Stockholm City Cup 1 (20/05/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: KTH, Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Sprint
Quite cool sprint from Stockholm Stadium on the area of the Technical University.
Kept almost the speed of Jonas Leandersson and Gustav Bergman most of the course, but did two 10 seconds mistakes in the end.
To the 15th control I didn't see that it was some stairs (between control 5 and 6) that you could use to get a more straight and shorter route.
To the 17th control I forgot which route I had picked, and left the 16th control in the wrong direction before I turned. Could also have been running a bit shorter in the last part of the leg.

The readability of the map was unfortunately not the best, and it would have been better to print it in the scale 1:4000. Especially the small stairs was difficult to see. East of the 12th control it's some stairs thats impossible to see on the map, because a counter line in the middle of the stairs symbol makes it look like a thick black line (impassible wall) on the map. Still most runners used the stairs, and the organizer decided to subtract the time to the 12th and 13th control to make the results fair. I think that was a vice decision.
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Stockholm City Cup 1 (20/05/2015) Stockholm City Cup 1 (20/05/2015)