25manna (12/10/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Brunna, Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 1 of 25
Cool to run 1st leg in a big start field. Did really well most of the leg, but destroyed it with a big mistake in the end.

Punched both the 2nd and 3rd control first. Had a bad direction the the 4th control, but stayed among the first teams, and when we came to control 55 the first time I was 2nd, some seconds behind Leonid Novikov. He managed to get a gap through the green, but I stayed in the following group until we came to control 55 the second time.

After running half the leg to 61 I realized I was running too much to the right, and I recognized the small knoll with a stone. Changed my direction, but did not understand the map, and followed the others to control 52 (that no one in my group should have). Had to run back, to the left, still finding the map strange in that area, and lost in total more then 2 min.

Lidingö did in overall a good relay, and we finished 6th for the third year in row.
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25manna (12/10/2013) 25manna (12/10/2013)