Swedish League Sprint (14/05/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Säter, Dalarna
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Sprint
Hesitated some seconds to the 1st control, and lost 5 sec to the 6th control, not seeing the opening between the fence and house. Mainly good the rest of the course. Had the 2nd best time, 17 seconds behind Jonas Leandersson, but got disqualified because I punched the wrong 18th control. My main focus at that moment was to try to see if it was a small gap between the fence and house to the 19th control, and I just ran to the first control I could see on the grass area. Saved approx. 5 sec on punching the women's control. But happy to see the my running shape finally is better after, after not feeling so well the last month.
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Swedish League Sprint (14/05/2015) Swedish League Sprint (14/05/2015)