WC-3 Middle Chasing start, part 2 (13/01/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rotonui, Hawkes Bay
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Middle, chasing start
After the map change I started to be really tired, and when I passes the 26th control, on my way to the 21st control, I started to orienteer to the 25th control, and stopped up for a while before I understood why all the others where running in an other direction compared to where I wanted to go. When I finished the race I collapsed, and was laying on the ground for a long time. I could not remember much from the last loop, but the spectators said I was falling several times when I passed close to the arena on the way to the 21st control. I had surprisingly managed to punch all controls correct, but lost some minutes on the last loop and ended as 24th runner. It was not before I looked at map and talked to some of the other runners I started to remember parts of the last loop.
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WC-3 Middle Chasing start, part 2 (13/01/2013) WC-3 Middle Chasing start, part 2 (13/01/2013)