SM Ultra Long, loop 3 (05/10/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skogstibble, Uppsala, Uppland
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Ultra Long, mass start
On the last longer loop I understood that it would not be any more forking, and I was a bit disappointed how they managed to make a 24 km long course with 3 loops, without having more forking then a butterfly on the first loop. The speed increased a bit, and I was mainly in the last half of the group. Was not struggling, but didn't feel for running faster either, and the leading guys did a good job, except a mistake to the 30th control.

To the 36th control the others was insecure, and I got the control first. Was leading the group on the following leg, but got stuck in a really stony area, lost the direction, got insecure, and some other took over the lead again.

To the 38th control I thought is was the right time to get a better position before the finish, and I passed some of the others on the open area. The rest of the course had not so stony ground, and I felt OK physical. To the 39th control I took over the lead, but Joakim Svensk passed me just before the control and I thought 2nd position was good enough before the sprint. To the 2nd last control Joakim ran to much to the right, I got the control first, and already then I felt pretty sure to win the race. To the last control I just followed the compass to the field, and I didn't need to sprint in the run in.

Cool to win my Swedish Champion titel, even if I was just following other runners big parts of the race. But in a mass start doing the right moves on the right times is a big part of the game, and I succeeded this time. That my club mate Anna Bachman won the women's race made it a perfect day for IFK Lidingö!
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SM Ultra Long, loop 3 (05/10/2014) SM Ultra Long, loop 3 (05/10/2014)