NM Ultralong (19/08/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Isbolen, Steinkjer
Country: Norway
Discipline: Ultralong
Very nice terrain, with open and quite dry marches. The first 50 min of the race was the toughest, with a lot of climbing until we reached the highest peak on the map on the 7th control. I did mainly a good race, without any control mistakes. I lost some time on a few legs (most to the 17th control), when I was not running the optimal route, but was able to keep a stable speed the whole course, and was satisfied when I finished the 24 km long course after 2h 42 min. Olav Lundanes won with solid margin, and I finished in 5th position.
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NM Ultralong (19/08/2012) NM Ultralong (19/08/2012)