TICBCN Long (04/11/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Montjuic, Barcelona
Country: Spain
Discipline: Long
A shorter long distance from the Olympic Stadium on the Montjuic hill. It was very hilly and the 8,4 km long course had more than 400 meters of climbing. I did a mainly good race, and tried to take safe route choices and avoid fences and walls that could be difficult to pass. To the 9th control I lost some time in the control circle and to the 10th control I had as most of the other runners problems to understand from the map exactly where I had to run to get into the castle. I was able to win also today (and overall) in front to Yannick Michiels. Oleksandr Kratov came 3rd, with a small margin down to Pieter Hendrickx.
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Agnar Renolen : Ran the course on a A4 print of your map this morning. Started on the 5th and ran directly to the 1st from the penultimate control. Could not enter the fort on the top, so I had do skip these controls. Oh boy what a tough course. You can imagine the stairs up from the 3rd, for me, at the end of the course. Neverthe less, no need to deviate much from your route choise as you are spot on all the way. I nice pass of "linjeorientering".
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TICBCN Long  (04/11/2012) TICBCN Long  (04/11/2012)