where I was on the map, continued running almost to the 23rd control before I had to go back tot the 22nd control, and lost 2 minutes.

I was satisfied with the rest of my race, but can of course not be happy with both being disqualified and doing a 2 minute mistake. Anyway it was good training and I got some positive feedback, for example to the 24th control I was really satisfied with the route I ended up choosing, and had the best split time with 30 seconds margin.

Both and OPN have some comment from me after the race.
Posted on 17 Nov 2010 by Øystein
Adriatic Meeting in San Marino
Sprint, San Marino Middle, San MarinoLast weekend I was running the Adriatic Meeting in San Mariono, a new country for me.

Friday it was arranged a short middle distance in a small forest just outside San Marino City. I was running quite well, but lost around 30 seconds to both the 4th and 8th control on the second loop. (To the 4th I had to climb a high fence not marked on the map, and the 8th control was probably set out on the wrong tree, so most runners lost some time here.) My result was a 4th place, 1 min behind Francois Gonon.

Saturday a sprint was held in the Historic Centre of San Marino. This was the main goal for my trip to San Marino, because I know it would be a big challenge to do a clean race there. The map was very detailed, and difficult to read even in scale 1:3000. Some places it was extremely challenging to find the best route choice. I lost only some second on a few route choices, and was happy with my performance and that I could win the race 6 seconds in front of Tomas Dlabaja (english translation). have some comments from me after the race. Results from Middle, Sprint and Overall
Posted on 16 Nov 2010 by Øystein
Norwegian O-galla in Oslo
Pictures from O-galla Maps from O-galla Last weekend the Norwegian O-galla was held in Oslo. In connection with the O-galla the new elite team had a short and intensive training camp. Tuesday and Friday we had two sprint trainings and a 3000 m on track. We also had meetings with evaluation of the last season and discussions about the season plan for 2011.

Saturday and Sunday we trained close to Gardermoen, on maps relevant for the Norwegian Champs next year. We were running both on map without contours and only with contours, and had relay training together with the junior team. Saturday night the O-galla where held, with dinner and several awards handed out. WOC in Trondheim was of course the event of the year and my team mate Marte Reenaas got the award as best ski-orienteer.

Yesterday I travelled to Italy, where I am going to run the Adriatic Meeting in San Mariono and the Venezia Orienteering Meeting this weekend. After the races I will stay in Italy some more days, before I travel to Barcelona where I will run a competition called TICBCN the following weekend.
Posted on 12 Nov 2010 by Øystein
PWT-3 in Beijing Summer Palace
PWT-3, Beijing PWT Yesterday the third and last Park World Tour race in China was arranged as a Sprint in the Summer Palace in Beijing.

I did not get any good flow in my orienteering, lost 5 – 15 seconds several places, and finished as 7th best runner, one minute behind Rasmus Djurhuus. are updated with results, splits, maps and pictures and you can also find some more info on

Note that the maps were not according to ISSOM (sprint-standard), so we were allowed passing the walls. But I lost time of running too much straight on some places, and I think Djurhuus not passed a single wall, but made it simple and was running around the walls and areas with many details.
Posted on 28 Oct 2010 by Øystein
PWT-2 and Chinese Middle Champs
PWT-2, Beijing PWT Today the second Park World Tour race in China was held as a part of the Chinese Championship in Middle distance in Beigong Forest Park. The area was quite hilly forest, with many counter details, and many runners did mistakes. The map was mainly good, but not perfect.

I am really satisfied with my performance, and my only mistake was 20 seconds of hesitation before the 2nd control. I won the race in front of Scott Fraser, who I caught with 2 minutes after half the course, and with 3 minutes down to Matthias Müller on 3rd place. has results, splits, maps and pictures, but you can also find some info and results on and
Posted on 25 Oct 2010 by Øystein
PWT-1 in the Olympic Park in Beijing
PWT-1, Beijing PWT Yesterday the first Park World Tour race in China was held with a sprint in the North part of the Olympic Park in Beijing. The race was a part of the Chinese Championship with as much as 2000 participants.

The area was a combination of both parkland and mostly open forest. I did a quite good performance, and lost only a few seconds two places. My result was a shared 2nd place with Scott Fraser, 13 seconds behind Matthias Müller. Results on and some more info on

Much has happened the last days, and yesterday I was awake for 20 hours, including opening ceremony, the race, sightseeing in the Olympic park, closing ceremony with prize giving and finally a banquet. Today we have had an easy run on the Great Wall and been on the Silk Marked. Tmorrow we will run the next PWT race, a Middle distance. I have will hopefully have time to publish some pictures soon.
Posted on 24 Oct 2010 by Øystein
Blodslitet in Fredrikstad and PWT in China
Last Saturday I was running the traditional Ultralong distance race Blodslitet in Fredrikstad, witch was 23,5 km long with mass start. After victory the last two years I was leading the Ragnar Weums Trophy, where the best runner overall 2008 - 2010 got 20.000 NOK. If my strongest opponent Anders Nordberg won the race I had to finish top 10 to win overall.

I started safe and was in the lead of the group with my forking to the first two controls, but then I took my own route to the 3rd control. I think the route choice was good, but I missed the control by two minutes, and was running alone most of the remaining part of the 3 forked loops of 3 km each. I continued doing some smaller mistakes, partly because I had problems reading the detailed map in 1:15000.

Out on the last long loop I was 13th, and had to pass some runners to win the Ragnar Weums Trophy. The first half of the long loop went well, and I was actually able to catch up some time to Andres Nordberg, who was alone in the lead. When I passed the arena at the end of the race I heard I was 8th, and I was relaxing a bit at the same times as I started to get really tired. I could finish on the 8th place, far behind Nordberg, and disappointed about my performance in the first part of the race, but happy I was still able to win the Ragnar Weums Trophy. On Blodslitets homepage you can find results, splits, GPS tacking and maps, but unfortunately it looks like my GPS was not working

PWT On Sunday I travelled directly to Beijing in China, where I am going to run Park World Tour the coming days. The reason I have not made any update before is that we have not had internet connection before today, but I will hopefully write more after tomorrow’s sprint race in the Olympic park. made an short interview with me about PWT today.
Posted on 22 Oct 2010 by Øystein

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