NC-3 Long (28/04/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Løken - Ørken, Lundeby, Hærland, Østfold
Country: Norway
Discipline: Long, chasing start
Chasing start, based on the results from yesterdays Middle distance. I got a good start, but out of the 4th control some runners starting within a minute behind me got contact. The knee I injured yesterday hurt more today, and I got stiff in both my right leg, thigh and hip, and had problems to keep the same speed as the other runners. But they did some mistakes, and several time I managed to get up in the front of the group again.

When we passed the arena I was last, and decided I had to do something, because it was not any point keeping that position. My knee also felt better, and when the other runners started looking tired or doing smaller mistakes I took the command, and was able to stay in front of the group the last part of the course. I finished in 5th position, 4 min behind the first group won by Emil Wingstedt.
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NC-3 Long (28/04/2013) NC-3 Long (28/04/2013)