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Welcome to Øystein's digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events and trainings I have attended.

Jukola (16/06/2019)
Неділя 16 Червня 2019
Valkeisvuori, Kangasala, Finland
Relay (night), етап 3 of 7|Результати
Was running too much to the left to the 1st control, and after half the leg I got caught by IFK Göteborg and some other good team...
NM Ultra long (12/05/2019)
Неділя 12 Травня 2019
Botngård, Bjugn, Norway
Physical the first half of the race was a struggle. Should have run more straight to the 1st control. Good route to the 2nd contro...
WC selection (04/05/2019)
Субота 4 Травня 2019
Langelandsfjellet, Jessheim, Akershus, Norway
Really bad performance:-( Struggling to keep the direction, getting unsure where I'm running, and missing several controls.