WC-8 / NORT-5 Long chasing start (08/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kuuslahti, Turku
Country: Finland
Discipline: Long, chasing start
The Nordic Tour Final was a Long distance with chasing start, and I started as 15th runner, 7 min behind Matthias Kyburz. I had a gap in front of me, but as many as 10 runners within a minute behind me. I opened well, but did not find the best lines in the rough terrain between the 6th and 12th control, and when I had finished the forking I was caught up by many of the runners starting behind me.

The group kept a high speed, but I had a good flow in my orienteering and no problems taking the right control the few times it was forking. When we passed the arena the last time I was in the front of the group. To the 33rd control I and my club mate Filip Dahlgren came to much to the right (after bad compass work), and we were passed by several runners taking a left route choice. The rest of the course I tried to advance in the field, but it was strong runners in front of me, and I ended up finishing 3rd in the group. My total position was 8th, 4 min behind Daniel Hubmann (who passed Kyburz in the end).
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WC-8 / NORT-5 Long chasing start (08/06/2013) WC-8 / NORT-5 Long chasing start (08/06/2013)