NM Long (12/09/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lurdalen, Kongsberg
Country: Norway
Discipline: Long
In overall a pretty good performance, without any bigger mistakes, but lost too much time on some of the longer legs. My running speed was not the best.

Felt I did OK in the beginning, but more straight was faster to the 2nd control. I did also a 20 sec mistake attacking the control with a bad dirrection, and was caught by Thomas Natvig Årstad by 2 min. (Thomas did a very good performance. He was was fastest with 45 sec margin to the 2nd control, was leading the first hour of the race, and finished 3rd.)

In the following part I did well, and had mainly contact with Thomas. I lost contact with him when he was running more straight to the 10th control. To both the 11th and 12th control I loose more than one minute, and I should have been running more straight, especially to the 12th control. The end of the race is OK technical, but I was really tired.
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NM Long (12/09/2013) NM Long (12/09/2013)