World Games Middle, part 1 (03/08/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rio Pance East, Cali
Country: Colombia
Discipline: Middle
The Middle distance was held in a forest area along a river, and nobody knew exactly what we could expect before the race. The forest was mainly quite dense, and it was smart to use the paths as much as possible, even if it was OK to run through the forest some places.

I was running pretty well the first half of the race, and at the map exchange I held the 7th position, 45 sec behind Matthias Kyburz. But in the end I did five 10 - 30 seconds mistakes, and ended up in 13th position. Kyburz won clearly, but it was positive to see that I was not more than one minute from the silver medal.
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World Games Middle, part 1 (03/08/2013)