WC-7 / NORT-4 Sprint Final (07/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Yliopisto, Turku
Country: Finland
Discipline: Sprint
The Final was more challenging, and I had problems getting a good flow in my orienteering. Physically I did not have my best day either, but the orienteering went OK at the beginning. To the 8th control I had not been reading the control description before I planed my route, and I started running to the right. When I realized the control was on the other side of the wall I turned and changed to the left route choice, loosing more then 20 seconds. (If i had continued on the right route choice it was actually some stairs in the wall, that was very difficult to see on the map in running speed.) The rest of the race was OK, but I continued loosing some time in running speed.
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WC-7 / NORT-4 Sprint Final (07/06/2013) WC-7 / NORT-4 Sprint Final (07/06/2013)