TICBCN Long (04/11/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Montjuic, Barcelona
Country: Spain
Discipline: Long
A shorter long distance from the Olympic Stadium on the Montjuic hill. It was very hilly and the 8,4 km long course had more than 400 meters of climbing. I did a mainly good race, and tried to take safe route choices and avoid fences and walls that could be difficult to pass. To the 9th control I lost some time in the control circle and to the 10th control I had as most of the other runners problems to understand from the map exactly where I had to run to get into the castle. I was able to win also today (and overall) in front to Yannick Michiels. Oleksandr Kratov came 3rd, with a small margin down to Pieter Hendrickx.
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TICBCN Long  (04/11/2012) TICBCN Long  (04/11/2012)