TICBCN Sprint (03/11/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Discipline: Sprint
Sprint in the historical center of Barcelona. I did a solid performance, and my only mistake was a 5 seconds time loss on my route choice to the 8th control. It was difficult to run full speed in the narrow streets with a lot of people, and you needed full focus the entire time to do a clean race without hesitation. I won the race with 7 seconds down to Yannick Michiels.

Route choices for some more runners in RouteGadget: http://routegadget.clubcoc.cat/gadget/reitti.cgi?act=map&id=31&kieli= (class/course: C1)
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TICBCN Sprint (03/11/2012) TICBCN Sprint (03/11/2012)